Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 27th October 2018

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Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 on Saturday 27th October 2018 - Herts League Div 1

Today, Omega 2  meet Turnford 4 who are 2 places above them on the Division table.   For the 1st time this season, Omega have 9 players at the game, so a rota for the game play in preparation.  The opposition are very tall and have a player who usually plays Premier League, still playing in defense for the team, so Omega realise this will be a tough game.  As an umpire fails to appear for the game, Carole Titmuss is asked to umpire to allow the game to go ahead.  Omega accept this decision as the only other option is for Andrea Kinninmonth to drop from our defence to do it, but we are already short in this area of the court.

Umpire, Nikki starts the game with Omega take the opening centre pass and the opening goal of the game.  Turnford are first to take a lead as Omega attempt to feed overhead balls to our shooters, but the Turnford defenders are tall and manage to take possession.  The game is close in the opening quarter, with neither team able to make a break to take a clear lead.  The court play from both teams is matched, as is the accuracy of the shooting.   The quarter ends with Turnford having a 1-goal lead and a score of 15-14 to them.

The first change to the squad sees Molly Brett take the WD position from her sister, Ruby and for the 1st time this season, Emma Faulkner taking the court, picking up the WA position from Leanne Mansfield.   The team are reminded to not be tempted with overheads into our shooters and to play the ball safely in.   The team return to court, ready to fight for the game and this they succeed in doing.   The team are composed as they control the ball down the court and a couple of intercepted balls helps us turn the game.  The final few seconds of the 1st half of the game and it’s Omega’s centre pass.  Aware of the limited time, Omega attack are quick to pass the ball into GS,  Hannah Brown, who secures the goal just on the whistle, giving Omega a 1 goal advantage to go into the 2nd half, with a score of 30-29 to Omega.

The decision at half time is to go off rota, to allow the team to settle and progress their lead.    The 3rd quarter continues to see some great play from both teams, but Omega has the edge and manage to win possession of the ball from their opposition more, managing to increase the lead by 8 goals, however Turnford fight back hard, clawing back the goals to equalise 38-38 with only a few minutes remaining of the quarter.    Omega up their game for the remaining time, preventing their opposition from scoring further goals and a deja vu moment occurs….with less than 15 seconds on the clock, it’s Omega’s centre pass and once again, the attack succeed in getting the ball safely to Hannah, who secures the goal on the whistle.

The final quarter and the team are up by 5 goals with a score of 43-38.  Emma Faulkner takes the bench once more and Leanne returns to WA.  Ruby opts to remain on the bench, to avoid too many changes.  The team talk about the fact that the lead they have only took a couple of minutes to gain and are fully aware that their opposition could do the same to steal the game in the final quarter.   The team return to court, ready to play safe and the quarter starts.   This quarter sees our shooters being called for contact on 4 occassions,  yet throughout the rest of the game they have not been called for this infringement!  This is a game changer for the teams as 4 contact calls allows Turnford to secure these 4 goals from our attack play and also score 4 on their own centre pass, giving them the lead they need, which they succeed in doing.   The team are disheartened with the calls made against them which they feel are unjust.  These infringement decisions cost Omega the game as Turnford steal it with a final score of 51-56 to Turnford.

Omega look forward to the return match, with the aim of evening the result.




Omega 1 vs Rookies

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Omega 1 vs Rookies on Sunday 21st October 2018

The game got off to a rocky start. Omega had the first centre pass, but get a held ball at the circle. Omega win the ball back again to score. Rookies take their centre pass, an interception by C, Lucy Hoskin, see Omega take the ball down court with some great links by all. A miss by GA, Natalie Faal, means Rookies take the ball to score. Tight marking by Omega’s defence forces Rookies to throw the ball of the sideline. Omega Equalise 2-2. GS, Charlotte Jordan, misses the next shot and Rookies score from it. Omega then lose their centre pass as Rookies WD makes an interception, and they score. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, tips a feed into the circle by Rookies and GK, Phoebe Gillen, picks it up but the ball is lost again at Omega’s circle edge. Rookies then miss a shot; Phoebe picks up the rebound. The ball is lost again on a pass between Charlotte and Lucy across the circle. Rookies try to get the ball back the their GS, but Phoebe makes another interception. The ball makes it to Omega’s circle edge, but a feed in is fumbled. Rookies take the free pass and end that little back and forth tennis match with a goal. WD, Hannah Sell, picks up a loose ball but it is thrown away by Omega meaning Rookies score another goal. Tight marking by Omega on the next centre pass, and Rookies throw the ball off court. Omega use this and score. In the last 25 seconds Rookies take a centre pass, but Omega can’t stop another goal. Omega are down 10-12 at the end of the first quarter.

Omega starts the 2nd quarter. A throw from GS, Charlotte Jordan goes straight into the hands of the Rookies WD. Fortunately the WD goes offside and Omega get the ball back, but it is immediately intercepted by the Rookies GD. Rookies GS misses. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets the rebound, a lob into the circle by WA, Megan Pryde, is intercepted and Rookies score again. A pass from Omega’s C, Sophie Cockrill, is tipped, but Megan picks up the loose ball, the ball is lost again and Rookies score again. Rookies make an error trying to get the ball into the circle and it goes off the backline. Omega uses this opportunity to take a goal. Omega makes an interception in defence, but go on to make the same error as Rookies and a feed into the circle goes off the backline and Rookies go on to score. Megan goes offside feeding into the circle and Rookies get another chance to score, they miss and GK, Phoebe Gillen, gets the rebound. Footwork by Charlotte sees the ball coming back to Rookies circle, but Leigh intercept a feed into the shooters, GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies end up taking the goal. Rookies lose the opportunity to score when their GS uses the post to stop her falling off court, and Omega score. A great feed from Natalie in mid court to Charlotte in the circle means Omega scores another goal. Two good feeds from Megan to Charlotte gain Omega another two goals. A Rookies error on the goal line and a shot from Natalie scores Omega another but goal, but its not enough and Omega are still down 23-27 at half time.

Rookies start the 3rd quarter and score. Omega lose the ball as GS, Charlotte Jordan back passes and WD, Sophie Cockrill, contacts. But Omega wins back the ball to score. GK, Phoebe Gillen, intercepts a feed in to the shooters but it is wasted as the ball goes off our goal line. WA, Megan Pryde intercepts mid court but again it is lost at the circle edge. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets pulled for contact, but Omega still goes on to score. Sophie picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe gets a rebound but the ball is lost mid court with a pass by C, Lucy Hoskin. Lucy then picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe intercepts the ball with 5 minutes to go and Omega equalise 33-33. Rookies WA receives a caution for persistent contact. Rookies intercept a back pass from GA, Natalie Faal and they score. A bad pass and an intercepted centre pass see Rookies take 2 more goals. Omega are still down at the end of the quarter 35-37.

Omega starts the final quarter well. GS, Charlotte Jordan, scores a goal with a throw off the post from the back line. GK, Phoebe Gillen makes an interception and Omega score again. 4 minutes in an omega have equalised 40-40. Omega takes the next centre pass but Charlotte misses for the lead. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds gets a rebound. Rookies GD gets a caution for persistent contact and Omega score. WD, Sophie Cockrill picks up a wild pass and Omega score again. Rookies GK is given a warning. GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies take the ball to score. Leigh is then given a caution for persistent contact. With 4 minutes to go Omega take a 1 goal lead. Rookies GS goes off court with a bad pass and Omega take advantage of this. A bad pass is stolen back by Sophie and taken to goal. After being behind for the whole match Omega come away with a 52-49 win and some very relieved spectators.

Omega 2 vs AFN Comets – Saturday 20th September 2018

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Omega 2 vs AFN NC 2 - Saturday 20th October 2018

Midway game through the first round of games and Omega 2 meet AFN Comets.  So far, both teams have won and lost games, so the game could go either way.  A core seven players for Omega for the game so fitness is key.

Comets start the game, but Omega are on form and steal possession to take the first goal.  The first quarter saw some great play from Omega with on-target shooting, from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry, coupled with some superb feeds from C, Molly Brett and WA, Leanne Mansfield Hannah  positions herself well in the circle.  The accuracy with shooting is matched by Comets and the 1st quarter goes goal for goal, but Omega fight hard to take a lead, succeeding by the end of the 1st quarter, taking a 2 goal lead with a score of 15-13 to go into the 2nd quarter.

Comets return to the game determined as Omega start the play.   They set up a zone-defence down court and Omega struggle to break through it.   As soon as we win over the ball from  our opposition, it is short-lived as we lack the drive and movement to take the ball down court.  Omega score 10 goals this quarter, whereas Comets manage at further 50%, allowing them to claw back the lead.  The final few seconds and Omega take note of the time as Comets error on their centre pass and Omega succeed in taking the ball down court to Hannah, who is contacted by Comet’s GK on the whistle. The pressure is on for Hannah, but her accuracy pays off as she ends the 1st half with a goal.  However, Comets have stolen this quarter, increasing their lead by half time, with a score of 28-25.

GK, Andrea Kinninmonth and GD, Claire Statham swap positions this quarter, in an attempt to change dynamics in the defence circle,  but Comets find their shooters with great feeds from the circle as the shooters hold for a near-post ball and punish Omega at every opportunity.   Comets steal many a ball as once again, they apply pressure mid-court with their zone-defence tactic and as per quarter 2, any turnover Omega achieve, is handed straight back to Comets.   Comets extend their lead throughout the quarter scoring double the goals of Omega, as we struggle to take the ball to goal and our heads drop.  The score going into the final quarter is 46-34 to AFN Comets.

A final stab at changing the game dynamics, sees majority of the team changing positions, with Hannah moving to GK, Sophie moving to GS, Ruby Brett moving from WD to GA, Molly from C to WD and Claire taking the C position.   A radical change, but with 12 goals to make up, it’s worth a go.  Unfortunately, the changes are not enough to take hold and Comets extend the lead further.

A good effort from Omega, but Comets prove too strong an opposition on the day.   The final score of the game being 59-39 to AFN Comets.

Omega 1 vs Hatfield Hawks – Saturday 13th October 2018

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Omega 1 vs Hatfield Hawks on Saturday 13th October 2018

The second game of the season saw our first team host the well established Hatfield NC at home. With the full squad unavailable, support was given from Nicola Rantell, Charlotte Ramejkis and Molly Brett. A nervous squad to start, but determined as ever to fight for a result.

The first quarter saw a new squad enter the court. The first centre pass taken by Hatfield saw an unforced error, with Omega responding to this and taking to goal. Unfortunately a miss saw Hatfield’s fierce defence take the rebound, and convert the goal. A returned unforced error of ball dropping on Omega’s account saw Hatfield steal the pass, but an interception by WD, Hannah Sell, with a pass into Charlotte Jordan, GS, and working with attack help them to convert the goal.

Hatfield attack again, and tight defence was demonstrated by Omega’s GK, Leigh Rees-Reynolds and GD, Claire Daw, with a tip by Leigh. Constant pressure by defence causes multiple shot attempts, with an eventual goal for Hatfield. Defensive attack play by Hatfield pressures interceptions made by Leigh, but finally converted to goal by Omega. End of quarter sees Omega leading 11-8.

2nd quarter and no squad changes from Omega. This quarter sees 3 clean interceptions from Leigh (GK) and Claire Daw (GD), giving the support to the Omega attack. Hatfield’s defence again pressure the Omega shooters throughout, with their GK forcing Omega’s errors. A bounce pass from GA to GS sees Omega lose possession and Hatfield convert to goal. Some unforced errors on Omega’s part with reverse possession, and hesitation at goal give Hatfield an opening to goal. Defence stay strong to pressure down court. Great defensive tip from Nicola Rantell, C, in Hatfield’s attacking third adds the pressure and is taken towards Omega’s attack. 2 seconds to go and Omega C passes into shooters and goal is scored. Omega keeps showing fight until the whistle with a final quarter score of 24-20.

3rd quarter and Hatfield come on fighting, with volume from their bench heightening. Hatfield take first centre with the goal pressured by Claire, and rebound won by Leigh. Ball is taken down court but unfortunately lost. Similar defence sees Omega take to the shooters via Sophie Cockrill, WA, to convert goal. With pressures rising, Leigh picks up caution in defensive circle. Unforced errors on both accounts sees play reverse the court with eventual conversion by Hatfield. Omega C picks up caution for deliberate obstruction. A forced pass into double marked Charlotte Jordan, GS, is luckily taken off court by GD and Omega take back line. Hatfield react to the spectator support and take the quarters lead, 33-32.

After a team talk and squad changes; Megan Pryde taking WD and Hannah Sell playing WA, Omega return to court full of fight. Constant support from spectators gives Omega the boost needed. Omega start the quarter with equalising goal by Charlotte. Unfortunately opportunity to take the lead is lost, but regained with interception from Leigh, followed by long pass from Hannah directly to Charlotte and converted to goal. Omega continue to apply pressure throughout the court, although Hatfield defence continue to apply pressure and Omega miss a shot. ‘Dummy passes’ see Omega’s attacking feed improve to Natalie and Charlotte. Leigh and Megan continue to support up the court allowing possessive play and control into Omega circle. Omega attack tightly defend back line pass, forcing over third pass. Leigh takes another interception taken to goal with final few seconds remaining. Forced pass from Omega’s shooters sees Hatfield take possession and the final goal. Final score: 44-39.

A great performance from both squads, and a greatly contested game in good spirit. Continual support from both teams spectators saw the energetic game from both squads. Omega’s defence of Leigh Rees-Reynolds and Claire Daw supports the squad throughout to take the win. POM goes to Charlotte Jordan (Omega) and Sophie Welsh (Hatfield).

Omega 1 vs Turnford – Saturday 6th October 2018

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East Region, Div 1 game on 6th October 2018

The first Division 1 game ever in the East Region League for Omega and we meet local team Turnford who finished runners up in the league at the end of last season.  Omega were nervous for their first game after gaining the promotion last season.  A newly formed team, with Emma Maidment and Lucy Andrews both out, imminently expecting their 2nd child each and some of the new squad not available.

Turnford start the game and a great steal from Omega’s WA, Sophie Cockrill mid-court sees Omega taking the first goal…an unexpected start to the game which gives Omega an early boost.  Turnford loose a centre pass, but Omega fail to maintain possession as the Turnford GD reads the game well and intercepts the ball before it reaches our shooters.  Omega’s GK,  Phoebe Gillen returns the favour as she is next to steal the ball as Turnford attempt to pass at the shooting circle edge and Omega take the ball down court but loose it again on a feed to our GS.   GA, Natalie Faal intercepts a Turnford Centre pass and takes it to her circle partner, GS, Charlotte Jordan, who converts the goal.  Another intercept by Phoebe is quickly lost with a replay of the ball mid-court.  Omega fight goal for goal and at an equal 5-5 score, the Turnford WA footworks to give Omega an opportunity to take the lead, but this is short-lived as WA, Sophie Cockrill is called for a held ball as the shooters are hidden behind their players.    Tight Omega defence sees Turnford struggle to feed their shooters in the same vein and another held ball call allows Omega the opportunity to take to goal but once again the Turnford GD reads it well and intercepts.     Phoebe steals yet another ball from the Turnford shooters, but as soon as it’s taken, it’s given straight back.  In the final 30 seconds of the quarter, Turnford C goes offside in their shooting circle and Omega take to goal, followed by the final Omega centre pass, which we loose as Charlotte contacts the Turnford defence under the post, leaving the score 11-8 in Turnford’s favour.

Turnford make some errors at the start of the second quarter and Omega succeed in converting the goals to punish their opposition, allowing them to equalise.  However some poor passing in our attacking third takes away the chance of taking the lead, giving possession to Turnford who capitalise on the errors and are the ones to take a 2 goal lead. Turnford’s GS is called for contact on a couple of occasions this quarter and Omega take advantage of one occasion, but miss the shot on the second occasion and Turnford take the rebound and take the ball to goal.   A dropped ball in the Omega shooting circle sees the ball swiftly finding the Turnford attacking circle, but they miss the shot and GD, Claire Daw claims the rebound.  Possession is brief as Turnford intercept, but ownership for them is also short-lived as Phoebe once again wins possession.  Omega take it to their shooting circle once more, but again loose it and Turnford take the goal.   A better second quarter for Omega as they win the quarter 14-12, leaving the score at 22-23 to Turnford going into the second half.

The final centre pass of the 2nd quarter is a deja-vue experience from the earlier Omega 2 vs Watford game, where the opposition are slow at returning to the centre circle for the final centre pass as the final few seconds remain on the clock and once again, Omega are expecting a ‘delayed play’ call, but once again, it is not given and Turnford start the 3rd quarter.   A held ball call against Turnfords GA gives possession to Omega, but the shot is missed and Turnford take ownership and score the goal.  GD, Claire Daws intercepts for Omega, giving back opportunity for goals for her team.  Turnford centre pass is lost as Omega apply pressure and the ball goes off the side line.  Omega take advantage of possession, taking the ball to their shooting circle but a pass between their GA and GS manages to end up out of court, crossing the goal line.    More strong defence applied by Omega sees Turnford throw the ball off their goal line and Omega succeed in stealing a goal and taking a 2 goal lead 5 minutes into the quarter, but Omega loose a centre pass, allowing Turnford to equalise and take the lead again.    Omega’s WA picks up a caution for persistent offside this quarter and Turnford increase their lead to 5 goals by the end of the quarter.

Omega start the final quarter, but fail to keep possession, however Turnford loose the ball with an over third pass.   A good minute and a half into the final quarter and the first goal is scored by Omega, thanks to an interception won by Claire Daws.    A clean steal of the ball by WD, Molly Brett gives Omega another opportunity and GA, Nat Faal rewards with a goal.    A loose ball is chased by Nat, which she passes back to Claire Daw at the traverse line, but with two Turnford players on her, Turnford steal the ball and the goal.   Turnford maintain a 4 goal lead with under 7 minutes of the game remaining.  Omega make many minor errors at this point, which prove costly and allow Turnford to increase the lead.   The game ends with a final score of 41-49 to Turnford.

A great first game for a newly formed Omega team in their first ever Division one game in the East Region League, particularly against an established opposition.   The team gave their opposition a great game, fighting for the game throughout and keeping it close right up to the final quarter, so a game and result they can be proud of.  A big thanks to Molly Brett and Nicola Rantell who had already played the earlier Herts County League game and also to Charlotte Ramejkis for coming along as reserve.



Regional Squad 2018/19 Season

Fantastic first season in East Region, Division 1, achieving 3rd on the table! Also the winners of division 1 of the St Albans Indoor League for the 2nd year running!


Herts County League Squad 2019/2020

A slow start to the season but a strong finish, landing the team 4th place in Herts Div 1 league and maintaining their status in the Harlow League in their first year in Division 1!


Local League Squad

A good first year together, winning games we thought we couldn't and loosing some we shouldn't!


Regional Squad 2018/19 Season

Fantastic first season in East Region, Division 1, achieving 3rd on the table! Also the winners of division 1 of the St Albans Indoor League for the 2nd year running!


Herts County League Squad 2019/2020

A slow start to the season but a strong finish, landing the team 4th place in Herts Div 1 league and maintaining their status in the Harlow League in their first year in Division 1!


Local League Squad

A good first year together, winning games we thought we couldn't and loosing some we shouldn't!

Omega 2 vs Watford Premier – Saturday 6th Oct 2018

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Herts League game 6th 0ct 2018

Today, Omega 2 meet Watford Premier in Herts League, division 1.  Both teams were promoted from division 2 last season and so far, Watford Prem have yet to loose a game, sitting top of the table, whereas Omega are sitting sixth.   A key game for Omega, with our usual GA, Sophie Humphry flying off on holiday today, the team know it’s likely to be a struggle.

Watford start the game and Nicola steals the ball, allowing Omega to take the first goal.   Our centre pass is next and GA, Ruby Brett and GS, Hannah Brown chase a loose ball , but a fumble on the ball sees it going out of court and possession given to Watford, but C, Nicola Rantell is quick to intercept the ball and a feed to Ruby sees her convert the 2nd goal.  Omega take the opening 3 goals, but Omega allow Watford a goal as a high ball from Nicola to Ruby into the circle goes off the goal line and Watford punish the error.  Solid ball marking by GD, Claire Statham sees her tip the ball, which is picked up by Nicola and steady linking of the ball down court by all players, finding Hannah in GS rewarding the team with the goal.  The opening quarter sees some great circle work from WA, Leanne Mansfield and Nicola, feeding the safe ball into the shooters.  Watford equalise by mid quarter with a score of 8-8 and both teams are up for the win.  Omega take a slight lead once more,  but an error with a centre pass not received allows Watford to equalise once more.   A replay of the ball by Nicola around our circle edge, gives Watford  possession but their C is called for contact and Omega punish.  A clean steal from WD, Molly Brett and another attempt for goal for Omega, but we fail to keep possession, but Watford’s WA contacts Molly mid-court and with 13 seconds remaining on the clock, Molly feeds a superb ball straight in to  Hannah who secures the final goal of the quarter giving Omega a 1 goal advantage to go into the 2nd quarter 14-13.

Omega start the 2nd quarter, but the Watford WD intercepts the ball to take ownership, which is short lived as Molly steals the ball straight back for the goal.  Omega take an early lead of 3 goals with a score of 18-15 just over 3 minutes into the quarter.  This quarter sees some solid positioning by Hannah in the circle and accurate feeds from the attack, but Watford fight back and the lead swaps over.  Watford’s WA footworks giving Omega a chance to claw back a goal, but the ball is lost as we try to feed our shooters, however great reading of the game by Nicola sees her winback the ball and the 2nd opportunity is grasped by Omega.  A further error by the opposition sees Watford’s GS ball handle and once again Omega take the goal.  With a remaining 2.56 on the clock, Omega equalise  and tight defence by Omega sees Watford’s C being pulled for 3 seconds, allowing Omega a chance to take the lead again, but a falter mid court, looses possession of the ball.   The play continues and with the final minute remaining, Claire intercepts the ball in the Watford shooting circle and this time, Omega take the lead on the goal.  Omega’s centre pass and with a bit of tooing and froing, Omega manage to hold on enough to take another goal, leaving 7 seconds for the Watford centre pass.  Watford centre takes her time getting back to the circle and steps in as the whistle is blown and Omega are expecting a delayed play call to start the second half of the game.

Surprisingly, Watford are not penalised for delayed play and they start the second half, taking the first goal.  Omega fluff the next centre pass, allowing Watford to equalise yet again and with the next centre pass theirs, Watford take the lead.  A contact call by the Watford GS gives possession to Omega, but possession is lost again with a replay call.  Watford take it back to their GS, but she misses the shot and GK, Louise Cousins takes the rebound, the team steady the play down court and Hannah rewards with the goal.   A mishap with confusion over player movement at centre pass, sees Watford intercept and score the goal.  This allows them to step up the lead to 3 goals…a repeating toing and froing of the lead.  Watford’s GK picks up a caution for persistent contact and Omega’s passing become frantic this quarter.  Watford’s WA contacts on their centre pass as the score is once again equal at 36-36 giving the lead right back to Omega as they score 2 consecutive goals, but it’s short lived as Watford claw back to equalise.  Watford’s GD calls time for injury and a substitution is made.  As the play restarts, Nicola reads the game and steals the ball and Omega capitalise.  More footwork errors by both sides see the ball possession changing and in the final seconds,  Watford make an attempt at finding their shooter for goal, but lob the ball off the goal line as the whistle is blown.

The score going into the final quarter is 42-39 to Omega and neither team are ready to concede the game.  Watford have the advantage of starting the quarter and take the first goal as both Omega defence are pulled for obstruction.   Tight defence forces Watford to throw the ball off the sideline and Omega steal a goal.  Watford close the lead to 2 goals and Omega loose their centre pass, which is not received mid court, allowing Watford to close the lead by a further goal before equalising on their next centre pass.   Omega loose their heads for the next minute or two and Watford take advantage,  increasing the lead to 3 goals, but a held ball by Watford WA and Omega take the opportunity to secure a goal.   Omega fluff another centre pass but tighten up their defence down-court, forcing errors on Watford allowing them to claw back a couple of goals with a score of 51-50 to Watford.  A held ball by Watford’s C and Omega have the opportunity to equalise but they loose the ball mid court with poor passing.   We somehow claw back the equaliser and with 45 seconds remaining in the game, Omega have a 1-goal lead.   They hold on to the lead, ending the game 56-55 to Omega.

A game that could have gone either way with a constant battle for the lead.  A tense and exciting game to watch, ending with a well deserved win for Omega 2, never tiring and fighting to the bitter end.   Fantastic result, beating the top of the table, who had not conceded a game this season, until today!  A big thank you to Claire Daw and Andrea Kinninmonth for coming over as reserves and to Charlotte Jordan for stepping up last minute to score for the team.