Omega 1 vs Co-Jags – Sunday 10th December 2016

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Omega Team Chat

Omega arrive at ‘The Leys’, Cambridge, knowing that the 2nd half of the season is going to be tough and we’re ready for strong competition for the 1st game in the 2nd half of the season.  Co-Jags did not disappoint in this and came at us hard.    Down to bare 7 players, with one player having arrived home from Australia late the previous evening, Omega knew they’d have to dig deep for their final pre-Christmas game.

A great start in the 1st quarter, with Co-Jags defending hard and turning the game to their advantage on several occasions, however, Omega also won back many balls and with accurate, consistent shooting from both teams, Omega took an early lead of 16-13 to end the quarter.

Second quarter and Co-Jags come out determined, whereas Omega lost their rhythm.  Co-Jags won the ball more than Omega and with continued high goal conversion, secured their needed goals, winning the quarter 11-9 and reducing Omega’s lead to 1 goal going into the 2nd half.

Omega needed a serious chat and were told to focus and play their game, which they did in the 3rd quarter, making that quarter a winning one for them.  Maintaining ownership of the ball and winning the ball over 50% more than their opposition, Omega capitalised on their improved play, winning the quarter 17-11, increasing their lead once again, giving them a 7 goal advantage going into the final quarter.

The increased gap in the score proved too much for Co-Jags to pull back.  Omega, down to bare 7 again fought hard to sustain their unbeaten status and showing great determination, particularly in the 2nd half, succeeded, winning the game 53-45.  A great end to the pre-Christmas games, holding a comfortable 10 point lead at the top of the table!

Omega 2 vs Shelley – Sunday 10th Dec 2016

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Omega 2 vs Shelley

Wow!!! What a score for Omega 2, assisting in increasing their goal difference to 136 more than the 2nd place team on the league tables, putting them back on the top of the leader board.

The first quarter and Omega take a huge lead, winning the quarter 23-9, giving them a great head start for the rest of the game.

The 2nd quarter and Omega win over the ball and have majority of the possession of the ball yet again.  The success in the shooting circle adds to the team performance and finishes off the Omega dominant team play.  By the end of the 2nd quarter, the score of 42 -13 in Omega’s favour shows the accuracy and consistency of the Omega shooters, scoring over 1 goal every 43 seconds in the 1st half of the game.

The 3rd quarter and the strength and control of the Omega play is too much for Shelley to take hold of.   Omega maintain their standard of play and further increase their lead to 61-20, giving them a great advantage going into the final quarter.

The final score of 87-25 is testament in itself to the consistency in turning over the game by the Omega players as a whole and the goal conversion in the Omega shooting circle.  A great end to the pre-Christmas games!

Omega 1 vs Star – Sunday 4th December 2016

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Omega 1 v Star
Omega 1 1st half winners

This week Omega travelled to Star to play the final game of the first round. Travelling with a bare 7, Omega new it was going be a tough, physical game.

A tough physical game is what Omega got. The first quarter is usually one of the best quarters for Omega however this was not the case. Misplaced passes and silly mistakes saw Omega fall behind 6-8 at the end of the first quarter.

After a strong talking to from our coach and captain, we were told to let the ball do the talking. Omega went back onto the court in the second quarter feeling more confident and determined to fight for the ball. Plenty of turnovers and pressure from Omega’s defence allowed more opportunities for the shooters to put the ball up. Both shooters confidence grew as the game went on. This reflected in the score ending 22-18 to Omega.

Praise was given during the half time team talk for the work and determination to come from behind to go 4 goals up. Omega were told to continue this pressure throughout the third quarter. Great feeds from the centre court and movement in the circle extending our lead even further to 39-27.

The last quarter was critical. With Star making several changes and fresh legs to come onto the court, Omega stuck with the same 7 (due to only 7 travelling). Omega dug deep and were told to keep possession but work it to goal. Excellent pressure from the defence made it difficult for Star to get their shots in. Final score ended 55-40 to Omega.

Thanks to the supporters that travelled with us today.  This game concluded the first round of our first season in the regional league. To be undefeated after just being promoted into the league has exceeded all of our expectations. May it continue into the second half of the season.