Omega 2 vs Hatfield Pheonix – Sunday 23rd October 2016

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Omega 2 vs Hatfield Pheonix

So, another great game for the Omega 2 team against Hatfield Pheonix.  It started with Hatfield attacking hard, converting their goals consistently, whilst Omega struggled to retain control of the ball.  Despite several interceptions by Omega’s centre court and defence players, the team made basic errors, negating their advantage and Hatfield took an early lead of 6 goals by end of the first quarter, leaving the score as 16-10.

Omega took to the court for the start of the second quarter, determined to get themselves back into the game.  With a tactical change in the Omega shooting circle allowing a target for some accurate feeds from the attack players, Omega picked up on their goals, winning the quarter 16-13, reducing the gap to 26-29 in Hatfield’s favour by half time.

Hatfield came back fighting and gave Omega a tough quarter, hunting the ball at every opportunity and winning possession on many occasions.  Omega struggled to contain Hatfield, but they didn’t give up.  The score going into the final quarter being 33-40 to Hatfield.

A motivation chat in the quarter and Omega are not ready to concede the game.  They take the court and work hard as a team to control their play and maintain possession of the ball.  This time, it’s Hatfield’s turn to struggle to contain Omega as they win 13 turnovers from Hatfield and are solid in their passing and feeding of the ball for the shooters to converted into much valued goals.  From starting the quarter 7 goals down, Omega quickly close the gap and turn the game in their favour, ending the game with a 2 goal lead and score of 50-48 to Omega.  A much deserved win with some spectacular netball in the final quarter.




Omega 1 vs Hereward Harriers – Sat 22nd Oct 2016

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Omega vs Harriers

Omega came out determined at the start of the game, taking an early lead of 6-1 within minutes.  Strong defence, with several interceptions made throughout the court, kept Harriers goals down to just seven in the first quarter, allowing Omega to increase their lead at the end of the first quarter to 14-7.

The teams take the court for the second quarter and Omega are focussed on increasing their lead with 16 turnovers throughout the quarter.    Harriers are let into the game by silly errors in the passing made by Omega, but the defensive play of the entire Omega team scupper Harriers chances of reducing Omega’s lead.  Omega storm ahead increasing their goal lead by 11 by the half time.

Harriers make some team changes in an attempt to come back into the game, but once again, Omega are strong on their defensive play,  gaining 14 steal and turning the game to their advantage, allowing them to retain and increase their lead further by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The final quarter and both teams are on the attack.   Fantastic control of the ball by Omega and many more interceptions, sees them maintaining ownership of play to end the game on a high.  This controlled play means they not only retain possession of the ball for their own centre passes, but steal the play from Harriers on many occasions, taking advantage of this and converting the shots to valued goals.    The highest scoring quarter for both teams, with Harriers scoring 8 and Omega scoring 16.  Consistent defensive play, with a high number of turnovers made by the team throughout the game, left the final result as 50-28 to Omega.

Our fifth East Region game having just been promoted from the Herts County League and we’re on a winning roll and long may it last!

Omega 1 vs Bears 2 – Saturday 15th October 2016

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A successive 4th win for Omega 1 in another very tough East Region game against Bears. The game started very evenly with consistently matched shooting from both sides and with similar amounts of turnover by both teams which led to a very close 1 goal lead at the end of the 1st quarter to Omega with the score being 12-11.

Omega were quick off the mark in the second quarter ensuring that the first centre pass was successfully converted and with all of the team playing defensively and ensuring that pressure was applied to every pass. This allowed Omega to significantly increase their turnovers with interceptions being made throughout the team. This coupled with some exceptional attacking play and insightful passes by the centre court players presented the Omega shooters with the opportunity to pull away and they successfully took their chances ending the quarter with a 7 goal lead, with the score at half time being 29-22 to the home team.

Bears were not ready to concede the game and applied a huge amount of pressure making key interceptions and converting their chances. However, Omega responded well and matched the competitive nature of the game and the teams appeared be cancelling out each other’s efforts for one to pull away to win the 3rd quarter, resulting in both team scoring the same amount of goals and making the same number of turnovers and at the end of the 3rd quarter the score was 42-35 to Omega.

The 4th quarter saw a continued fightback by Bears who played some great netball and continued to apply a huge amount of pressure to Omega. Omega remained disciplined with their play and demonstrated great control of the ball to ensure that they did not let their lead diminish against an onslaught of pressure from Bears and this again resulted in a very evenly matched quarter with some great interceptions made by both teams and the shooters of both sides converting any chances they were given. After a fantastic game by both teams the final score was 55-48 to Omega.

Omega 2 vs Hatfield Doves – Sunday 16th October 2016

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A great start to the game, with several interceptions by the defence players, Louise Cousins, Lindsey Light and Molly Brett, turning the game over to Omega’s advantage, coupled with strong, consistent shooting by Chloe D’Arcy and Hannah Brown gave Omega an early lead in the game.  The mid court players, Lisa Short and Emma Faulkner linked the ball well in to the shooting circle, finished off with superb inter-passing between the shooters and consistent conversion of goals resulted in the score by the end of the first quarter being 21 – 10 to Omega, giving Omega a comfortable 11 goal lead.

The start of the second quarter and Omega are off the boil.  Hatfield capitalise on the dip in play, reducing the gap in the score to just 5 goals and force Omega to make further errors.  Omega stabilized their play by mid quarter and began to regain composure.   Controlling the ball once more, they pulled back, retaining a 10 goal lead by half time.

A strategy change in the quarter chat sees Omega return to the court for the third quarter meaning business.  They turn the game around to their advantage with many interceptions, breaking down the Hatfield attack and this time they force Hatfield to make many errors.  The inter-passing between the Omega shooters was second to none and the shooting was spot on, both with around 90% accuracy in the quarter and scoring 25 goals between them.

With a lead of 31 goals, Omega come into the final quarter at a steady, controlled pace.  They take control of the game once more, gaining possession of the ball from Hatfield regularly throughout the quarter.  Fantastic feeds into the shooters by Emma Faulkner, using the ‘dummy’ and continued accurate shooting leaves Hatfield looking like they’re defeated before the end of the game.  Final score is 71 – 35 to Omega.  Some awesome netball and great teamwork demonstrated by the whole team, making an entertaining game to watch.  Well done team!


Omega 1 vs Wyvern Grangers – Sunday 9th Oct 2016

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Omega 1 at Beds Uni

Omega’s first away game and nerves and tension are present, but this doesn’t stop them starting well. In fact the atmosphere is buzzing as Omega attack the game well, retaining ownership of every centre pass and consistently converting the goals.  Many an interception from the Omega defence players supported the team obtaining a comfortable lead, with Grangers not able to gain possession from the team throughout the quarter, other than from foot faults by Omega. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-5 to Omega.

Grangers return to the court having made some changes to the team, in an attempt to even the score, and Omega make a defence change, but Omega were once again up for attacking the ball and maintaining their lead. Tight defence in the circle and mid-court resulted in several interceptions and rebounds being won by Omega,  supporting the team in increasing their lead in the second quarter. Grangers put more pressure on the team, this time winning possession by forcing errors on Omega and turning over the game. Omega continued to fight for the ball, only allowing Grangers to score 5 goals again in the quarter, versus the 12 scored by Omega, increasing Omega’s lead by 16 by end of the 2nd quarter.

Omega make another subtle defence change and Grangers change their attacking positions again.  This quarter, the Grangers defence is stronger and controlled and they manage to tighten up against the strong Omega shooters, intercepting balls and gaining possession of forced feeds by Omega’s attack.  Omega’s defence is just as solid, with consistent interceptions and winning back of the ball, mainly from within the circle, but with several interceptions by the defensive play of the mid-court.  Once again, Omega only concede 5 goals to Grangers, but as the Grangers defence has strengthened, Omega only score 7 in the third quarter, but maintain their comfortable lead.

The final quarter and an attack change for Omega and more attack changes for Grangers.  Grangers come out strong in this quarter and force Omega to make many more simple errors, turning the game around.   A scrappy quarter for the Omega team, but their valuable early lead mean it’s too late for Grangers to take control.  Grangers score 12 goals in this quarter, versus the 7 scored by Omega, but the final score is 40-27 to Omega.

Omega Youth vs Oasis – Saturday 8th Oct 2016

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Youths 8th Oct 2016

Omega youth have now played their 4th game together, with a great game against Oasis this weekend.  With a few injuries to the team, all players supported each other with some playing out of position.  Although not winning the game, the girls fought hard and showed great progression, winning the final quarter.

There was great shooting from Maisie and Lauren, with brilliant movement in the circle from captain, Ellie.  Following a team talk at half time, Faye and Neave showed great teamwork supporting the shooters and put the tips given into practice.  Emma had a confident performance as WD, not her first choice of position.  Defensively, Millie, Charlotte and Lauren showed great skill, getting multiple interceptions and receiving compliments from the other team.  Holly and Louise fought well throughout and supported the team from the centre court.  Well deserved player of the match went to Charlotte, with great interceptions, marking and blocking. The girls are progressing weekly and have identified things to work on this week before next weeks big game against Ice.

Big thanks to Oasis for supporting and giving tips throughout the game to our enthusiastic new team.   Thanks also to both umpires, who both commented on what a great bunch of girls the team are.  They  also said that they can see improvement and great potential in the team!  Keep going girls…you’re doing great!

Omega 2 vs Turnford 6 – Sunday 2nd October 2016

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Turnford started the game with the first centre pass, but a tip from C, Lisa Short gained Omega possession of the ball and a quick pass into the circle for the first goal of the match.   Having converted our own centre pass into a goal, the third one was intercepted again by Omega’s GD, Claire Statham, in the circle, which the team then controlled as they passed it down the court and into the shooting circle for the third consecutive goal!  Omega took an early lead with the score being 6-0 minutes into the game, but Turnford came back, stealing the ball by forcing Omega to make simple errors, quickly closing the gap to 6-4.   Turnford lost another centre pass, due to great defending by the Omega centre court players, forcing the ball out of court.  Omega then lost the next centre pass, but control of the ball was won back in the defensive circle and passed back down the court, but good defending by Turnford, forced a free pass due to a held ball by Omega.   Next was  Turnford’s attempt at a goal, but fantastic marking of the shot by GK, Louise Cousins, won the ball again for the team, tipping and gaining possession of the ball.    The ball was passed down to the shooters, but Omega failed to convert the goal, resulting in Turnford regaining possession.  This was short lived as GS, Hannah Brown intercepted the ball, threw the ball straight into the shooting circle to GA, Anna Rogers, who converted the goal.  Strong defending by Omega saw Turnford struggling to pass the ball forward, forcing them to pass back.  Omega took advantage with C,Lisa Short stealing the ball, the team linking well, but throwing the ball off the goal line at the last hurdle.   Turnford GS, then suffered an injury to the knee and the game stopped.  Turnford brought on their sub as GS and the game started again with Turnford struggling to feed the circle and Omega gaining possession once again, but failed to convert due to a foot fault, giving the ball back to Turnford.  Turnford brought the ball down the court and into their shooting third, but tight defence from Omega resulted in the ball being forced off the goal line.  Omega seized the advantage, linking the passes well from the defensive third, through mid-court and into the shooting circle for yet another goal!  Omega kept the lead through the quarter, with the score at the end of the first quarter being 13-4 to Omega.  Turnford had failed to score a goal since the opening minutes.

The first centre pass of the second quarter was Turnford’s,  but yet again, they failed to convert it to a goal as the ball was forced off the goal line.  Omega gaining the advantage for a short time from the goal line, lost control of the ball, so Turnford capitalised on the error and gained a much needed goal.  Omega retained ownership of the next centre pass to match the Turnford goal.  Turnford then lost yet another centre pass, with the ball not being received.  Omega took control, but lost possession just outside their shooting circle.  Turnford tried hard to retain ownership of play, but a steal from WD, Molly Brett gave back control to Omega.  Again this was short lived, with Turnford gaining control of the ball once more and moving the ball into their shooting circle and converting the shot.    Superb teamwork with great movement and interpassing in the circle from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Anna Rogers, meant a safe goal for Omega.  Next was Turnford’s shot at a goal, but a missed shot gave GD, Claire Statham the steal via a rebound, which Omega swiftly passed up court to their shooters.  A penalty for contact by Turnford GK, saw another goal for Omega.     Omega’s centre pass saw great linking from the C, Lisa Short to WA, Lisa Doust, passing to GS, Hannah Brown who cleared the circle for space for GA, Anna Rogers to receive the feed and convert the goal.  More great feeds from WA, Lisa Doust were seen in this quarter, feeding into the shooting circle.  The score at the end of the 2nd quarter was 25-12 to Omega.

The original Turnford GS returned to court to start the 3rd quarter and the first goal was won by Turnford. Omega intercepted the next Turnford centre pass, gaining yet another goal from their opposition.  After only 4 goals being scored in this quarter, the Turnford GS was injured again and this time left the court for the rest of the game.  The game restarted and a quick interception from GD, Claire Statham in the Turnford shooting circle, went down the court like the Stansted Express, with Omega lucky to retain ownership of the ball and score the goal.  Great defending on the edge of the Turnford shooting circle saw WD, Molly Brett tip and grab the ball from outside the circle and once again, Omega converted it into valued goals.  Turnford gained possession of a ball in the Omega Shooting third, but C, Lisa Short read the game well, timing her jump to intercept the ball and passed into the Shooters for another goal.  Omega continued to defend and read the play throughout the quarter and gained control of play for majority of the period.  With 22 seconds remaining, it was Omega’s centre pass and they took heed of the time, making sure the ball went into the circle quickly to take the last goal of the quarter.  The score going into the final quarter was 38-21 to Omega.

Omega’s first starting centre pass and it was lost with the ball traversing the side line.  Turnford took advantage of the error, taking the first goal of the quarter.  Omega’s centre pass and great defending from Turnford, saw Omega struggle to pass the ball forward, but great support from WD, Molly Brett, meant they retained possession and scored.    A long ball in from GA, Anna Rogers, straight into GS, Hannah Brown who was holding her space well, meant another goal for Omega.  Turnford’s attempt at a goal, but superb marking of the shot by GK, Louise Cousins, timing her jump to precision to intercept the shot and take hold of the ball.  The rest of the game saw Omega force Turnford to make errors, capitalising on their gain and scoring the goal.  More, timed jumping by Louise Cousins, strong shooting and great teamwork all round resulted in the final score being 53 – 32 to Omega.

Omega 1 vs Billericay

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Another great win for Omega 1 in their second East Region game against Billericay. The game started off with superb shooting from Billericay, giving them an early lead but Omega responded well, closing the gap to just two goals by end of the first quarter, leaving the score as 13-11 to Billericay going into the second quarter.

Omega came out fighting with a change of centre court defence strategy, which closed down the Billericay attack, enabling Omega to dominate the play.   Additional pressure in the defensive circle with another tactical change, saw Billericay miss shots, which in the 1st quarter they would have converted.   Omega’s discipline was solid and their control of the ball was greatly improved.   Several interceptions by Omega, coupled with accurate shooting resulted in Omega scoring 15 goals in the 2nd quarter, compared to 8 by Billericay, resulting in the scores by half time being 26 – 21 to Omega.

Billericay were not ready to concede the game and came back into the third quarter very strong.  A change in their shooting circle saw Billericay’s conversion rate improve once again, scoring 19 goals in the quarter.  That, along with Omega’s ‘telegraphed’ passing, enabled Billericay to take control of the quarter, changing the lead in their favour.  The third quarter ended with Billericay having the advantage going into the final quarter, leading 40-36.

A tactical change by Coach, Paul Kenny, going into the final quarter proved to be a great decision.  The final quarter and Omega were determined as they took the court.   They fought hard to win back the ball, intercepting several times, holding onto the advantage gained and converting to valuable goals.   The final quarter belonged to Omega, who once again owned the play, intercepting and controlling the ball and scoring each time.  With the win in sight, Omega reverted to possession play, to retain ownership and control of the ball, only moving it forward into the shooting circle when a safe to do so.

A fantastic game by both teams, neither of which were ready to concede and both of which fought to the bitter end.  The final score was 49-47 to Omega.