Omega 2 vs Hornets – Sunday 19th Feb 2017

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Omega 2 Squad

The rematch between Omega 2 and Hornets and having lost the game the first time round, Omega were keen to even the score, with all 10 squad players making an appearance for the game.  Tight defence in the 1st quarter by GK, Louise Cousins, GD Lindsey Light and WD Molly Brett, intercepting and winning the ball 9 times between them allowing Omega several additional opportunities to score, but many errors on the attack with force the feed and bad passing, counteract this.  However Omega hold create a 5 goal lead by end of the quarter with the score at 14-9.

A change in the Omega attack at quarter time and the team take the court, but Hornets are on the fight back.  Omega’s defence is not quite as strong this quarter and Hornets shooters are very accurate and they begin to close the gap in the scores.    The errors continue in the Omega attacking play and the game is scrappy, which Hornets take advantage of.  They close the gap by half time to just 1 goal, with the score 21-20 to go into the 2nd half of the game.

At half time, Omega make some team changes in an attempt to change the team dynamics, changing Julie Stanbridge into GK, Claire Statham into GD and also allowing WA, Leanne Dickens to leave the court through illness, replaced by Queenie Pearce.   Not so many errors, with more controlled play in this quarter and the defence tightening once more.  Omega finally settle into the game, but Hornets match them goal for goal until the final few minutes, when Omega take a lead of 3 goals to end the quarter 39-36.

Bringing Leanne back on to court for the final quarter having rested a quarter, to replace GA, Anna Rogers, the rest of the team remain the same to avoid too many changes to a team that has started to change the game.   Hornets return to court not ready to concede the game.  In this final quarter, many balls are lost once again on the Omega attack play and Hornets punish them by converting every error into goals with accurate shooting.  Omega’s heads drop as they see Hornets taking and increasing the lead.  The score at the end of the game is 47-41 to Hornets.  A disappointing result for the Omega team, but all is not lost as they retain their top of the table place.  A tough match next, with the team facing Crosskeys, who are 2nd to Omega on the league table.

Omega 1 vs Christchurch – 18th February 2017

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Omega 1 vs Christchurch

Only three more fixtures to go and Omega are keen to hold on to their top slot on the table, so know this is a key game.  The first centre pass is Christchurch’s but strong defence from GK, Hannah Lok, reading and intercepting the feed into the opposition circle allows Omega to start well, with accurate shooting from GA, Emma Maidment converting the 1st 2 goals with ease.  The whole team work well together all down the court, both linking the passes on the attack play and turning the game over on several occasions.  The score at the end of the 1st quarter giving Omega a great lead at 16-6 in their favour.

The second quarter sees Omega starting a little frantic, they loose their discipline and do not play their usual game, allowing Christchurch to take advantage of their mistake, with equal amount of goals scored by both teams.  But Omega settle back into their play by the 2nd half of the quarter and 3 great interceptions by WD, Claire Daws sees the quarter turn-around.  Omega consider their passing and control their play.  We begin to see some great dodging once again by WA, Sophie Cockrill and GA, Emma Maidment, fantastic feeds from C, Lucy Andrews and strong movement in the circle by GS, Charlotte Jordan as they settle back into the game and steadily building on their lead, with the score at 32-16 by the end of the quarter, ending with Omega holding on to the centre pass as the buzzer goes.

The 3rd quarter starts and it should be Omega centre pass, but somehow,  it goes to Christchurch!  Omega put on the defensive pressure and intercept the ball from Christchurch but swiftly give it back.  They intercept it again, but fail to hold on to it.  Christchurch GA seems to have her eye in in this quarter and punishes Omega, closing the gap.  Some fantastic defending in Omega Circle by GD, Hannah Sell, winning the ball for Omega on several occasions but Omega once again loose their discipline with the ball and loose the quarter 9-12, leaving the score 41-28 to go into the final quarter.

A motivational team chat during the quarter, but both team captains are called to the umpires who express concern and unease with late challenges and ask both teams to be more cautious.   The teams take the court and Omega are ready to give their all for the final quarter.  Once again, some superb defending in the circle by Omega’s defence giving more opportunities to the team to increase their goals.  The attack worked well together with more considered passing and controlled play.  This coupled with the strong defence, gives Omega many more opportunities to convert the goals, which they take advantage of, once again increasing their lead and ending the game 56-35.  A well fought game by both teams, with Christchurch never giving up throughout the game and fighting hard to punish Omega at every opportunity.

Omega 2 vs Hatfield Phoenix – 12th February 2017

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Omega B’s turn out with a bare 7 players and a reserve on the bench from the C’s as a failsafe.  Knowing this would be a tough, close game, Omega were fraught in their play with miss-timed jumps and attempts at one-handed catching, many mistakes allowed Phoenix to take a quick lead of 4-2 in the first few minutes.  An interception by C, Lisa Short which was finished off with a goal by GA, Anna Rogers and followed by another goal from the next centre pass brought the game back to level scores.  The game was neck and neck, but Omega slowly gained composure.  A fantastic feed from WA, Leanne Dickens into GS, Hannah Brown, completed with a scored goal, meant Omega taking the lead.  Omega defence, GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Claire Statham and WD, Molly Brett worked hard to keep Omega in the game, with each winning possession from the opposition in an attempt to turn the game around.  A simple error with a foul-throw and Phoenix capitalised on this error, punishing Omega by levelling the score, but Omega continued to put the pressure on, ending the first quarter 13-11 in their favour.

Once again in the 1st half of the 2nd quarter, Omega’s play is frantic.  So many silly, simple errors gave Phoenix the chance they needed to own the game, levelling the scores at 16-16.   The game continues with levelling scores throughout the quarter.  Another interception by Lisa give Omega the opportunity to take the lead, but they fail to capitalise on this advantage and the quarter ends 22-21 to Phoenix.

The start of the 3rd quarter and the first 3 goals of the quarter are Omega’s, due to one of many steals from Molly on Hatfield’s centre pass.  Unfortunately, the next 2 goals are Phoenix’s, levelling the score once again. Omega dig deep in this quarter and the feeds from Leanne into Hannah result in Omega taking and increasing the lead throughout the quarter.  Phoenix look like they’re becoming disheartened as Omega keep working hard to take control of the game.  This was Omega’s quarter for sure and they increase their lead by 7 goals by the end of the quarter, with a score of 49-42.

The final quarter and Phoenix are not ready to give up the game.  They come back hard at Omega closing the gap slowly, but Omega are hungry for the win.  They maintain their composure to the end and although Phoenix won the quarter by one goal, Omega prevented them gaining 3 points on the league table,  holding on to a 6 goal lead to end the game 49-43.

A huge thank you goes to Emma Faulkner, who supported the team by sitting on the bench as a failsafe to cover those on court who had suffered with injury this week (and for sharing the agony of watching the closely fought team!)

Omega 2 vs Hatfield Doves – Sunday 5th February 2017

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The start of the game and Omega 2 have a sloppy start, with many simple errors made throughout the court, which Hatfield Doves are quick to capitalise on.  Some great feeds from mid court to the shooters and fantastic linking by GA, Leanne Dickens helps the play, but some accurate shooting by GS Hannah Brown, coupled with some solid reactions from Omega’s defence, Lindsey Light, Julie Stanbridge and Molly Brett, picking up some loose balls and rebounds allow Omega to remain in the game by the end of the quarter with Hatfield Doves taking a 2 goal lead.

12-14 to Doves going into the 2nd quarter and once again many silly mistake are made by Omega, forcing the pass, not meeting the ball and mis-timed movement, allowing Doves into the game.   The Omega defenders work hard, intercepting the passes and winning rebounds to give the team more chances to take control, but the team fail to maintain the ball to allow the much needed goals to be converted.  They fight hard to stay in the game, closing Doves’ lead to just 1 goal by half time, leaving the score 26-27 going into the 2nd half.

A team change at half time, results in WA Queenie Pearce leaving the court, replaced by Anna Rogers and a switch of GD and GK in  an attempt to change the team dynamics.  A strong team talk from the coach and the team return to court ready to fight for the game.  Although some improved play is seen, Omega win very little from Doves, with only one interception by C, Lisa Short and Doves prove tough to crack as they continue to pressure the Omega team and once again they increase their lead, this time by 6 goals by end of the 3rd quarter, with a score of 41-47 to Doves.

Hatfield try a team change in the final quarter and Omega try once more to change the team dynamics, with Louise Cousins taking over the GK position from Lindsey Light.  Omega are not ready to concede the game and mean business in the final quarter.  The changes made prove to be in Omega’s favour and they steadily close the gap in scores.  With minutes to the end of the game, Omega take their first lead, but this is quick lived as Hatfield score an equaliser.  The game continues with Omega taking a lead and the following Doves centre pass resulting in the equaliser.  Omega have a final chance to take the lead, but fail and Hatfield take advantage in the final minute, ending the game 55-54 to Doves.

A well fought game and great come-back by the Omega team.  They maintain their top table position and focus on the next game against Hatfield Phoenix on the 12th February.

Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers – Sat 4th Feb 2017

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Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers - home game

Omega were geared up for their return match against Hereward Harriers, all kitted out in their new dresses, courtesy of the sponsorship the Club has been awarded by ‘The College Arms’, Hertford Heath and ‘Jackson Fletcher Ltd – Building Services’…a big thank you to both from the Club.

A motivational talk from Coach, Paul Kenny and Captain, Emma Maidment and they take the court,  knowing they have a lot to prove after their previous performance and what a difference in the play!  The team were determined to get back into the Omega way of playing and focussed well in the first quarter, lining the court when the defence intercepted, controlling their play right into the shooting circle.  The linking of the passing down court is spot on and finished off with superb shooting from both GA, Emma Maidment and GS, Charlotte Jordan.   Two thirds of the way through the quarter and they have already taken control of the game and look like they are set to win it.  A sweet, distance shot from the top of the circle edge by Emma Maidment, kisses the net as the goal is scored.   A free pass to Omega deep in the centre third in the final seconds and WD, Hannah Sell spots that there are only 4 seconds to go, so goes for a final goal with a long ball straight into the circle to Charlotte, but the chance of the extra goal was not to be.   A great lead at the end of the quarter, with Omega winning 18-4.

The second quarter saw more superb teamwork throughout, with several rebounds won by GK, Claire Daws and GD, Hannah Lok, allowing more chances for the team.  This coupled with consistently great shooting by both Emma and Charlotte, fantastic support on the attacking circle edge from C, Lucy Andrews and WA, Sophie Cockrill,  meant an increased lead in this quarter, ending it 37 – 12 to Omega.

Harriers have made changes at half time, with their GA moving into the defence circle, their GK leaving the court and a new shooter coming on, but they have a lot of work to do.  A dummy, coupled with a good dodge resulted in an accurate feed from Lucy to Charlotte, taking the first goal of the 3rd quarter.  Some fantastic timing of her jump when marking the ball, sees Hannah Sell winning some well deserved balls to assist Omega with increasing their lead further.  Steady play by the Omega team results in errors being forced on Harriers and Omega taking advantage and scoring the goals.  The score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 55-23.

Omega persistently hunted the ball at every opportunity in the game and did not slacken this in the final quarter.   Excellent teamwork throughout, resulted in Harriers not being able to break the play down, but they fought hard to the end.   The final 6 seconds and it’s the final centre pass for Omega.  A feed straight into the circle to Charlotte and the final goal is scored just in time for the end of the game.  Omega consistently scored 18/19 goals each quarter, resulting in the final score being 74-30!  What a cracking game, with some loud support from start to finish from injured reserve, Andrea Kinninmonth.