Omega 1 vs Hornets 1 on Sunday 22nd September 2019

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A Team 22nd Sept 2019

Omega 1 meet Hornets 1 in their first home game in the East Region League in division 1.    This is expected to be a very tough game for the team, with Hornets returning to the league this season, after relegation from the Premier League last season.

Omega’s starting line-up is GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Natalie Faal; WA – Molly Brett; C – Lucy Hoskin; WD – Claire Daw; GD – Leigh Rees-Reynolds and GK – Phoebe Gillen, with Sophie Humphry on the bench and Megan Pryde returning after a lengthy break, also on the bench.

Hornets start the game and succeed in taking the ball to goal on their first attempt.  Omega miss their shot on the first attempt and Hornets are quick to punish, allowing them to secure the first three goals.   Hornets set up a zone defence to apply the pressure and Omega struggle to push through it. They maintain their composure and work together to conquer the zone and the gap in the score begins to reduce.   Some tooing and froeing back and forth with both teams erroring pursues for several minutes in the mid to late quarter as both teams contest for the ball and force errors on each other.  The final 20 seconds of the opening quarter and Hornets centre pass is taken to goal quickly and converted.  Then follows the final centre pass of the quarter by Omega, but the time is very limited and they fail to get the ball into the circle to attempt the shot.  A decent start to the game from both teams and a score at the end of the first quarter of 14-9 to Hornets.

The team stays the same for the second quarter and some words of advise given by the coaches in the interval.  The team return to court determined to fight for the game and give their all.    Hornets start the quarter once more but an error proves costly, allowing Omega punish and take the first goal.   Hornets GK is told to tidy up her contact in the early minutes.  A missed shot by Omega and Hornets take the ball down court, but force feed and the ball is off the goal line.  Omega take the throw in and control their play, finding their shooter and securing the goal.   Hornets defend well at the centre pass and steal the ball from Omega at the first pass and subsequently score the goal.    Omega’s defence is tight and strong, resulting in a 3-second call on Hornets around their shooting circle.  Omega take it to their circle edge, but this time it’s their turn to force feed and loose the ball off the goal line.  Hornets take the throw in, but the ball is cleanly intercepted in Omega’s shooting third and they have another chance for goal, but they fail to hold on to the ball once more.  The final 11 seconds of the first half of the game and Hornets break on their centre pass.  Omega are quick to punish their error and secure the final goal on the buzzer.   A great second quarter for Omega, who have managed to close the score to just 2 goal lead for Hornets, with a score of 26-24.

After a great 2nd quarter, the decision is taken to keep the team as is for the 3rd. It’ Omega’s turn to start the quarter, but they loose possession on the first pass.  However, Omega’s defence in and around the circle are not ready to concede the goal and stand strong and determined as they have all game, forcing an error on Hornets who are forced into a 3-second call.   They are disciplined and patient in their play and determination prevails as they find the shooters who reward with the goal.   Omega are close to evening the score, but a couple of errors prove costly and Hornets take the ball to goal at every opportunity, which result in their lead opening once more and the quarter ends with a game score of 39-31 going into the final quarter.

A last ditch attempt to take the game and change the dynamics, results in Sophie Humphry taking the GA position, Megan Pryde taking the WA position and Natalie and Molly taking the bench for the final quarter.  Omega start the quarter but miss their first attempt at goal, but Leigh Rees-Reynolds puts up a strong fight and intercepts the ball to give her team another chance and they reward her efforts.   Omega take the first three goals and close the gap to just 5 goals, giving them a great start and a chance at the win they so want.  Hornets increase the lead once more, but a couple of  rare missed shots by their shooters sees Omega capitalising on the errors to claw back the score once more.   An exciting final quarter, with both teams giving their all to the game.  The final score is 49-41 to Hornets, but a performance by Omega that they can be proud of.  They fought throughout the game and displayed determination and composure for the entire game.

Player of the match goes to GS – Hannah Brown.

Omega 2 vs SAS on Saturday 21st September 2019

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A 9.30am start against 2nd on the table SAS and Omega 2’s know they will have a tough game ahead, particularly as SAS have pulled their team from the South Region League and are playing their top side in the Herts County League.

A starting team of Emma Faulkner – GS; Emma Maidment – GA; Nicola Rantell – WA; Lucy Andrews – C; Claire Statham – WD; Sam Abbott – GD and Louise Cousins – GK and Ruby Brett taking the bench.

The opening quarter and Omega are very unsettled and struggle to convert their shots, which is a rare occurrence for our shooters.  With only 2 court-play errors encountered in the quarter, the score could be very close, but the SAS shooters are on fire and even on the occasions they miss their first attempt at goal, they win the rebound and convert on the subsequent attempt.   A couple of great interceptions from GD, Samantha Abbott and another from WA, Nicola Rantell, gives their team an opportunity to claw back their much needed goals, but the team are not successful in keeping possession and almost immediately after turning the game over, the ball is lost to SAS once more.   The final few seconds of the quarter and confusion over whose centre pass it is, delays the pass being taken and prevents SAS gaining yet another goal to end the quarter, which ends with a score of 15-7 to SAS.

The team remains the same for the second quarter and the first centre pass is Omega’s, but a chance to start positively, is quickly diminished as an error on the centre pass proves costly and SAS steal the first goal of the quarter.  Another error on Omega’s second centre pass of the quarter allows SAS to take the first five consecutive goals, increasing their lead even further.  Omega’s defence is tight and they force their opposition to error, but again struggle to maintain ownership and convert the shots.  This quarter, Omega make many more errors than in the first quarter, but also turn the game around more too, but SAS are proving a force to be reckoned with and Omega cannot shake them off, which results in far less attempts at goal for their shooters, who have upped their conversion rate this quarter.   We are not loosing our opposition and struggling to push the ball forward and SAS are hot on their defending and are continually hunting the ball.   The score opens further by half time, with SAS leading 29-13.

A change to the team sees Ruby Brett take up the GS position and Emma Faulkner replace her on the bench.   The first centre pass is Omega’s again this quarter, but an error due to miscommunication on a pass sees the ball in SAS’s hands and they steal the first goal once more.  The team defend well this quarter and achieve many interceptions and pick up many rebounds and loose balls throughout.  A better quarter for the team, but the opposition have not eased up on the pressure and are too tough to crack.

The final quarter and a score of 22-42 in SAS’s favour and the win is out of reach, however the team continue to work to gain the point for the table.   Omega have a great start and manage to maintain ball ownership much more.  They match their opponents in play and gain more composure and discipline in their game.  However, the lead created by SAS in the earlier quarters is far too big at this stage and the team fight to gain the point they need.   The quarter is the best of the game for Omega and has a quarter score of 14-12 to SAS, so a much tight one, but the game ends with a final score of 56-34 to SAS, who proved they wanted the win from the first whistle and were relentless in applying the pressure throughout the game, so deserved the win they achieved.



Omega 2 vs Watford Premier 1 on Saturday 7th September 2019

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The first Herts County League game for our second team and they meet the team that was promoted with them a couple of seasons ago – Watford Premier 1.    Having encountered tight games on both occasions last season, they knew the game was not going to be a walk over, especially with a couple of their regular squad missing and people playing out of their preferred position and a different shooting combination.  The starting team being:-

GS – Ruby Brett; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Nicola Rantell; C – Lucy Andrews;  WD – Claire Statham; GD – Sam Abbott; GK – Louise Cousins and Charlotte Ramejkis taking the bench to start the game.

Watford Prem started the game and were quick to secure the first goal, but Omega reciprocated to match.  A fumble at Omega’s next centre pass, sees the ball back with Watford Premier who steal the goal  and a further couple of errors made by Omega result in Watford beginning their lead 6-2 but the Watford GA footworks, giving Omega the opportunity to claw back a goal.  Omega force another error on their opposition as a result of strong defending in and around the shooting circle, resulting in the ball going off the goal line, but Omega fail to take advantage of their position and Watford take the goal once more.   Good ball marking by GA, Sophie Humphry sees her tip the ball, but her team mates are beaten to the loose ball by their opponents, who once again take the ball to goal.    The Omega defence apply the pressure in the circle once more and this time, GA Sophie, rewards their efforts.   Watford shooters miss a couple of attempts at goal and GK, Louise Cousins tips, but cannot gain possession and Watford’s third attempt is successful.  A missed shot by Omega sees the ball taken down court by Watford to their shooter, but the attempt at goal is intercepted as GD, Sam Abbott connects with the ball, sending it towards her team mates and it’s collected by WA, Nicola Rantell in the mid court and rewarded with a goal by GA Sophie.  Omega tighten their defence, once again forcing the ball to go off the goal line and again they punish Watford’s error.  The opening quarter is not the usual form for Omega, who are taking time to settle into the new combination, but the slow start levels off by the end of the quarter, leaving them 2 goals behind with a score of 16-14 to Watford.

The 2nd quarter is started once more by Watford, but Omega appear more settled and in control, resulting in the quarter starting well.  A missed shot by Watford allows Omega to even the score in the opening minutes, but Watford respond as Omega falter with there passing in and out of the shooting circle which sees the ball go off the side-line and back in Watford’s control and punishing the error with a goal.  Omega loose their centre pass but win back the ball as Watford are forced to error and the ball is sent of the side line once more and this time GS, Ruby Brett rewards her team with a goal.  Omega settle into the quarter  having made very few errors on their court play so far.  They take advantage of the missed goals and errors made by their position at every opportunity, allowing them to take the lead and slowly increase it to a score of 32-26 in their favour by half time.

The third quarter is another great quarter for Omega.   A missed shot by Omega sees Watford gaining possession, but great reading of the game, speed and determination are displayed as C, Lucy Andrews flies in to intercept the ball cleaning mid air.   The Omega defence are strong and tight in the circle and GK, Louise intercepts a ‘pop’ of the ball between Watford’s shooters and Omega take the ball to our shooting circle.  Failed conversion sees the ball back with Watford, but as their GS attempts a shot, GD, Sam Abbott intercepts the shot and this time Omega are successful in their conquest.    The defending continues to be tight both in and around the Watford Shooting circle as WD, Claire Statham defends Watford’s GA, delaying her movement into the circle.   As a result, Watford force feed the ball to their GS and the ball goes off the goal line.   Omega take the goal line pass and succeed in moving the ball down the court, where they find their shooters with ease and the shot is converted.  They demonstrate control and great teamwork throughout the whole court for the entire quarter, supporting each other on the attack and working together on the defence, which forces their oposition to error on several occasions,   The final 6 seconds of the quarter and Watford’s GA contacts as she receives the ball, so loose the last opportunity of a goal in the quarter.

The score going into the final quarter sees Omega 9 goals ahead, so a comfortable lead, with a score of 43-34 in their favour.  A change to the team sees Ruby Brett taking the bench after a solid performance, replaced by Charlotte Ramejkis.    Watford return to court ready to fight for the game and this they do!   Charlotte took a few minutes to settle into the game but soon gets into her stride, however the whole team are unsettled and errors they haven’t made in the earlier quarters, begin.     Watford’s shooting is back on form and every error made by Omega is punished and the gap in the score closes rapidly, with Watford securing 9 consecutive goals due to the many mistakes made.   Omega struggle to gain composure, but are determined not to concede the game.  The score is level and Watford secure a goal to take the lead.  A battle for the final minutes of the game as each team want the win, but the score ends as a draw of 49-49.   A disappointing quarter after the superb play in the second and third quarters and one to learn from going forward.