Omega 1 vs Eastwood 1

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Omega 1 vs Eastwood - 9th October 2021

Today, Omega 1’s met Eastwood 1 in a home game at Freman College.  This is a game Omega know they need to win, so with two of their centre players unavailable for the game, Lucy Andrews helps out to give the team a better chance at gaining the much needed win.  The starting seven for the game is GS – Charlotte Ramejkis, GA – Poppy Swain, WA – Molly Brett, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Claire Daw, GD – Leigh Rees-Reynolds and GK – Phoebe Gillen.  Beth Garrod and Lucy Hoskin start on the bench to support their team.

Eastwood open the game, but an immediate break sees Omega gaining the advantage, but a feed in to Char at GS is lost off the goal line and Eastwood have the ball once more.   However, Eastwood fail to keep hold as Omega’s tight defence force them to error and a turnover is won again and this time Omega gain the goal.   Omega gain 4 consecutive goals before Eastwood succeed with their first.  Omega’s strong defending by all players, ensures their opposition are under pressure throughout the quarter, forcing them to error on many occasions.  GK Phoebe and GD Leigh turnover the play on several occasions, enabling many more chances at goal for Omega.   This, coupled with accuracy in feeds from WA Molly and 100% shooting conversion from GS, Char,  allows Omega to gain a strong lead, winning the quarter 13-6.

The team remain the same for the second quarter, allowing them to settle and giving them the aim of increasing their lead further before making a change.   Eastwood start the quarter again and this time gain the opening goal.    Omega are strong with their marking on Eastwood’s centre passes, forcing errors on a couple of occasions, resulting in the ball going off court, hence back in Omega’s play.  The mid-court play from WD Claire, C Lucy and WA Molly is solid as they comfortably move the ball towards our shooters.  Likewise, GK Phoebe is on fire once more and manages many turnovers and GD Leigh wins several rebounds, giving the team the opportunity to increase the goal difference, however many errors and missed shots and a couple of foot faults in the circle prevent this from happening.  The final goal  is disallowed for Eastwood, resulting in a draw for this quarter and the first half of the game ends with a score of 24 -17.

A change at half time sees WD Claire Daw taking the bench, replaced by Beth and GA Poppy taking the bench, replaced by Lucy H.  Eastwood again open the quarter and gain the first goal, but Omega look comfortable and work hard as a unit to step up a notch.   The court play and ball movement is fluid and controlled from all players and the team manage to work the ball to our shooters with confidence.   WD Beth makes her presence known, gaining three turnovers this quarter.   Likewise, GA Lucy H is comfortable in her play, both working towards the circle feeders for balls and also creating the space for her counterpart, GS Char.  Lucy’s 100% goal conversion on 42% of the 14 goals scored is amazing for a player whose position is usually mid court!  This helped Omega begin the increase in their score, giving them a lead of 10 goals going into the final quarter, with a score of 38-28 in their favour.

The team’s morale is high for the final quarter as they are confident in their play as a whole squad.  Lucy Hoskins returns to the  bench and Poppy returns to the GA position to end the game.   A superb final quarter for the entire squad and the nerves have definitely disappeared for newcomer GA Poppy, whose shooting is accurate with her converting 82% of her shots and gaining 9 of the 16 goals this quarter.   Eastwood struggle to take hold against a strong finishing quarter from Omega and the game ends with a fantastic win to Omega and a score of 54-37.

This is a win that is a boost for the team’s confidence going forward.  A big thank you to Lucy Andrews for helping out and for giving her usual consistent and determined performance throughout the entire game, linking perfectly with the whole team to deliver the ball to goal.  The performance from all players was great with everyone giving their all to the game and their efforts paying off!  Next game is another home game against Rookies on 24th October.

Omega 1 vs Crosskeys 1 on Sunday 3rd October 2021

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Omega 1 vs Crosskeys Sun 3rd Oct 2021

Our 3rd East Region game is an away game against Essex based team, Crosskeys, who Omega have struggled to perform against in the past few times we’ve played them.  For the first time this season, almost the whole squad is available, with the exception of our regular GS, Charlotte Ramejkis.  As we’re short on the shooting front, Laura Robilliard (Millard) steps up from the Herts County Team, to help out, so we present with a squad of 10, consisting of Megan Pryde (starting on the bench), Molly Brett (WA), Mia Kersey (C), Beth Garrod (starting on the bench), Claire Daw(WD), Leigh Rees-Reynolds (GD), Phoebe Gillen(GK), 1st timer Poppy Swain (GS), Laura Robilliard (GA) and Lucy Hoskin (bench – easing her way back from injury).

With a previously untried attacking combination, the team take the court and open the game.  A nervous start sees a dropped ball at the edge of our shooting circle, which Crosskeys capitalise on and follow on to take the first four consecutive goals as Omega struggle to settle.  Omega’s defence steal possession on a few occasions, but Omega fail to convert the much needed goals. The 1st quarter ends with a score of 6-14 in Crosskeys favour.

A change for the 2nd quarter sees Poppy and Laura swapping GS / GA positions, Molly Brett taking the bench and Lucy Hoskin taking the WA position.    It’s almost a deja vu moment as Crosskeys score a roll of 4 consecutive goals in the opening minutes  and once again, Omega struggle to gain the much needed goals to close the scores.    The Crosskeys team, having played together for some years, are swift to punish Omega at every opportunity, finding their shooter who consistently converts her shots.  As the final seconds count down, Crosskeys take the final centre pass and an obstruction by Omega’s C, earns her a caution for deliberate delaying of play, the play is advanced and Crosskeys gain the final goal.  The quarter sees Crosskeys increase their goal difference by a further 5 goals, taking the score to 14-27 in their favour.

A big change to the team at half time sees Poppy reverting to GS, Mia moving from C to GA, Molly back at WA, Megan picking up the C position and Claire being replaced by Beth at WD.    Omega start the quarter and the change quickly proves fruitful as it’s Omega’s turn to score a roll of 4 goals to open the 2nd half of the game starting with Leigh intercepting Crosskey’s first centre pass and gaining the advantage for her team.  The team look much more together and the attack play the ball between each other with skill.   Crosskeys C, picks up a caution for persistent obstruction around Omega’s shooting circle this quarter. The shooters work as a team and this quarter match their opposition in goals scored, allowing the team to prevent the goal difference from increasing further.  A much better quarter by all and the team finally begin to work well throughout the entire court.  A draw of 10-10 this quarter sees the scores going into the final quarter as 24-37 to Crosskeys.

A final change to the team in the last quarter sees Leigh take the bench and Claire return to court, this time as GD to add height in the defending circle play.  A much more positive team take the court to end the game and once again, the entire team give their all.  The confidence and composure has increased across the entire team throughout the game and the final quarter sees more consistent shooting conversion for Omega and more skillful ball play bringing the ball to goal.  A solid performance from Mia Kersey at GA in this second half of the game, ensuring Omega gain the point they need for the league table.  A fantastic 2nd half of the game with another draw in the final quarter, ending the game with a score of 38-51 to Crosskeys.

Although we didn’t get the win, the team played with determination and tenacity throughout and the confidence and control in their play grew quarter on quarter.  Suddenly, the team are showing great promise for the rest of the season!

Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 2nd October 2021

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Based on the league table standings after the first couple of games, Omega were expecting a different opposition to what they discovered upon arrival at the Sir Fred’s this morning.   On seeing the team, we knew this would be a well competed game that we’d have to fight to the end for.

Taking the court to start the game were GS – Ruby Brett,  GA – Laura Robilliard  (Millard), WA – Zoe O’Neill, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Nicola Rantell, GD – Samantha Abbott and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth, with Emma Faulkner on the bench.  The opening centre pass was Turnford’s but due to a missed shot, Omega gain the chance to steal the first goal, however likewise did not convert allowing Turnford to reset and score.  As the team settled into their play, they gain a 3-goal run in the first few minutes, but Turnford fight back and the court play is matched by both teams, however the shooting accuracy goes to Turnford and they win the quarter 12-10.

Omega’s quarter chat focusses on attacking the ball and loosing our opposition and the decision is taken to keep the status quo for the 2nd quarter in hope the team compose and take heed of the advise given.   We retake the court and once again the court play is even stevens. Omega win a few turnovers this quarter, but this is negated by more errors across all players, which coupled with goal conversion, does not allow us to capitalise once more.  However, a low scoring quarter is seen by both teams and Omega only loose the quarter by 1 goal, resulting in a score of 15-18 to Turnford by half time.

During half time, a substitution is made in hope that the attack dynamics change.  This sees Emma Faulkner taking the GA position, Laura Robilliard (Millard) taking the WA position and Zoe O’Neill taking the bench.    Turnford also make changes, benching their GS and moving their C to GA and GA to GS.  Omega loose the first centre pass which was theirs, but manage to steal the next 6 goals consecutively.    More turnovers and less errors in our play gains the advantage on several occasions and this quarter GS- Ruby Brett is on fire, scoring more goals herself than achieved in the whole of the first half of the game.   The whole team seem more settled and comfortable in their play and  this quarter they prove to much for their opposition.  The substitions have paid off for Omega, but the same cannot be said for Turnford.   Omega gain a much needed lead of 9 goals in this quarter, winning it 18-6, thus allowing them a comfortable lead going into the final quarter with a score of 33-24.

Turnford revert back to their original team for the final quarter to seek the win and Omega remain with the same team as quarter 3.    Turnford let us know they are not ready to concede the game and Omega have to dig deep and give their all.  The opening minutes sees the first 2 goals scored by Turnford and the next 2 by Omega.  From then on, every goal scored is Turnfords as they punish Omega’s missed chances.  Omega see the goal difference diminishing and implement tactical play to hold on to the win.  They play strategically well and succeed in their quest, but allow Turnford to close to within 3 goals, allowing them to take 2 points to the table.  Not our best performance, but Omega gain the 5-points for the table with a winning score of 35-33.

The team reflection after the game, outlined several skills to work on at training this week and next, in readiness for the next game when the team meet 2019’s league winners, SAS on 16th October.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 8th December 2019

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B Team vs Turnford 4 8th Dec 2019

The final game in the first rounds of the Herts County League, first division games and Omega face Turnford 4 for the first game of the day.

Omega start the game and each team secure the first two goals from their respective centre passes, before Omega begin to take hold, securing 3 goals to Turnford’s 1 for the first half of the quarter.  Omega defend superbly, with their defensive players WD, Nicola Rantell, GD, Samantha Abbott and GK, Louise Cousins winning turnover after turnover from their opposition.  However after gaining the upper-hand, they quickly returned the ball to Turnford through simple errors, allowing them to play the second half of the quarter on a goal for goal basis.  The opening quarter ended 14-9 to Omega.

A quick team chat in the quarter and the team take the court ready to give their all once more.  Omega start strong, winning ball after ball from Turnford, resulting in them taking the first 6 consecutive goals of the quarter.   Some superb teamwork is seen in the attacking third, with dynamic movement in the circle from GA, Emma Maidment, creating the space needed for a direct feed from the circle edge by C, Lucy Andrews, directly to GS, Ruby Brett under the post, who finishes off with the goal….a display of textbook attacking play!  Omega’s circle defence tightened, with more good teamwork displayed as the defence forced Turnford’s GA to shoot long shots, which were not as accurate.  Strong ball marking by GD, Sam sees Turnford struggle to move the ball forward and WD, Nicola picks up the stray ball from the pressured pass.  The whole team consistently apply the pressure, once again resulting in many interceptions and loose balls being picked up by Omega and the shooters consistently reward their team efforts with their accurate shooting.  The final 26 seconds and it’s Omega’s centre pass, but an offside call in our shooting circle means, allows Turnford the opportunity for the final goal.  Omega defend and WD, Nicola picks up a Caution for a contact in her attempt win back the ball for her team, but the team succeed in preventing the goal.   This quarter, Omega limit their opposition to just 7 goals and manage to convert 15, widening their lead by end of the second half to 29-16 in their favour.

Omega have a comfortable lead to start the second half but are determined to continue the pressure.  Omega start strong again in the first half of the 3rd quarter, with a couple of good runs on 3-4 consecutive goals being scored, but Turnford give their all and having only scored 3 goals in several minutes, begin to push back at Omega and the second half of the quarter goes goal for goal, with the score going into the final quarter being 46-28 to Omega.

The final quarter and once again it’s Omega to start, however an error with the passing around the circle edge sees the ball in Turnford’s hands and they secure the first goal.    Omega continue to make simple errors with ball placement and passes for the opening minutes and Turnford take advantage, taking the first 5 consecutive goals of the quarter.   Omega pick themselves up and gain composure as they prove they are a force to be reckoned with, only allowing one further goal from their opposition for the remainder of the quarter and scoring 12 goals on the run to finish the quarter and ending the game with a score of 60-34.

A fantastic performance from the entire team, with accurate shooting from both shooters and strong, tight defence applied by all players.  This result secures their mid table slot, elevating them up from 7th to 4th position…not bad after a ropey start to the season!  The first half of the season started with the team struggling to gel and play the ball, but they have grown and developed teamwork throughout the season, improving their play and winning many more games in the latter half, setting them up for a stronger 2nd half round.

Omega 2 vs Watford Premier 1 on Saturday 7th September 2019

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The first Herts County League game for our second team and they meet the team that was promoted with them a couple of seasons ago – Watford Premier 1.    Having encountered tight games on both occasions last season, they knew the game was not going to be a walk over, especially with a couple of their regular squad missing and people playing out of their preferred position and a different shooting combination.  The starting team being:-

GS – Ruby Brett; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Nicola Rantell; C – Lucy Andrews;  WD – Claire Statham; GD – Sam Abbott; GK – Louise Cousins and Charlotte Ramejkis taking the bench to start the game.

Watford Prem started the game and were quick to secure the first goal, but Omega reciprocated to match.  A fumble at Omega’s next centre pass, sees the ball back with Watford Premier who steal the goal  and a further couple of errors made by Omega result in Watford beginning their lead 6-2 but the Watford GA footworks, giving Omega the opportunity to claw back a goal.  Omega force another error on their opposition as a result of strong defending in and around the shooting circle, resulting in the ball going off the goal line, but Omega fail to take advantage of their position and Watford take the goal once more.   Good ball marking by GA, Sophie Humphry sees her tip the ball, but her team mates are beaten to the loose ball by their opponents, who once again take the ball to goal.    The Omega defence apply the pressure in the circle once more and this time, GA Sophie, rewards their efforts.   Watford shooters miss a couple of attempts at goal and GK, Louise Cousins tips, but cannot gain possession and Watford’s third attempt is successful.  A missed shot by Omega sees the ball taken down court by Watford to their shooter, but the attempt at goal is intercepted as GD, Sam Abbott connects with the ball, sending it towards her team mates and it’s collected by WA, Nicola Rantell in the mid court and rewarded with a goal by GA Sophie.  Omega tighten their defence, once again forcing the ball to go off the goal line and again they punish Watford’s error.  The opening quarter is not the usual form for Omega, who are taking time to settle into the new combination, but the slow start levels off by the end of the quarter, leaving them 2 goals behind with a score of 16-14 to Watford.

The 2nd quarter is started once more by Watford, but Omega appear more settled and in control, resulting in the quarter starting well.  A missed shot by Watford allows Omega to even the score in the opening minutes, but Watford respond as Omega falter with there passing in and out of the shooting circle which sees the ball go off the side-line and back in Watford’s control and punishing the error with a goal.  Omega loose their centre pass but win back the ball as Watford are forced to error and the ball is sent of the side line once more and this time GS, Ruby Brett rewards her team with a goal.  Omega settle into the quarter  having made very few errors on their court play so far.  They take advantage of the missed goals and errors made by their position at every opportunity, allowing them to take the lead and slowly increase it to a score of 32-26 in their favour by half time.

The third quarter is another great quarter for Omega.   A missed shot by Omega sees Watford gaining possession, but great reading of the game, speed and determination are displayed as C, Lucy Andrews flies in to intercept the ball cleaning mid air.   The Omega defence are strong and tight in the circle and GK, Louise intercepts a ‘pop’ of the ball between Watford’s shooters and Omega take the ball to our shooting circle.  Failed conversion sees the ball back with Watford, but as their GS attempts a shot, GD, Sam Abbott intercepts the shot and this time Omega are successful in their conquest.    The defending continues to be tight both in and around the Watford Shooting circle as WD, Claire Statham defends Watford’s GA, delaying her movement into the circle.   As a result, Watford force feed the ball to their GS and the ball goes off the goal line.   Omega take the goal line pass and succeed in moving the ball down the court, where they find their shooters with ease and the shot is converted.  They demonstrate control and great teamwork throughout the whole court for the entire quarter, supporting each other on the attack and working together on the defence, which forces their oposition to error on several occasions,   The final 6 seconds of the quarter and Watford’s GA contacts as she receives the ball, so loose the last opportunity of a goal in the quarter.

The score going into the final quarter sees Omega 9 goals ahead, so a comfortable lead, with a score of 43-34 in their favour.  A change to the team sees Ruby Brett taking the bench after a solid performance, replaced by Charlotte Ramejkis.    Watford return to court ready to fight for the game and this they do!   Charlotte took a few minutes to settle into the game but soon gets into her stride, however the whole team are unsettled and errors they haven’t made in the earlier quarters, begin.     Watford’s shooting is back on form and every error made by Omega is punished and the gap in the score closes rapidly, with Watford securing 9 consecutive goals due to the many mistakes made.   Omega struggle to gain composure, but are determined not to concede the game.  The score is level and Watford secure a goal to take the lead.  A battle for the final minutes of the game as each team want the win, but the score ends as a draw of 49-49.   A disappointing quarter after the superb play in the second and third quarters and one to learn from going forward.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 27th October 2018

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Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 on Saturday 27th October 2018 - Herts League Div 1

Today, Omega 2  meet Turnford 4 who are 2 places above them on the Division table.   For the 1st time this season, Omega have 9 players at the game, so a rota for the game play in preparation.  The opposition are very tall and have a player who usually plays Premier League, still playing in defense for the team, so Omega realise this will be a tough game.  As an umpire fails to appear for the game, Carole Titmuss is asked to umpire to allow the game to go ahead.  Omega accept this decision as the only other option is for Andrea Kinninmonth to drop from our defence to do it, but we are already short in this area of the court.

Umpire, Nikki starts the game with Omega take the opening centre pass and the opening goal of the game.  Turnford are first to take a lead as Omega attempt to feed overhead balls to our shooters, but the Turnford defenders are tall and manage to take possession.  The game is close in the opening quarter, with neither team able to make a break to take a clear lead.  The court play from both teams is matched, as is the accuracy of the shooting.   The quarter ends with Turnford having a 1-goal lead and a score of 15-14 to them.

The first change to the squad sees Molly Brett take the WD position from her sister, Ruby and for the 1st time this season, Emma Faulkner taking the court, picking up the WA position from Leanne Mansfield.   The team are reminded to not be tempted with overheads into our shooters and to play the ball safely in.   The team return to court, ready to fight for the game and this they succeed in doing.   The team are composed as they control the ball down the court and a couple of intercepted balls helps us turn the game.  The final few seconds of the 1st half of the game and it’s Omega’s centre pass.  Aware of the limited time, Omega attack are quick to pass the ball into GS,  Hannah Brown, who secures the goal just on the whistle, giving Omega a 1 goal advantage to go into the 2nd half, with a score of 30-29 to Omega.

The decision at half time is to go off rota, to allow the team to settle and progress their lead.    The 3rd quarter continues to see some great play from both teams, but Omega has the edge and manage to win possession of the ball from their opposition more, managing to increase the lead by 8 goals, however Turnford fight back hard, clawing back the goals to equalise 38-38 with only a few minutes remaining of the quarter.    Omega up their game for the remaining time, preventing their opposition from scoring further goals and a deja vu moment occurs….with less than 15 seconds on the clock, it’s Omega’s centre pass and once again, the attack succeed in getting the ball safely to Hannah, who secures the goal on the whistle.

The final quarter and the team are up by 5 goals with a score of 43-38.  Emma Faulkner takes the bench once more and Leanne returns to WA.  Ruby opts to remain on the bench, to avoid too many changes.  The team talk about the fact that the lead they have only took a couple of minutes to gain and are fully aware that their opposition could do the same to steal the game in the final quarter.   The team return to court, ready to play safe and the quarter starts.   This quarter sees our shooters being called for contact on 4 occassions,  yet throughout the rest of the game they have not been called for this infringement!  This is a game changer for the teams as 4 contact calls allows Turnford to secure these 4 goals from our attack play and also score 4 on their own centre pass, giving them the lead they need, which they succeed in doing.   The team are disheartened with the calls made against them which they feel are unjust.  These infringement decisions cost Omega the game as Turnford steal it with a final score of 51-56 to Turnford.

Omega look forward to the return match, with the aim of evening the result.




Omega 2 vs Abby Flyers Nomads – Sunday 4th March 2018

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Omega 2 vs AFN 3 4th March 2018

Today was the battle for the top of the table position in Division 2 Herts League and Omega were nervous, not only to face the top team, but due to being depleted in key positions.  This being a battle between AFN 3, who for years were a Division 1 team, demoted to Division 2 just last season and Omega, who were promoted this season as the winners of Division 3.  Once again, super-sub Chloe D’Arcy steps up to the plate and fills in for the team, this time in her usual GA position.  Molly Brett picks up the GD mantle from her usual WD position and Lisa Short takes on WD instead of her usual C position.

The opening quarter and Omega may be nervous, but start the game steady and settle their play well.   Tight defensive play from GK, Andrea Kinninmonth, GD, Molly Brett and WD, Lisa Short, winning 5 turnovers for the team, giving us more opportunities to secure the needed goals for the game.  As a whole, the team make few court errors this quarter, holding on to the ball solidly.   An excellent start to what is destined to be a close game throughout, with the score at the end of the first quarter being 13-15 to AFN.

The team talk in the quarter was a boost and testament to the play, with the team told to continue to play as they have started.  Both teams are keen to take the game with accurate shooting demonstrated by both team and the court play being neck and neck. Omega struggle with the 2nd pass from centre court and AFN have  tightened their defence, taking advantage of our struggle, winning the ball back again on 6 occasions on the Omega attack play.  Evening this up, the Omega defence players are tight on their opponents and turn the game over 8 more times, creating further chances for the team to up the scores and they pull back the score to a draw of 28-28 by half time.

Once again, the Omega coach applauds the team’s play and the team are determined to give their best shot at taking the top of the table.  The team are determined as they take the court to start the second half of the game and once again this quarter, the whole team give all they have got.  This quarter, Omega tend to follow the ball in their attacking play, instead of using the whole court and creating the space.  This said, the team maintain ball ownership and managed to take the ball to goal consistently, finished off by almost 100% conversion (only one missed shot this quarter) by both GA, Chloe D’Arcy and GS Hannah Brown.  By the end of the quarter, Omega take their first lead in the game, with a score going into the final quarter with Omega two up and the score of 42-40.

The final team chat and it’s again very positive with the potential win within our grasps.   The team are told to play safe and maintain ownership and they head back on court ready to fight to the end.  Another exciting quarter with Omega upping the anti for the majority of the quarter, adding a further two goals to their lead, but some fatal errors in the final 3 minutes allow AFN back into the game and they are quick to punish Omega’s errors, closing the gap to a draw in the final minute of the game.  Omega manage to take the next centre pass to goal and there are a mere 10 seconds remaining on the clock as AFN take the final centre pass.  The tension is high as AFN successfully find their GS, who scores the equaliser with 0.6 seconds remaining.

A very cleanly fought game by both teams, with each equally keen to take the win.  The game was neck and neck for majority of the time, with Omega just taking the edge in the second half, but unable to hold on to the lead gained.  The teams meet again at the beginning of April for a re-arranged fixture from the 1st round of games.  This is once again expected to be a very competitive, closely fought game and one to watch as once again both team compete for the top slot!

Omega 1 vs Rookies – Saturday 3rd February 2018

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Omega 1 vs Rookies at Wisbech on 3rd Feb 2018

This weekend saw Omega travel away to Rookies for an early 10.30 start.  Omega, having just returned to the top of the table were now once again the team to beat so they knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game.

The first C was taken by Rookies and Omega got off to a great start putting them under pressure causing the GD to break, giving Omega their first attempt to covert, which they did.  The game was end to end for the majority of this quarter with both teams making errors and giving each other the option to take the lead. Sloppy mistakes by Omega saw Rookies take advantage and with some faultless shooting by the Rookies shooters, the quarter finished 15-12 to Rookies.

The second quarter showed the resilience of Omega, who took the court with the pure intention to get control of the game and gain a leading position.  Although Rookies were just as fired up for this game and also started strong, hanging on to their lead.  Some great pressure from the Omega GD saw a fantastic interception and a forced held ball.  Unfortunately  omega failed to convert these opportunities and the lead remained with Rookies for the early part of the quarter. Omega increased the pressure throughout the quarter and with a great turnover from centre court Omega started to get back into their stride and play their normal netball.  This increase in pressure caused Rookies to make mistakes with simple errors such as breaking, which Omega took full advantage off.  With a spell of fantastic shooting by Omega the quarter ended 31-28 to Omega.

The third quarter was well contested, again with both teams increasing the pressure to make the other team make mistakes.  Omega attack were sloppy with passing this week, losing the ball on a few occasions, something which is very unusual for the Omega attack, who have the best attacking record in the division.  This, along with a struggle to stop the accuracy of the Rookies shooters and some easy balls going into the GS, meant that Omega did drop some goals once again.   The quarter ended 44-44.

The final quarter was heated to say the least with the  umpires having to caution 2 Rookies player for time wasting and there was a tactical decision to call some injury time with several Rookies players changing positions and going off for injury but then returning to the court within the minute.  Nevertheless Omega continued to fight for this game, with a strong turnover by the Omega GD they eventually took a two goal lead with 30 seconds to go.

Unfortunately Omega were making way too many errors instead of just putting this game to bed.  A poor pass from within the Omega attack gave possession to Rookies which they punished them for.  Omega simply did not convert all of their opportunities in this quarter and allowed Rookies to stay in the game.  The Rookies shooters barely missed a shot all game so full credit has to go to them for making it extremely difficult to get any big lead.  Omega walk away feeling happy with the 3 points but frustrated that they handed Rookies the draw, who probably feel like they are the winners of this fixture.   Game ends 57-57

Players of the match were awarded to both the Rookies GA and the Omega GA.

Omega 1 vs Ipswich Ladies – Saturday 9th September 2017

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Omega 1 vs Ipswich Ladies 9th Sept 2017

Saturday saw the first regional game for Omega in division 2 after a storming season last year with only one defeat. Omega stepped on court against Ipswich at their home ground in Sawbridgeworth with nerves and pressure running high. First whistle went, the game had begun with GK, Phoebe getting her first of many interceptions straight from the off. The girls were all full of adrenaline with quick play and fast passes into the shooting circle to secure the first few goals. As the game went on the team settled down keeping the ball safe with GD, Sammie and WD, Hannah providing great back up support to work the ball up the court into our shooting circle where attack worked smartly to secure the goals. Final 30 second to go Ipswich ball, where C, Lucy got a great interception which converted to another goal, Omega coming off court with a lead of 14 -6.

2nd quarter and Omega went on still wanting to do better and dig deeper, knowing Ipswich where going to come back with vengeance. Omega again working it well down the court into the shooters who were working tactically to ensure the goals – even with the Ipswich defence starting to notch up the pressure with contest. Both C, Lucy and WA, Sophie working hard to read each others positioning around the circle to provide the best support for GA, Emma and GS, Charlotte, who rarely missed but when they occasionally did, they were there to get the rebound against Ipswich tall defenders to sink the goals. Omega applied the pressure with strong arms and tight marking to cause errors for Ipswich which Omega calmly capitalised on with great support again from defence and calm tactical play coming off court with 31 – 14 lead.

Half time and team talk with Head coach and Captain meant Omega came on starting a fresh, having been told, not to become complacent with their extensive lead and to focus on defensive play.  Omega return to the court buzzing and still hungry for the ball, which their opposition were soon aware of.   C, Lucy calmly worked the ball down the court with great support from WA, Sophie and on the defensive line from WD, Hannah. As the game went on Ipswich girls were getting more aggressive and frustrated which Omega fed off, applying the pressure and turning over their mistakes. The play was calm and everyone on court wanted that ball, fighting for every opportunity and capitalising on Ipswich mistakes going into the final quarter leading 49 – 20

Final quarter and with a 29 goal lead Omega were confident but they still didn’t let this drop their play. With the first centre belonging to Ipswich, Omega quickly gained the advantage, due to defensive team work and pressure from GD, Sammie and GK, Phoebe lead to an interception to go to goal. This was the first of 3 conversions in a row from Omega leading to 6 goals in a row to open the final quarter. Ipswich were getting desperate for the ball and gave our attack a battle with GD getting warned for dangerous play but our attack stood strong and continued to stay confident with GS, Charlotte even impressing Paul, the Omega Coach,  with a dummy pass to GA, Emma to gain a goal.

Every Omega player wanted the ball and wanted to keep the ball safe by playing it smartly down the court, mixing up techniques and always communicating together and encouraging each other on. You wouldn’t be able to tell there were 2 new/ returning players on court in defence who right from the start worked well together. Smiles all round for 1st game in division 2 with a 68 – 30 final score, however we know next time we come up against Ipswich they will be fighting for it.

Big thanks to all the supporters who came to cheer on Omega at the game and even new addition Jesse, only a few weeks old!

Youths vs Allenburys – Saturday 18th March 2017

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Youths vs Allenburys 18th March 2017

Some great team spirit displayed today by the Omega Youths, who as usual, are warming up as I arrive, showing great enthusiasm.   The coaches select the starting team and they take the court for the first half of the game, with the line-up to start the game being:-

GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Lauren Ahern, WA – Faye Bellas, C – Neave Parsons, WD – Emma Lack, GD – Lauren Lee, GK – Charlotte O’Riordan

They show some great potential.   Some good linking midcourt and a slight change to the usual shooting combination with Lauren taking the GA position and Ellie in GS sees improved positioning and drive in the attack play.

Neave leaves the court after the first quarter due to a niggling injury and Holly replaces her, taking the centre position.  In this first half of the game, the team are more aware of their space and work hard to drive towards the ball to support their team mates.   The defence have a tough job in the circle, against an extremely tall shooter and experienced goal attack, who is skilled at the inter-circle passing.

A change to the whole team at half time, with the line up for the second half being:-

GS – Maisie Mizon, GA – Yasmin Rogers, WA – Holly Bennett, C – Louise Merrick, WD – Jodie Gill, GD – Millie Spires, GK – Jodie Wood

The team settle into their positions well, having replaced their team-mates for the 2nd half of the game.  They take time to think about their passing and positioning as they work the ball into the circle for their shooters to convert into the valued goals.  The defence again have a difficult task against the experienced players, but achieve some great interceptions, winning possession of the ball for their team.

Throughout the game, the whole squad demonstrated much more controlled play, thinking about their pass, movement and positioning.  Some players are beginning to read the game, whilst others picked up some loose balls, resulting in some good steals from their opposition.

A big thank you to the opposition, Allenburys, for great sportsmanship and for giving advise to our Youths during the game.

Coming closer to the end of the winter season and the Omega Youths are showing definite signs of progress and some great potential.  The game today tested out the selections made for the two core teams, to help the coaches, Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown confirm the squads,  which were announced to the Youths at the end of the game.  The future of the teams looks promising!