Omega Youths vs Tornados – Saturday 11th September 2021

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Youth team vs Tornados 11th Sept 2021

So the season starts and after 19 months of not playing in leagues, the Youths take the court once more and they play their first ever senior league fixture in BDNL at Wormley Playing Fields .  Due to a couple of COVID cases, the senior players helped out, giving confidence and guidance to the younger players, so thanks go to Beth Foster, Lucy Hoskin and Andrea Kinninmonth.

The team settled after a few minutes and gained confidence throughout the game.   The skills and techniques learnt during the training sessions is beginning to show in the games, with some great changes of direction when bringing the ball down court, good shooting holds in the circle and a practiced goal-line throw-in all evident.  The players did themselves proud, playing with determination and some controlled passing at times.    The initial nerves disappeared and the performance of the team improved as they progressed further into the game.

A great start to the season for the Youths with some great play evident.

2nd Sept 2017 – Omega Youths vs Bury

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Youths - 2nd Sept 2017

The first game back and the Youths are as keen as ever to play.  As a result of many still being on holiday, leaving just one shooter available, they are supported by Emma Faulkner to alleviate the pressure of a single shooter, particularly when playing a team who is regularly in the top end of the table every season. The first quarter and 6 goals are scored.  It’s evident that GS Ellie Reynolds has been practicing her shots over the summer break as her conversion rate has improved radically and her confidence is on display.  The team was advised to come in-front of their players to receive the ball and they all make an effort to do this.   WA, Emma Lack and WD, Faye Bellas  support the centre court play and the team as a whole look fitter and more responsive in the game…the pre-season sessions have paid off!

They return to court for the 2nd quarter with a couple of changes made and they show that they have listened to the advise given by their coach and senior player during the break, particularly in the centre court by C, Holly Bennett and WA, Louise Merrick .  The movement on court is improved and they begin to support the progression of the ball to the circle more.

More changes are made for the 3rd and final quarter, to allow fair play for the whole squad in the first fixture.   Jodie Gill takes the GK bib, not her usual position in the game, but she is determined and feisty in the circle.  With support from her fellow circle player, GD Millie Spires, they begin to win more rebounds and interceptions.  They are supported by first timer, Alice Mills, sporting the WD bib who also shows the same determination to win the ball and intercepts in her first ever competitive game, winning her the ‘Player of the Match’ awarded by their opposition.

A special thanks to senior player, GA, Emma Faulkner, who assisted the team not only with being a second shooter for the game, but for guiding the team during play, indicating the pass and player positioning and generally aiding with linking the ball movement to goal.

Well done team!  First game of the season over and looking forward to watching you develop and enhance your skills both individually and as a team, over the new season.

HDNL Players Player of the Year 2016-2017

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HDNL Players Player of the Year 2016-2017

HDNL Players Player of the Year 2016-2017

A huge congratulations to 15 year old Millie Spires, who won the Herts & District Netball Leagues Players Player of the Year for 2016-2017 season.  Since joining Omega, her first ever netball Club, in September 2016 and playing as part of the Club’s first junior squad, Millie has grown in confidence and skills in playing the game.  Each game she has played, she has been solid in playing a defensive position within the squad, showing great determination in striving to win the ball from the opposition at every opportunity.  As is the case with the rest of the squad, she has displayed great team spirit, both when playing and supporting the team at every game.

Winning this Award is a great accolade for any player, but an even bigger achievement for Millie in her first season, having played against experienced, adult players all season.    We hope Millie will continue to build on her skills and show the same enthusiasm for the game in the coming season and wish her and the rest of the squad great success as they progress their game.  Well done Millie!

Youths Final Winter Fixture

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Youths and Coaches

The final Winter HNDL Saturday Fixture and Omega are out in full with their regular band of supporters to finish the season.

The team improve each time I see them play and the enthusiasm never fades.  They are much more controlled in their play, considering the next pass – the ball no longer a ‘hot potato’.  Those sitting on the side lines, constantly encouraging and cheering on the team.  Whilst they have yet to win a game, there are many more goals being scored.

For their first ever season playing the game, they should be proud of their performance and continued striving to compete to the end.  Playing against Senior teams, many of them with experienced players who have played together for several years, but not once in the times I’ve seen them play have they ever given up on the game.  On the occasions I’ve watched them play, I’ve been encouraged by their enthusiasm and support for each other and been really proud of their conduct, particularly when the officials and other teams have sung their praises for their continued drive and self control.  We are very happy to have such a great group of girls who have joined our blue and green family we call Omega!

A big thank you goes to their two coaches, Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown, who have supported and motivated them week on week, turning up every Saturday morning, no matter the weather, to cheer on and lift the team spirits.

This being their first ever season of netball, they started off very nervous individuals who had no real knowledge of the game, but they have grown together as a unit into a determined team, building their skill levels each week.  Today, many officials and supporters with other teams, comment on their improved play and I look forward to seeing their continued development over the  summer season.

Youths vs Roytson 11th March 2017

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Youths v Royston
1st and 2nd Quarters
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter

1st & 2nd Quarters

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

The starting team in the first half of the game was:-

GS – Lauren Ahern, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Louise Merrick, C- Neave Parsons, WD – Jodie Gill; GD – Millie Spires and GK – Charlotte O’Riordan.

What an improvement in the team’s play since I’ve last watched them!  Much more control with, resulting in a huge reduction in footwork being pulled and the team are linking much better down the court.  Some great turns in the air from Yasmin as she catches the ball from her team mates and even winning the ball from their opposition, with interceptions being made by Jodie, Neave  and Millie, who displayed determination in winning the ball.   Additionally, some loose balls being chased and picked up by Louise showing much more thirst for the ball and indicating where she wants the pass from her team mates when on the attack.    Charlotte and Millie put the defensive pressure on, marking the shot well, intercepting and winning the ball in the circle, whilst Lauren holding her space, ready for feeds from her team, in the shooting end.

The team gather well each quarter to receive some advise given by coaches Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown.  A change of team for the 2nd half, with the line up being:-

GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Faye Bellas, C – Hollie Bennett, WD – Emma Lack, GD – Millie Spires and GK – Lauren Lee

Again, some great determination being seen by the team, with Hollie persistent in her chase of the ball and making herself available for the team. Ellie listening well to her coaches and holding her position as instructed in the circle for her team mates to feed her.  Emma and Faye supporting the linking of the pass down court.  No longer are they worried about receiving the pass, but move towards it.  Faye feeding some controlled bounce passes to her shooters, who hold their positions well.   Some more great defending by both Millie and Lauren, marking the ball well and Lauren winning a ball from a two handed static mark.   The team seemed confident and displayed much more fighting spirit, ending in some great shooting by Yasmin.  An injury for Ellie in the final quarter and Yas moves to GS and Lauren Ahern returns to court as GA, which seemed to suit her play much more being on the move as she positions herself well and supports the attack in bringing the ball to the shooting circle.

Although they didn’t win the game, as always, the team fought to the end and played in great team spirit.   They  should be proud of the way they played, which will only improve as they split into 2 core 7 teams , allowing them to gain consistency and fluidity in their play.  So glad I got out of bed to see the girls play so well…keep going girls!

Omega Youth vs Oasis – Saturday 8th Oct 2016

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Youths 8th Oct 2016

Omega youth have now played their 4th game together, with a great game against Oasis this weekend.  With a few injuries to the team, all players supported each other with some playing out of position.  Although not winning the game, the girls fought hard and showed great progression, winning the final quarter.

There was great shooting from Maisie and Lauren, with brilliant movement in the circle from captain, Ellie.  Following a team talk at half time, Faye and Neave showed great teamwork supporting the shooters and put the tips given into practice.  Emma had a confident performance as WD, not her first choice of position.  Defensively, Millie, Charlotte and Lauren showed great skill, getting multiple interceptions and receiving compliments from the other team.  Holly and Louise fought well throughout and supported the team from the centre court.  Well deserved player of the match went to Charlotte, with great interceptions, marking and blocking. The girls are progressing weekly and have identified things to work on this week before next weeks big game against Ice.

Big thanks to Oasis for supporting and giving tips throughout the game to our enthusiastic new team.   Thanks also to both umpires, who both commented on what a great bunch of girls the team are.  They  also said that they can see improvement and great potential in the team!  Keep going girls…you’re doing great!

Youth team vs Wodson Park – 17th Sept 2016

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Well done to the Youths who displayed great potential and a vast improvement in their play today.

Whilst there weren’t too many goals in the game, the shooters, Maisie Mizon, Lauren Ahern and Ellie Reynolds worked hard to get free for the ball and when the opportunity arose, they shot some great goals. Ellie drove hard to win the ball on our centre passes, winning the ball with a penalty given for contact by the opposition due to her determination. During the 2nd and final quarters, we saw a couple of amazing goals from a fair distance by Maisie and some more great shooting in the 3rd quarter by Lauren.

The centre court players, Louise Merrick, Neave Parsons, Emma Lack, Jodie Gill, Faye Bellas and Holly Bennett, started thinking about their passing and when they slowed down, they controlled the ball well. The start of the 3rd quarter saw Neave intercepting a centre-pass and Jodie picking up some balls mid court, taking advantage of errors made by the opposition. In the final quarter of the game, there were displays of fantastic feeding from the centre court into the shooters from Louise and great linking of the passes, demonstrated when the ball moved from Louise at WD, to Holly at C, to Maisie at GA, who finally looped the ball in to Lauren.

All of the defence players, Millie Spires, Charlotte O’Riordan, Lauren Lee and finally Yasmin Rogers, defended the ball well and won several interceptions from the opposition throughout the whole game. Millie read the game well, stealing a fair share of the ball in play, whilst Charlotte, Lauren and Yasmin put great pressure on the shooters, putting them off their shots on many occasions and winning the rebound to turn the game in their favour.

The whole squad listened well to the advise given by their coaches and worked hard to put it into practice. A good game to watch and definite growth in the skills displayed.

Omega Youth vs Hornets – 10th Sept 2016

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Omega Youths played their first fixture against Hornets in the Hertford and District Netball League, after having had only one hour of training…well done team!

Although they didn’t win the game, it was a really enjoyable match to watch.  With a squad of eleven, there were many changes, but the girls all worked well together, displaying great teamwork as those on the side lines shouted words of encouragement to the players on court.  Fantastic camaraderie!

None of the team seemed disheartened by the loss and nor should they.   There were elements of great game play in both the defensive and attacking ends, which will no doubt develop further as they continue to train.

A big thank you to all of the supporters who turned up in the usual netball weather to support the team!