Omega 2 vs Crosskeys – Sunday 5th March 2017

Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 3 Sunday 5th March 2017

The 2nd round of the Herts League games and it’s a fight for the top of the table spot for Omega 2 and Crosskeys 3 and both teams are keen to win.  Crosskeys take an early lead with a score in the opening minutes of 5-0, with Omega throwing some sloppy passes,  but they soon settle and get into their game.  They fight hard, closing the gap to just one goal deep into the quarter, putting pressure on Crosskeys and forcing errors, with balls being thrown off court.  The 1st quarter ends with Omega 2 goals down with the scoreboard showing 11-13 to Crosskeys.

A change to the centre court in the 2nd quarter, bringing on the reserve and the teams take the court.  The 1st centre pass is Crosskeys’ and Omega put the pressure on, forcing the ball over the 3rd without being touched.  They punish Crosskeys’ error by gaining the goal.  They continue the pressure and just three minutes into the quarter, they level the scores 14-14.   Crosskeys continue to make mistakes, breaking on their centre pass on three occasions this quarter and Omega capitalise on their mistakes, scoring 18 goals in the quarter and only allowing 7 for their opposition.  The score at the end of the quarter is 29-20 to Omega, giving them a comfortable lead for the second half.

The team are reminded to play their game at half time and they are keen to maintain the lead as they take the court for the second half of the game.  The Omega defence is tight and they put the pressure on Crosskeys, once again, forcing them to make errors allowing Omega to take ownership of the ball.  Omega continue to increase their lead in this quarter, with much improved linking in the midfield and accurate shooting. The final 6 seconds of the quarter and Crosskeys centre pass.  They rush and attempt to force a long ball to their shooter and the ball goes off the goal line.  They leave the court for the final break with the scores of 43-32 in Omega’s favour.

Omega midfield changes back to the starting team for the final quarter and they are determined to hold on to their lead.  Great defensive play by the Omega attack force Crosskeys to throw the ball out of court.  Omega take possession and score the goal.  Half way through the quarter and Omega have increased their lead with the score of 50-37.   A toss-up is awarded for Omega WA and Crosskeys WD simultaneous offside and Omega wins the ball, taking advantage and gaining another goal.  Their opposition begin to look beaten.  With four minutes to the end of the game, Omega have another chance to increase their lead when Crosskeys break on their centre pass once again, but Omega fail to hold onto the ball, with a sloppy pass.  Fantastic interceptions by Omega defence, coupled with accuracy in shooting and good linking midfield, allow Omega to maintain their top table position, with a final score of 58-42.    A much improved performance from the Omega 2 team this week, playing more like their usual standard of game.   Two more games to the end of the season and the team cannot afford to become complacent in achieving the top spot and winning the division.

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