Regional Squad 2023/24 Season

After last season's squad being demoted from East Region Division 1, this whole new squad is ready to work together to rebuild full strength this season.


Herts County League Squad 2023/24

A newly put together Herts County Squad for 2023/24. All strong individual players in their own right, who will use this season to gel as a team, with the aim of maintaining their 1st division spot.


Local League Squad - 2022/23

Winners of the HDNL Winter Season in their first season of re-entry, resulting in promotion to division 1 for 2023/24 season!



caps_ball_bronze_1000pxOmega Netball Club is a premiere, Bronze CAPS accredited netball club based in Hertfordshire. With 3 Senior teams and a Youth Team, we cater for different levels of ability, and with the help of our seasoned coach, players can expect to progress their talents and up their game through well structured and time-tested techniques, many developed by the team’s coach himself.

Our Youth Team started as U13’s in the 2019/20 season, training for the first season and then playing in the BDNL league on Saturday Mornings at Wormley Playing Fields.   They were extremely lucky to gain sponsorship from a local roofing company,  ‘R Vale Roofing Ltd’  who very generously supplied their full kit to start them off with playing in the leagues.

The squad now play in the local adult leagues and are loving their netball experience.  It’s all about the enjoyment of the game!

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Insights from the Omega Netball Teams

March 25, 2024 in Uncategorized

Omega 1 vs Bears – Sunday 24th March 2024

The final game of the East Region 2023/24 season and Omega face their nemesis team, Bears.  It's been a while since Omega have beaten Essex based, Bears but they are... Read More
March 10, 2024 in Uncategorized

Omega 1 vs Eastwood – Saturday 9th March 2024

The penultimate fixture of the East Region League and Omega meet Eastwood, knowing that this is a key game and they need the win.    With GA, Emma harbouring an... Read More
February 14, 2024 in Regional Match Reports

Omega 1 vs Hatfield Magpies – Saturday 10th February 2024

It's becoming clear now that this new Omega Regional squad is gelling way beyond expectation. Another big win against a noisy, especially on the Omega shooting oportunities, and physical Hatfield... Read More
February 4, 2024 in Regional Match Reports

Omega 1 vs Thoroughbreds – 4th February 2024

A rematch today between Omega 1 and Thoroughbreds in the second half of the East Region League.  A home game for Omega and after having lost by a close 4... Read More