Youths vs Roytson 11th March 2017

By March 11, 2017Youth Match Reports
Youths v Royston
1st and 2nd Quarters
3rd Quarter
4th Quarter

1st & 2nd Quarters

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

The starting team in the first half of the game was:-

GS – Lauren Ahern, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Louise Merrick, C- Neave Parsons, WD – Jodie Gill; GD – Millie Spires and GK – Charlotte O’Riordan.

What an improvement in the team’s play since I’ve last watched them!  Much more control with, resulting in a huge reduction in footwork being pulled and the team are linking much better down the court.  Some great turns in the air from Yasmin as she catches the ball from her team mates and even winning the ball from their opposition, with interceptions being made by Jodie, Neave  and Millie, who displayed determination in winning the ball.   Additionally, some loose balls being chased and picked up by Louise showing much more thirst for the ball and indicating where she wants the pass from her team mates when on the attack.    Charlotte and Millie put the defensive pressure on, marking the shot well, intercepting and winning the ball in the circle, whilst Lauren holding her space, ready for feeds from her team, in the shooting end.

The team gather well each quarter to receive some advise given by coaches Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown.  A change of team for the 2nd half, with the line up being:-

GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Faye Bellas, C – Hollie Bennett, WD – Emma Lack, GD – Millie Spires and GK – Lauren Lee

Again, some great determination being seen by the team, with Hollie persistent in her chase of the ball and making herself available for the team. Ellie listening well to her coaches and holding her position as instructed in the circle for her team mates to feed her.  Emma and Faye supporting the linking of the pass down court.  No longer are they worried about receiving the pass, but move towards it.  Faye feeding some controlled bounce passes to her shooters, who hold their positions well.   Some more great defending by both Millie and Lauren, marking the ball well and Lauren winning a ball from a two handed static mark.   The team seemed confident and displayed much more fighting spirit, ending in some great shooting by Yasmin.  An injury for Ellie in the final quarter and Yas moves to GS and Lauren Ahern returns to court as GA, which seemed to suit her play much more being on the move as she positions herself well and supports the attack in bringing the ball to the shooting circle.

Although they didn’t win the game, as always, the team fought to the end and played in great team spirit.   They  should be proud of the way they played, which will only improve as they split into 2 core 7 teams , allowing them to gain consistency and fluidity in their play.  So glad I got out of bed to see the girls play so well…keep going girls!

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