Youths vs Allenburys – Saturday 18th March 2017

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Youths vs Allenburys 18th March 2017

Some great team spirit displayed today by the Omega Youths, who as usual, are warming up as I arrive, showing great enthusiasm.   The coaches select the starting team and they take the court for the first half of the game, with the line-up to start the game being:-

GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Lauren Ahern, WA – Faye Bellas, C – Neave Parsons, WD – Emma Lack, GD – Lauren Lee, GK – Charlotte O’Riordan

They show some great potential.   Some good linking midcourt and a slight change to the usual shooting combination with Lauren taking the GA position and Ellie in GS sees improved positioning and drive in the attack play.

Neave leaves the court after the first quarter due to a niggling injury and Holly replaces her, taking the centre position.  In this first half of the game, the team are more aware of their space and work hard to drive towards the ball to support their team mates.   The defence have a tough job in the circle, against an extremely tall shooter and experienced goal attack, who is skilled at the inter-circle passing.

A change to the whole team at half time, with the line up for the second half being:-

GS – Maisie Mizon, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Holly Bennett, C – Louise Merrick, WD – Jodie Gill, GD – Millie Spires, GK – Jodie Wood

The team settle into their positions well, having replaced their team-mates for the 2nd half of the game.  They take time to think about their passing and positioning as they work the ball into the circle for their shooters to convert into the valued goals.  The defence again have a difficult task against the experienced players, but achieve some great interceptions, winning possession of the ball for their team.

Throughout the game, the whole squad demonstrated much more controlled play, thinking about their pass, movement and positioning.  Some players are beginning to read the game, whilst others picked up some loose balls, resulting in some good steals from their opposition.

A big thank you to the opposition, Allenburys, for great sportsmanship and for giving advise to our Youths during the game.

Coming closer to the end of the winter season and the Omega Youths are showing definite signs of progress and some great potential.  The game today tested out the selections made for the two core teams, to help the coaches, Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown confirm the squads,  which were announced to the Youths at the end of the game.  The future of the teams looks promising!

Omega 2 vs Cosmic 12th March 2017

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2s vs Cosmic 12th March 2017

Net10 weekend and not as much pink as we expected to see but well done to Anna Rogers for some rather choice socks!   Cosmic did well sporting pink ribbons in their hair.

Omega set out with a squad of 8 and a plan to change the attack each quarter to give all players a game.   The first off is Anna Rogers, with Claire Statham playing out of position at Centre and Emma Faulkner playing GA…a first time for this combination this season.   Omega start the game well and take an early lead, but Cosmic prove worthy oppositions and fight to close the goal difference.   Omega steady their play and take control, in the latter part of the quarter and accurate shooting from both Hannah Brown and Emma Faulkner results in the team leading 19 – 9 by end of the first quarter.

A change to the team in the 2nd quarter, sees Claire Statham off due to an ankle injury, Emma Faulkner moving to play the Centre position and Anna Rogers back in for the usual attack combination.  Omega make a few simple errors, but mainly maintain and win possession throughout the quarter, with some great linking mid court by C,  Emma and WA, Leanne Dickens.  100% shooting accuracy from Hannah Brown, great movement and interworking with GA, Anna, allows the team to storm ahead, with the score at half time at 33-16 to Omega.

The team remain the same for the rest of the game and another fantastic shooting quarter for the team allows them to increase their lead further.  The team continue to make some basic errors, giving the ball to the other team, but they fail to capitalise on their advantage.  This coupled with another quarter with 100% conversion rate for Hannah Brown, sees Omega’s lead increase further.

The score going into the 4th quarter is 47-26 to Omega and they keep the pace going for the final quarter.  In this quarter, the defence shine with some superb interceptions by GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Julie Stanbridge and WD, Molly Brett, winning possession 11 times this quarter between them.    They kept control and converted the goals, scoring 17 goals in this final quarter, leaving the final score 64-31 in their favour.

Omega needed this win to secure their top of the table position for the season, but Cosmic gave them a good game and fought to the end.  The game was played in great spirit by both teams.  The team now look forward to the final game against Shelley on 2nd April.

Youths vs Roytson 11th March 2017

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Youths v Royston
1st and 2nd Quarters
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter

1st & 2nd Quarters

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

The starting team in the first half of the game was:-

GS – Lauren Ahern, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Louise Merrick, C- Neave Parsons, WD – Jodie Gill; GD – Millie Spires and GK – Charlotte O’Riordan.

What an improvement in the team’s play since I’ve last watched them!  Much more control with, resulting in a huge reduction in footwork being pulled and the team are linking much better down the court.  Some great turns in the air from Yasmin as she catches the ball from her team mates and even winning the ball from their opposition, with interceptions being made by Jodie, Neave  and Millie, who displayed determination in winning the ball.   Additionally, some loose balls being chased and picked up by Louise showing much more thirst for the ball and indicating where she wants the pass from her team mates when on the attack.    Charlotte and Millie put the defensive pressure on, marking the shot well, intercepting and winning the ball in the circle, whilst Lauren holding her space, ready for feeds from her team, in the shooting end.

The team gather well each quarter to receive some advise given by coaches Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown.  A change of team for the 2nd half, with the line up being:-

GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Faye Bellas, C – Hollie Bennett, WD – Emma Lack, GD – Millie Spires and GK – Lauren Lee

Again, some great determination being seen by the team, with Hollie persistent in her chase of the ball and making herself available for the team. Ellie listening well to her coaches and holding her position as instructed in the circle for her team mates to feed her.  Emma and Faye supporting the linking of the pass down court.  No longer are they worried about receiving the pass, but move towards it.  Faye feeding some controlled bounce passes to her shooters, who hold their positions well.   Some more great defending by both Millie and Lauren, marking the ball well and Lauren winning a ball from a two handed static mark.   The team seemed confident and displayed much more fighting spirit, ending in some great shooting by Yasmin.  An injury for Ellie in the final quarter and Yas moves to GS and Lauren Ahern returns to court as GA, which seemed to suit her play much more being on the move as she positions herself well and supports the attack in bringing the ball to the shooting circle.

Although they didn’t win the game, as always, the team fought to the end and played in great team spirit.   They  should be proud of the way they played, which will only improve as they split into 2 core 7 teams , allowing them to gain consistency and fluidity in their play.  So glad I got out of bed to see the girls play so well…keep going girls!

Omega 1 vs Norwich Utd – Saturday 4th March 2017

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Omega 1 vs Norwich Utd

It was an early start travelling up to Norwich on Saturday for our game we knew we only had to get 1 point to win the league! Despite the long journey and last minute venue change we was determined to come out on top!

We knew it would be a tough game and so it proved. We came out quickly and strongly in the first quarter with both GS, Charlotte Jordan and GA, Emma Maidment shooting really well and accurately with excellent feeds into the circle by both Lucy Andrews at Centre and Sophie Cockrill at WA.  The first quarter ended with us being 13-7 in the lead.

A change to the GK, sees Hannah Lok take the bench, replaced by Andrea Kinninmonth, who returns from injury and the game continued, fast and frantic into the 2nd quarter, which was much closer in score, with matched play by both teams.    Claire teamed up well with our defence to move the ball quickly down the court. Norwich played well and both teams contested every single ball.   The tension of the determination to win by Omega, was definitely present and the play erratic as a result, with several basic errors allowing Norwich back into the game.  The score at half time sitting at 25-20 to Omega.

A further defence change at half time, bringing Hannah Lok on as GD, moving Hannah Sell into WD and Claire Daws taking the bench and this quarter is much the same as the 2nd….frantic and erratic.   Some great turnovers from our defence players and GD, Hannah Lok managed some great interceptions from their centre passes.    Hannah Sell collides with the Norwich GS and requests time for injury to her back.  She leaves the court after a short period of stoppage time and is replaced by Claire Daws.   The stoppage time allows us to re-group and take stock of our play and play starts again, this time more controlled.  The score going into the final quarter being 36-32 to Omega.

We knew we had to control and play our game to win the match and so it proved in the last quarter.  Both teams continued to score goals from their respective centre passes, but we managed to get a few turnovers and bring the ball quickly down the court.   We controlled the passing much more, but the pressure of the win in sight was ever present, with basic errors being made, breaking centre passes and the pressure to convert goals was evident, but the lead in the first quarter proved too much for Norwich.

The final score 48-46 to Omega – we won the league at our first attempt with a game in hand!!! Congratulations to all the team, everyone has played their part in a fantastic season.

Omega 2 vs Crosskeys – Sunday 5th March 2017

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Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 3 Sunday 5th March 2017

The 2nd round of the Herts League games and it’s a fight for the top of the table spot for Omega 2 and Crosskeys 3 and both teams are keen to win.  Crosskeys take an early lead with a score in the opening minutes of 5-0, with Omega throwing some sloppy passes,  but they soon settle and get into their game.  They fight hard, closing the gap to just one goal deep into the quarter, putting pressure on Crosskeys and forcing errors, with balls being thrown off court.  The 1st quarter ends with Omega 2 goals down with the scoreboard showing 11-13 to Crosskeys.

A change to the centre court in the 2nd quarter, bringing on the reserve and the teams take the court.  The 1st centre pass is Crosskeys’ and Omega put the pressure on, forcing the ball over the 3rd without being touched.  They punish Crosskeys’ error by gaining the goal.  They continue the pressure and just three minutes into the quarter, they level the scores 14-14.   Crosskeys continue to make mistakes, breaking on their centre pass on three occasions this quarter and Omega capitalise on their mistakes, scoring 18 goals in the quarter and only allowing 7 for their opposition.  The score at the end of the quarter is 29-20 to Omega, giving them a comfortable lead for the second half.

The team are reminded to play their game at half time and they are keen to maintain the lead as they take the court for the second half of the game.  The Omega defence is tight and they put the pressure on Crosskeys, once again, forcing them to make errors allowing Omega to take ownership of the ball.  Omega continue to increase their lead in this quarter, with much improved linking in the midfield and accurate shooting. The final 6 seconds of the quarter and Crosskeys centre pass.  They rush and attempt to force a long ball to their shooter and the ball goes off the goal line.  They leave the court for the final break with the scores of 43-32 in Omega’s favour.

Omega midfield changes back to the starting team for the final quarter and they are determined to hold on to their lead.  Great defensive play by the Omega attack force Crosskeys to throw the ball out of court.  Omega take possession and score the goal.  Half way through the quarter and Omega have increased their lead with the score of 50-37.   A toss-up is awarded for Omega WA and Crosskeys WD simultaneous offside and Omega wins the ball, taking advantage and gaining another goal.  Their opposition begin to look beaten.  With four minutes to the end of the game, Omega have another chance to increase their lead when Crosskeys break on their centre pass once again, but Omega fail to hold onto the ball, with a sloppy pass.  Fantastic interceptions by Omega defence, coupled with accuracy in shooting and good linking midfield, allow Omega to maintain their top table position, with a final score of 58-42.    A much improved performance from the Omega 2 team this week, playing more like their usual standard of game.   Two more games to the end of the season and the team cannot afford to become complacent in achieving the top spot and winning the division.