Club Awards for Players

 Player’s Player

A Team

Lucy Andrews

B Team

Louise Cousins

C Team

Kayleigh Burke

A Team Player's Player 2016 - 2017
B Team Player's Player 2016 - 2017
C Team Player's Player 2016 - 2017

Her first season back after having her son and she has given 110% both on and off court. She consistently plays a key role with incredible stamina and to a high standard we all just expect and she never fails to deliver, even when she’s been up all night with her son or is feeling ill herself. She also reads the game well, stealing many a ball from the opposition.

A solid team player.  She has a tough job and has carried out being captain with patience professionalism and determination. She consistently plays well and continues to ensure fairness is adhered to at all times and has shown great support for the team throughout the season. She has frustrating times but rarely shows it.

Another team member showing great commitment to the team and games, always turning up early. She has good team spirit and her performance is consistent. A great team player and is supportive of her team.

Youth Team

Millie Spires

Youth Team

Jodie Gill

Youth Team Player's Player 2016 - 2017 (1)
Youth Team Player's Player 2016 - 2017 (2)

Millie was voted player for her impressive interceptions and defending skills this season. She also won an award in the league for most nominations for player’s player from other teams.

Jodie G has been an amazing encouragement and support for her team, and has played an important joint captain role. She’ played a range of positions often thrown in at the deep end at GD but puts all her effort in and gets some great tips.

Most Improved Player

A Team

Claire Daws

B Team

Molly Brett

C Team

Hannah Troianno

Youth Team

Holly Bennett

A Team Most Improved Player 2016 - 2017
B Team Most Improved Player 2016 - 2017
C Team Most Improved Player 2016 - 2017
Most Improved Player for 2016 2017 season

She has grown from strength to strength this year consolidating her position in the team which is her first season with us. She has also been super flexible and played wherever we have needed her and has played strongly in a position of WD that at the start of the season was not a normal position for her! She has built on her skills, adapting her play to our game. Her ability to jump when defending the ball is amazing and the envy of some of her team. She has fitted into the team well, building in strength as the season progressed and growing in confidence throughout. We have seen an improvement and think there is still more to come!

Looking forward to seeing her continue to develop and for us to help her find her aggressive side as she is probably one of the nicest girls we’ve ever met.

New to the club and team, she’s fitted in well and played good netball. Over the second half of the season she has shown more grit and consistently intercepted many balls in every game she has played, creating many scoring opportunities. Never gives up and flies around the court like a little flying machine, gaining loads of interceptions with a great jump on her! A good player when she joined us, now turned into a fantastic player…her improvement is amazing!

Hannah has developed into a stronger player, shown willingness to try new positions and has excelled. She has come from struggling to defend the ball to a feisty fighter and has shown great commitment this year. Her game tactically, has improved.

The team coaches decided the most improved player award goes to Holly., commenting “It ‘s great to see how much Holly has progressed throughout the season becoming a more controlled player with great passing and feeds into the circle. She is so determined and level headed and listens to all our advice”.

Dummy Passer


This award is our Coach’s choice awarded to the Player who best and most often uses this pass to their team throughout the season.


This season, this award goes to Andrea Kinninmonth, who works this into every game she plays.

Dummy Passer of the Year 2016 - 2017