Omega Netball Awards for 2015-2016 Season

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Congratulations to the players who received Awards at the Club AGM on 30th June 2016, held at the College Arms in Hertford Heath.  The nominations for the team Player’s Player were provided by their teams for the season:

The ‘A Team Player’s Player Award’ was awarded to Andrea Kinninmonth for being consistent all season, commanding the defence circle and getting stronger with ‘age’… sounds like a ‘fine wine’!

The ‘B Team Player’s Player Award’ was awarded to Lisa Short for being committed to the games on a regular basis, ensuring consistency in the mid-court area and in linking the play throughout the games. Also dedicated to her fitness, which shows in her game.

The ‘C Team Player’s Player Award’ was awarded to Julie Stanbridge, for her strength in the defence area and consistency throughout the season. Always giving 100% to her game, her performance is unquestionable.

Anna Dummy Passer Award

The ‘Most Improved Player’, nominated by the Club Coach, Paul Kenny, was a tie between Hannah Sell for increasing her performance in her game throughout the season, excelling in second half, having upped her fitness levels no end…

…and Hannah Lok for adding great strength to the defence area and her versatility in the team, playing each position to equally great standards.

The coach’s favourite, the ‘Dummy Passer of the Year’ Award was awarded, yet again, to Anna Rogers, one of the few competent Dummies Passers in the Club. She uses this skill to great effect, confusing the opposition as to where the ball is being passed to.

A huge congratulations to you all!

Omega 2 vs Baldock – 18th Sept 2016

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Wow!  An outstanding performance by Omega 2 today.    The game started with a fantastic feed from WA, Leanne Mansfield, straight into GS, Hannah Brown and although they did not convert on the first attempt, they won the ball back, pushed it back into the GA, Anna Rogers, scoring the first goal.  The first few minutes of play were matched goal for goal by both teams, who were both up for a competitive game of netball.   Omega then raised the pressure on a Baldock centre pass, resulting in an interception from WD, Molly Brett, but Baldock fought hard, winning back the ball.  Another error by Baldock with their GA breaking on their centre pass, allowed C, Lisa Short a fantastic feed of the ball from mid-court, directly into the shooting circle, with Anna successfully converting yet another goal.  Omega took a one goal lead for a short time, but Baldock put the pressure on, defending well on the next centre pass and taking advantage of an error by Omega, scoring a goal to bring the game back to level scores.  The rest of the quarter saw tight defending by GK, Lindsey Light and GD, Julie Stanbridge in the circle, putting the pressure on the Baldock Shooters and several deflections of the ball by  WD, Molly Brett.  The score by end of the 1st quarter was 16-13 to Baldock.

The start of the second quarter saw Omega come out fighting, with the first centre pass being Baldock’s, which was intercepted by Molly, who was two-hand marking the ball.   Initial forcing of the ball into the Omega shooting circle, resulted in Omega loosing of control of the game, but they quickly realised their error, playing the safer pass, gaining back the ball control and converting their shots.  Another great interception from Molly, which Omega converted into a goal.    Hannah took a stronger hold of her position in the shooting circle, allowing more space for the attack to feed the ball to her under the post.   Omega took advantage of the many interceptions during the 2nd quarter, leaving them one goal behind at the end of half time, with the score at 28 -27.

In the third quarter, Omega defence raised the pressure, with Julie blocking the Baldock GA out of the circle, forcing an error by Baldock feeding their shooter, resulting in the ball traversing the goal line.  Omega controlled the ball well from the goal line throw in, linking the ball with great control all the way down the court and finishing it off with a well deserved goal.    More defensive pressure by Lindsey and Julie in the defensive circle, forced Baldock to make more errors, which Lindsey and Julie both took advantage of, gaining ownership of the ball to lead controlled passing back down the court and into the shooting circle, converting into precious goals for the team.  Omega took a seven goal lead, but Baldock fought back, closing the gap to just one goal, demonstrating controlled play, outplaying the Omega side for several minutes, leaving the score by the end of the 3rd quarter at 39-38 to Omega.

The determination of the entire Omega team in the final quarter was second to none!  They converted the goal on the first centre pass and on the second, Baldock centre pass, Omega defended well, allowing Leanne to steal the ball, giving control of the game back to Omega.  Tight defending in the Omega defensive circle resulted in Lindsey tipping the ball towards Julie, winning possession for Omega once again, but that was short lived with Baldock intercepting a pass.    Molly read the play of a long ball from Baldock centre court to the edge of their shooting circle,  giving the advantage to Omega who once again converted it to a goal.  By mid quarter, Omega were ahead of the game and showed no signs of letting up.  They fought hard to maintain and grow their lead, with Lisa picking up another interception on the centre pass, linking it to Leanne, who fed it straight in to Hannah, who scored the goal.  Lindsey won many rebounds and with the win within their grasp, Omega began possession play to retain control of the ball, which threw Baldock.  Omega increased the lead by eight goals in the final quarter with the final score being 53-45.  An awesome performance by the Omega team, particularly in the last quarter, beating Baldock, who did not concede a game last season.

Youth team vs Wodson Park – 17th Sept 2016

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Well done to the Youths who displayed great potential and a vast improvement in their play today.

Whilst there weren’t too many goals in the game, the shooters, Maisie Mizon, Lauren Ahern and Ellie Reynolds worked hard to get free for the ball and when the opportunity arose, they shot some great goals. Ellie drove hard to win the ball on our centre passes, winning the ball with a penalty given for contact by the opposition due to her determination. During the 2nd and final quarters, we saw a couple of amazing goals from a fair distance by Maisie and some more great shooting in the 3rd quarter by Lauren.

The centre court players, Louise Merrick, Neave Parsons, Emma Lack, Jodie Gill, Faye Bellas and Holly Bennett, started thinking about their passing and when they slowed down, they controlled the ball well. The start of the 3rd quarter saw Neave intercepting a centre-pass and Jodie picking up some balls mid court, taking advantage of errors made by the opposition. In the final quarter of the game, there were displays of fantastic feeding from the centre court into the shooters from Louise and great linking of the passes, demonstrated when the ball moved from Louise at WD, to Holly at C, to Maisie at GA, who finally looped the ball in to Lauren.

All of the defence players, Millie Spires, Charlotte O’Riordan, Lauren Lee and finally Yasmin Rogers, defended the ball well and won several interceptions from the opposition throughout the whole game. Millie read the game well, stealing a fair share of the ball in play, whilst Charlotte, Lauren and Yasmin put great pressure on the shooters, putting them off their shots on many occasions and winning the rebound to turn the game in their favour.

The whole squad listened well to the advise given by their coaches and worked hard to put it into practice. A good game to watch and definite growth in the skills displayed.

Omega Youth vs Hornets – 10th Sept 2016

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Omega Youths played their first fixture against Hornets in the Hertford and District Netball League, after having had only one hour of training…well done team!

Although they didn’t win the game, it was a really enjoyable match to watch.  With a squad of eleven, there were many changes, but the girls all worked well together, displaying great teamwork as those on the side lines shouted words of encouragement to the players on court.  Fantastic camaraderie!

None of the team seemed disheartened by the loss and nor should they.   There were elements of great game play in both the defensive and attacking ends, which will no doubt develop further as they continue to train.

A big thank you to all of the supporters who turned up in the usual netball weather to support the team!

Omega C vs Cheshunt 2 – 10th Sept 2016

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Omega were unlucky to loose their first game to Cheshunt 2 in the Broxbourne and District Netball League, by 1 goal.

Their first game was a wet and slippery one, resulting in the first and second quarters being a bit frantic, with both new and existing players finding their feet after the summer break.   By half time, Omega were down by half the score.

In the third and fourth quarters, the game flowed much better.  The team slowed down the play and gave shorter passes, working the ball from the defence to the attack more skilfully.

The team showed great teamwork throughout the game, supporting and encouraging eachother at all times.  They fought hard to close the gap, finishing the game with just one goal in it!

A big thank you to Anna Rogers, for playing out of position in the defensive circle to help the team out, and welcome back to Emma Faulkner, who played her first game after returning from knee injuries.

Omega 2 vs SAS – 11th Sept 2016

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What a start to the season!  When SAS missed the shot to convert their first goal, Omega was quick to capitalise on the rebound by Louise Cousins.   Omega then lost their first centre pass, but it was quickly won back by Claire Statham and converted to a goal.  SAS failed to convert their second centre pass, with the ball crossing the goal line, so Omega took advantage of the error, bringing the ball safely down court and converting it to a goal, once again.  The first quarter saw Omega displaying strong defensive play, with many an interception from GD, Julie Stanbridge, WD, Claire Statham and even GA, Leanne Mansfield, all winning the ball comfortably.   The attack settled in well with fantastic linking of play from centre court into the shooting circle by Leanne Mansfield, finished with consistently strong shooting by Hannah Brown.  The 1st quarter ended 16-6 , with Omega taking the lead.

The start of the second quarter saw SAS coming out fighting and matching the Omega court play equally.  Slowly, Omega settled back into the game and with fantastic feeding from WA, Lisa Short and C, Queenie Pearce, they began to increase their lead.    Again, Omega took advantage of forced errors by SAS, with Claire Statham picking up more interceptions to turn the game over.    The SAS defenders were becoming frustrated with the strong positioning, control and finishing by the Omega GS, Hannah Brown, but Omega kept control of the game, increasing their lead by half time, taking the score to 14-27 to Omega.

In  the third quarter, SAS were fighting back once again, converting their first centre pass, but Omega responded by  taking the next three goals.   Omega were consistent in successfully winning every rebound at both ends of the court, resulting in a further increase in their lead by end of the third quarter, taking the score to 21-43 to Omega.

In the 4th quarter, Omega continued to capitalise on errors made and displayed great control of the ball in moving it towards their goal.  An awesome display of netball with great skill demonstrated by the whole team, resulting in the final score being Omega 54 – SAS 24.

Omega 1 vs Co-Jags 10th Sept 2016

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A fantastic start to the East Region League saw Omega 1 win their first fixture, 45 – 33.    Although a very nervous and tense start for the Omega Team, which resulted in a draw of 11-11 at the end of the first quarter, they found their feet thereafter, taking a 3 goal lead by half time.

The whole team played with great determination, fantastic team effort and experienced ball control, extending their lead by 8 goals by the end of the 3rd quarter.    Co-Jags fought back and closed the lead, but Omega was not ready to concede the game.  The entire team began defending the ball all down the court, resulting in interceptions being picked up to turn the game around and the shooters converting the turnarounds into goals each time.

An exciting game with matched game play and skill levels displayed by both teams.  The game could have gone either way, but Omega dug deep, sustaining and increasing their lead in the final quarter.