Player Awards 2017 / 18 Season

Player’s Player

A Team
Hannah Sell

B Team
Andrea Kinninmonth

C Team
Chloe D’Arcy

Youth Team

Lauren Ahern

Hannah Sell - Player's Player 2018 - 1st Team
Chloe D'Arcy - C Team Player's Player 2017/18

Hannah is a very versatile player, who adds strength in every position she plays.  She’s always a player you can rely on to put in a consistently good performance regardless of her playing position and is a core defence player who makes many great interceptions and she adapts her game to her opposition.  She encourages the whole team and has gone unrecognised by the opposition for Player of the Match, which she should have received more than she did.

Andrea  commits to every game,  is committed to playing the best she can at all times and is passionate about winning, which is infectious.  She will encourage other players, brings a sense of fun to the game, but stays focussed until the final whistle.  She brings so much knowledge to the game, coaches and umpires regularly and gives constructive comments to the team.  Not only is she a very good player, but she has no end of talents surrounding the organising of the team and Club, including shortening Lou’s netball dress when needed!

Chloe is a consistent player, even when she’s been playing multiple times weekly for the 2nd team and for the Wednesday night mixed team.  She is supportive to everyone and is an all round team player, who is happy to play in any position.

Lauren was nominated by her team for her improvement in her game this season and for accuracy with her shooting.

Most Improved Player

A Team
Phoebe Gillen

B Team
Sophie Humphry

C Team
Hannah Troianno

Youth Team
Ellie Reynolds

Sophie Humphry
Hannah Troianno 2018
Ellie Reynolds - Youth Captain

Phoebe’s movement and ability to control the defensive circle has improved greatly throughout the season, seeing her becoming dominant in the area in the latter part of the season.

Sophie has found her fitness during the season and has helped with growing the confidence in the team with both the linking of passes down court and the inter-passing within the circle.  Additionally, as she has settled into the team, her shooting accuracy has improved considerably.

Hannah’s defensive play has improved this season.  Her close marking of her player has developed well and she listen and responds positively to the coaching advice given to her.

Ellie’s shooting style and accuracy has improved through practice, as has her movement and positioning in the shooting circle, developed due to her keen attitude and approach to improving her play.

Dummy Passer

This award is our Coach’s choice awarded to the Player who best and most often uses this pass to their team throughout the season.

This season, this award goes to Emma Faulkner, who is consistent in the use of this skill in her games and must hold the record for winning it over the years!

Dummy Passer Award 2018