Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 8th December 2019

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B Team vs Turnford 4 8th Dec 2019

The final game in the first rounds of the Herts County League, first division games and Omega face Turnford 4 for the first game of the day.

Omega start the game and each team secure the first two goals from their respective centre passes, before Omega begin to take hold, securing 3 goals to Turnford’s 1 for the first half of the quarter.  Omega defend superbly, with their defensive players WD, Nicola Rantell, GD, Samantha Abbott and GK, Louise Cousins winning turnover after turnover from their opposition.  However after gaining the upper-hand, they quickly returned the ball to Turnford through simple errors, allowing them to play the second half of the quarter on a goal for goal basis.  The opening quarter ended 14-9 to Omega.

A quick team chat in the quarter and the team take the court ready to give their all once more.  Omega start strong, winning ball after ball from Turnford, resulting in them taking the first 6 consecutive goals of the quarter.   Some superb teamwork is seen in the attacking third, with dynamic movement in the circle from GA, Emma Maidment, creating the space needed for a direct feed from the circle edge by C, Lucy Andrews, directly to GS, Ruby Brett under the post, who finishes off with the goal….a display of textbook attacking play!  Omega’s circle defence tightened, with more good teamwork displayed as the defence forced Turnford’s GA to shoot long shots, which were not as accurate.  Strong ball marking by GD, Sam sees Turnford struggle to move the ball forward and WD, Nicola picks up the stray ball from the pressured pass.  The whole team consistently apply the pressure, once again resulting in many interceptions and loose balls being picked up by Omega and the shooters consistently reward their team efforts with their accurate shooting.  The final 26 seconds and it’s Omega’s centre pass, but an offside call in our shooting circle means, allows Turnford the opportunity for the final goal.  Omega defend and WD, Nicola picks up a Caution for a contact in her attempt win back the ball for her team, but the team succeed in preventing the goal.   This quarter, Omega limit their opposition to just 7 goals and manage to convert 15, widening their lead by end of the second half to 29-16 in their favour.

Omega have a comfortable lead to start the second half but are determined to continue the pressure.  Omega start strong again in the first half of the 3rd quarter, with a couple of good runs on 3-4 consecutive goals being scored, but Turnford give their all and having only scored 3 goals in several minutes, begin to push back at Omega and the second half of the quarter goes goal for goal, with the score going into the final quarter being 46-28 to Omega.

The final quarter and once again it’s Omega to start, however an error with the passing around the circle edge sees the ball in Turnford’s hands and they secure the first goal.    Omega continue to make simple errors with ball placement and passes for the opening minutes and Turnford take advantage, taking the first 5 consecutive goals of the quarter.   Omega pick themselves up and gain composure as they prove they are a force to be reckoned with, only allowing one further goal from their opposition for the remainder of the quarter and scoring 12 goals on the run to finish the quarter and ending the game with a score of 60-34.

A fantastic performance from the entire team, with accurate shooting from both shooters and strong, tight defence applied by all players.  This result secures their mid table slot, elevating them up from 7th to 4th position…not bad after a ropey start to the season!  The first half of the season started with the team struggling to gel and play the ball, but they have grown and developed teamwork throughout the season, improving their play and winning many more games in the latter half, setting them up for a stronger 2nd half round.