Player Awards 2018 / 19 Season

Player’s Player

A Team


B Team


C Team


Player's Player - Lucy Hoskin
Nicola Rantell -B's Players Player 2019
Player's Player C Team Charlotte Ramejkis

Lucy has gained in consistency across the season and has improved both her defensive and attacking play. She continues to grow from strength to strength. She has an amazing knack of reading the game brilliantly and her feeds into the circle are spot on. During every game she gives 110% and she has incredible fitness, she never seems to get tired! She is willing to take on everything she is asked and more. She is an example to us all and is rightly now the captain!

Nicola is versatile and is vital to the success of the team as she is always happy to play anywhere on the court. Continually aspires to win. She consistently intercepts the ball in the defence while providing strong feeds into the circle in the attack. Constantly shows great energy throughout the game.

Charlotte brings height and strength to the shooting circle and her shooting accuracy has improved with regular games over the season. She provides a perfect target for the attacking play to feed the circle. She’s always willing to help out other teams from the Youths to the A team, even when asked to come specifically as failsafe reserve and ending up sitting on the bench for the entire game. Despite having been through some tough times over the season she is always in good spirits with a lovely chatty and motivating personality.

Youth Team


Tuesday Junior Team


Sunday Junior Team


Neave Parsons - Player of the Year
Hollie Tierney - Players Player 2019
Player's Player Sunday Junior Team 2019

Neave is a versatile player. She is often asked to play a number of different positions without causing a fuss. She constantly encourages and motivates her team. In addition, she intercepts many balls, far more this season than she did last. Her passing is stronger too. She brings the cheers and smiles to each match; she’s dedicated and never gives up.

With clear majority of the team voting for her, the players agree that Hollie is always ready, defends and passes well. She is good at her position and can get the ball easily and is very good at intercepting and passing the ball out.

Abbie never gives up, is always determined to get the ball and always contributes. She gets lots of goals in, always plays well and makes a difference when she comes on.

Most Improved Player

A Team


B Team


C Team


Most Improved Player A Team - Phoebe Gillen
Most Improved Player B Team - Ruby Brett
Most Improved Player - C Team - Lauren Telling

Phoebe has consistently improved both defence and attack across the season. Throughout, her confidence has continued to grow and grow. Her arms seem to appear out of nowhere, to elegantly catch the ball mid-air preventing a goal from being scored. She has proved a game changer and having her on court fills the team with confidence in the defending circle.

Ruby’s confidence has grown enormously this season. Her movement & holding in the circle have progressed incredibly. It has been inspiring and a pleasure to see how this young player has developed over the season.  She continues to grow in strength and confidence.

Lauren’s confidence has grown in leaps and bounds. To start with, she would often travel with the ball, resulting in numerous footwork calls in every game. She has now become more solid and a key mid-court player providing the needed links to move the ball towards the goal. Her progression has been rapid and the difference in her play since the beginning has not gone unnoticed by all her squad.

Youth Team


Tuesday Junior Team


Jodie Woods - Most Improved Player
Most Improved Junior Tuesday Team - Aimee Buzzing

Junior’s recognition of achievement certificates







Certificate of achievement for Abbie Martin
Certificate of achievement for Alexia Symeon
Certificate of achievement for Amelia Simpson 2019
Certificate of achievement for Annabel Creer 2019

Received for supporting the play throughout the whole court and forgreat movement and shooting in the circle.

Received for having natural awareness of space on the court and for good change of direction skills.

Received for being feisty and determined in her defending play.

Received for for mastering the change of direction and using it in her game.

Received for being the most supportive and energetic player.

Received for her dedication to training which has led to excellent interceptions when defending.






Certificate of achievement for Ella Milburn 2019
Certificate of achievement for Fenn Vale 2019
Harriet Milbourn - Acheivement award 2019
Hollie Tierney - Certificate 2019

Received for creating a good link in the mid-court, to allow the ball to move towards goal.

Received for being versatile in her position, giving her the ability to play all attacking positions and being a good team player.

Received for being consistently feisty and determined in her play.

Received for beginning to closely mark her shooter in the circle and gaining some rebounds.

Received for improving in her determination to intercept the ball in the circle.

Received for winning many an interception in every game with tight defending.





Certificate of achievement for Rosie Keen 2019
Certificate of achievement for Zuzu Millen 2019

Received for consistently good two hand marking of the ball and gaining tips as a result.

Received for showing determination to chase the ball and for working hard at mastering her footwork.

Receive for great court movement and beginning to build a good partnership in the shooting circle.

Received for beginning to build a good partnership in the shooting circle and improved determination to chase the ball.