Omega Youths vs Panthers – Saturday 2nd March 2019

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Youths vs Panthers 2nd March 2019

Omega Youths faced experience team Panthers in the Herts & District League at Wodson Park on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

Having worked on the defensive skills for the past four weeks, Omega were told to remember to tightly mark their player, 2-hand mark and delay the attacker from  moving forward with the aim of forcing errors and gaining as many interceptions as possible.

Although the first half of the game was not as tight as they should have been defensively, the team increased their pressure throughout the game, resulting in the defensive players, GD/GK, Millie Pickard and  Neave Parsons tipping the ball, intercepting the feeds and winning the rebounds consistently throughout the game to give their team the opportunity to increase their score.  WD, Rachel Toye was positioned well at the top of the circle enabling her to pick up the tipped balls from the defenders, securing more chances for the team.

On the other side of the court, the shooting from GA, Lauren Ahern was on form, achieving 70% conversion of her shots throughout the game and gaining 73% of the total goals scored for her team.  Her partner in crime, GS, Yasmin Rogers demonstrated great understanding of teamwork, swinging the ball from the circle edge, across to the supporting WA, Louise Merrick or C, Shannon Mooney, to feed Lauren into a better position for shooting.   The attack play worked really well at times in our shooting third, with some very good use of the circle edge players and feeds into the shooters, although on some occasions, some more thought was needed on the type of pass needed for the situation presented as several were intercepted by the tall Panthers defenders.

Although the team turned-over many a ball, their ability to hold on to it as they came down court was lacking, with the opposition reading the pass and intercepting it and Panthers took back the balls that Omega have won from them, making our turnovers, short-lived.

Some displays of great play were seen in this game, but also some things to work on such as reaction, alertness and speed. Likewise some work on understanding which pass suits the situation.

Omega Youths vs Bury – Saturday 23rd February 2019

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Omega Youths vs Bury Saturday 23rd February 2018

Omega Youths face experienced team, Bury in the Herts & District Local Netball League today.    The opening quarter saw some controlled play from Omega with matched court play and shooting from both teams.  A great interception by C, Shannon Mooney, who fed the ball straight to her GS, Yas Rogers to reward with the shot.   More interceptions by GD, Millie Spires, but these often short lived as an error followed the possession win.  Shooting from Omega’s Lauren Ahern and Yas Rogers was on point as they matched the goals gained by their opposition, resulting in a score of 9-9 by the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter saw Bury settle into their game and the experienced play shine through.  More great interceptions were won by Millie, but as soon as the ball was won, the opposition  won back the ball due to weak or mis-placed passing by the Omega team.   The team struggled to loose their markers and with passing direct to the player instead of the space, the opposition read the ball well and intercepted the ball at every opportunity.

The third quarter saw Omega struggle to bring the ball to their shooters, with the players once again failing to loose their markers and often moving the ball sideways or backwards due to player positioning, making it easier for the experience team to turnover possession and securing the goals at each opportunity gained.   Some good two hand marking of the pass was seen by all players this quarter and some good reading of the play by Shannon mid-court and defenders Millie and Neave, however possession gained was short-lived each time.

The final quarter, as usual a quick one due to central timing.  WA, Ellie Reynolds intercepts the ball from Bury and thinks about her next pass, feigning the pass in to GA Lauren Ahern, before securing it to her, which Lauren converts with her usual accuracy in the shot.  GK, Neave Parsons intercepts a couple of feeds to the shooters this quarter, but Omega are unable to keep possession and Bury gain control each time, before taking it to goal.

Some good play evident, particularly in the first quarter, but the need to loose markers and improve ball placement is something to work on for future games.

Omega Youth vs Wodson Cyan – Saturday 26th January 2019

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Youths vs Wodson Cyan on Saturday 26th January 2018

Omega Youths met Wodson Cyan for the 2nd half of the fixtures at Wodson Park.  Both teams being youth teams, it was great to have the opportunity to play against a similar age-group team.

Omega took the 1st couple of goals of the game, starting really well and in the first quarter both teams were matched in their performance and equalising on scores by the end of the quarter, 9-9.

The 2nd quarter was again one of similar performance from both teams, but with Wodson Cyan just having the edge and leading by half time 22-16.

The 3rd quarter saw Wodson Cyan taking advantage of the height of their shooter, perfecting the loop ball, high feeds into the circle, allowing them to build on their lead as Omega defence being that much shorter, could not intercept the pass, resulting in the score going into the final quarter of 21-35.

The final quarter was short as usual, however a switch of the Omega defence to match the height of the shooter, allowed them to contain and limit Wodson’s feeding options.  Both teams equalised on score this quarter, with a final score of 40-26 to Wodson Cyan.

Omega were lacking their centre court players, resulting in an unpracticed setup midcourt, but Jodie Gill and Neave Parsons put in all their effort and covered the role well between them.   The whole team defended well throughout the entire game, with mid court players Rachel Toye, Louise Merrick, Neave and Jodie intercepting many more balls than seen in previous matches, but these were often short-lived as they were unable to maintain ball ownership to goal.  Lauren Lee in GK  and Yas Rogers in GD, managed to closely mark the circle players, resulting in winning many rebounds for the team.

Some superb and accurate shooting by Ellie Reynolds and Lauren Ahern and tight defending by Yas Rogers in the final quarter as GK.   A performance the team should be proud of and definitely an improvement in the whole team’s defending play.    Well done team!

Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua – Saturday, 17th Nov 2018

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Omega Youths vs Wodson Aqua - Saturday 17th November 2018

After a couple of good results on the last two Monday night games, with a win against Cheshunt 6 and a draw last week against Flames, we’re ready to give Wodson Aqua a good game.

The starting seven are GS – Ellie Reynolds, GA – Lauren Ahern, WA – Louise Merrick, C – Shannon Mooney, WD – Neave Parsons, GD – Millie Pickard and GK – Lauren Lee, with Holly Bennett and Yasmin Rogers on the bench.

The first quarter doesn’t start as well as we’d like, with Wodson Aqua managing to secure the ball into their shooters consistently and the shooters accurately scoring the goals, whilst Omega struggle to keep possession of the ball, with many balls skimming our fingers and either going off the side line or being picked up by the opposition.  When we find our shooters, the goals are on target, but maintaining possession in our attack is an issue and the opening quarter ends with Wodson leading 14-4.

A change at quarter time sees Holly Bennett take the WA position and Yas Rogers taking the WD, resulting in Neave Parsons and Louise Merrick taking the bench.  The team are told to snatch in to secure the ball and to try to hold on to possession of it.  The team take heed of the advice and the quarter starts well with both teams scoring consistently, resulting in the quarter score starting as 6-7 to Wodson.  However, Wodson then tighten up and take the next 5 goals, before Omega get back into their flow.  The Wodson GA finds her partner GS in the circle, popping the ball to her at every opportunity and their accuracy is rewarded each time.   Great inter-passing is seen between the shooter, Ellie and Lauren and they are once again accurate in their shooting. The solid support from the circle edge players, Holly and Neave allows them to also feed in and out to gain a better shooting position.  A much improved quarter from the team, with the quarter score of 7-14  to Wodson and a half time score of 11-28.

Another change at half time sees Shannon Mooney and Lauren Lee taking the bench and Louise returning to WA and Neave working with Millie in the defence circle as GK.    Having watched the Wodson ball popping from the GA to GS, Neave is aware of the need to communicate with Millie to help close this down.  As with the rest of the game, some great linking is visible with the court play, linking the ball well all down the court, however Wodson are a tough opposition and again punish every error Omega make, increasing their lead each time.  Omega try to out-run there players instead of using a change of direction, which allows Wodson to steal many a ball.  The quarter ends with a game score of 16-40 to Wodson.

The final quarter and the final change, reverting the team back to their starting positions.   This is the best quarter for Omega with more displays of great inter-passing from the shooters and some controlled play all the way down court.  Millie is on fire this quarter, intercepting on several occasions in our defensive end, helping to keep the opposition’s score down to a minimum.   The score this quarter is 7-9 to Wodson, so a closer quarter.     The game ends with a final score of 23-49, however this score does not reflect the court play.

Player of the match is awarded to Lauren Ahern by the opposition…well done Lauren.

The team are now consistently scoring in the twenty’s every game and many umpires are commenting on the improvement they see in their play.  Keep going girls…’s definitely coming together!

Omega Youths vs Hornets – Sat 15th Sept 2018

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Youths vs Hornets 15th Sept 2018 - HDNL

Their second game of the new season and Omega Youths meet Hornets 1 in the HDNL fixtures.   With one of the reserves being called in to work at short notice, Holly Bennett steps up as reserve and Paul Merrick obliges as scorer.  An additional change to the team mid-week with Ellie Reynolds set to play out of position at WA, due to another work call.

The team take the court and struggle to maintain ball ownership to find their shooters and Hornets capitalise on the pressure they apply, taking a swift lead.    Omega take time to settle and show signs of fatigue early in the game, with a request to leave the court at the first interval, but show flashes of controlled play.  Advice is  given to the team on ball placement, confidence  to shoot when in the shooting circle and  timing the move for the pass.

With reserves, Holly Bennett and Rachel Toye taking the court at C and WD for the 2nd quarter and some advise given by their coaches, the team are a little more controlled, but Hornets prove a tough opposition once more as they increase their lead in the game further.

Millie Pickard and Louise Merrick return to court in the 3rd quarter with rested legs, replacing Jodie Gill at GD and Ellie Reynolds at WA.  The team think about their passing more, and some steady and solid play is evident, with GK Lauren Lee reading the ball well and picking up some great balls through interception in the circle.

The final quarter and the final change to the squad sees Ellie Reynolds taking the centre position, a position unfamiliar to Ellie and never played in a game before, but she takes up the challenge with gusto and provides a solid link in the mid court.  Additionally, Jodie Gill returns to court, replacing Rachel and the rested legs result in more controlled feet.  The final score for the game is 39-14 to Hornets.

Evidence of some solid play during the game with longer passes and movement into space is encouraging.    Fitness is key for working on in the coming weeks, along with circle holding and marking…some key pointers for training!

2nd Sept 2017 – Omega Youths vs Bury

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Youths - 2nd Sept 2017

The first game back and the Youths are as keen as ever to play.  As a result of many still being on holiday, leaving just one shooter available, they are supported by Emma Faulkner to alleviate the pressure of a single shooter, particularly when playing a team who is regularly in the top end of the table every season. The first quarter and 6 goals are scored.  It’s evident that GS Ellie Reynolds has been practicing her shots over the summer break as her conversion rate has improved radically and her confidence is on display.  The team was advised to come in-front of their players to receive the ball and they all make an effort to do this.   WA, Emma Lack and WD, Faye Bellas  support the centre court play and the team as a whole look fitter and more responsive in the game…the pre-season sessions have paid off!

They return to court for the 2nd quarter with a couple of changes made and they show that they have listened to the advise given by their coach and senior player during the break, particularly in the centre court by C, Holly Bennett and WA, Louise Merrick .  The movement on court is improved and they begin to support the progression of the ball to the circle more.

More changes are made for the 3rd and final quarter, to allow fair play for the whole squad in the first fixture.   Jodie Gill takes the GK bib, not her usual position in the game, but she is determined and feisty in the circle.  With support from her fellow circle player, GD Millie Spires, they begin to win more rebounds and interceptions.  They are supported by first timer, Alice Mills, sporting the WD bib who also shows the same determination to win the ball and intercepts in her first ever competitive game, winning her the ‘Player of the Match’ awarded by their opposition.

A special thanks to senior player, GA, Emma Faulkner, who assisted the team not only with being a second shooter for the game, but for guiding the team during play, indicating the pass and player positioning and generally aiding with linking the ball movement to goal.

Well done team!  First game of the season over and looking forward to watching you develop and enhance your skills both individually and as a team, over the new season.

Omega 3 Win their division in the Turnford Summer League!

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Omega 3 Summer 2017

A winning night for the Omega 3rd team squad.  A great night of play from the team, dominating the match play from the initial whistle.  They maintained ownership of the ball and won many an interception throughout the game, ensuring they had possession majority of the match.   Their opposition could not contain them.

With a lead of 15 – 3 in the 1st quarter.  A team chat from their captain, Nikki Hewitt, to maintain composure and not become complacent and the team take the court ready to end the season on a winning streak.

Some superb inter-passing, coupled with many a ‘dummy pass’ between the shooters, Emma Kousoulou and Chloe D’Arcy, followed up with consistent goal conversion allowed the team to sustain and increase their lead throughout the remainder of the game.   The strong defensive play by Jenny Hutchings and Beth Foster, putting off their opponents and winning rebounds and tips within the circle and great court play by Hannah Troianno, Kayleigh Burke and Nikki Hewitt bringing the ball down the mid court, finding their shooters with accurate feeds, all contributed to the final score of 49 –  11 to the winning Omega squad.

Tonight’s game was their final game in the Turnford Summer League, culminating in the overall winning of the division.  This was not only achieved tonight, but throughout the season, with great team play from additional squad members, Abby English and Martha Rodman in previous games.    A great achievement, with fantastic team effort and camaraderie in all games.  Well done team for a well deserved win, gaining promotion for next season!

Omega C vs Cheshunt 2 – 10th Sept 2016

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Omega were unlucky to loose their first game to Cheshunt 2 in the Broxbourne and District Netball League, by 1 goal.

Their first game was a wet and slippery one, resulting in the first and second quarters being a bit frantic, with both new and existing players finding their feet after the summer break.   By half time, Omega were down by half the score.

In the third and fourth quarters, the game flowed much better.  The team slowed down the play and gave shorter passes, working the ball from the defence to the attack more skilfully.

The team showed great teamwork throughout the game, supporting and encouraging eachother at all times.  They fought hard to close the gap, finishing the game with just one goal in it!

A big thank you to Anna Rogers, for playing out of position in the defensive circle to help the team out, and welcome back to Emma Faulkner, who played her first game after returning from knee injuries.