NEW Affiliation Process via Engage

England Netball Association have changed the way they affiliate members from this season.  You now need to perform the affiliation yourself following the attached procedure, using the ENgage system.

Affiliation process for Senior Members

Ordering Omega Kit

The supplier of the official Omega Kit is ‘Prosportskit UK’, based in Stansted Abbotts.  Kit is ordered directly with them by accessing the ‘Omega’ page under the ‘Club Shop’ section of their website, or  click here for the direct link.

Club Policies

Data Privacy Policy

Omega will require to hold some personal data about its members and the family members of those under 18 years of age.  To identify the data held and what Omega use this for, how they store it and also the obligations Omega Netball Club need to abide by, please review our Data Privacy Policy document.

Omega Data Privacy Policy (pdf)

Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please email our representative, Lisa Short at

Codes of Conduct

Omega Netball Club members are expected to adhere to the codes of conduct as set out by England Netball Association.  Each member and volunteer will be expected to read, sign and adhere to the code of conduct, relevant to their role in the Club.  All of these forms can be downloaded from the CAPS website at

Safeguarding Policy

Omega Netball Club follows the Safeguarding Policy as defined by England Netball Association, which can be accessed at

All Club personnel who are involved with the Junior members, are DBS checked as required by this policy.  Our Safeguarding Representative has also attended the ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport’ and ‘Time to Listen’ courses and is fully aware of the reporting procedures recommended for handling Safeguarding concerns.

All safeguarding correspondence for our Club should be emailed to central mailbox of ‘’.  Anything that is sent to this mailbox will be reviewed and addressed in line with the policy, by our Safeguarding Representative, Abby English.

Welfare and Equity Statements

Omega Netball Club follows the Equity Policy as defined by England Netball Association, which can be accessed at:-