At Omega Netball Club we have 3 Senior Teams, 1 Youth team and we are in the process of building our Junior teams (age 11-14 age-group)

All our teams are full of sporty ladies that love to play netball.

A Team

B Team

C Team

Omega 1 vs Tegate 4th Nov 2018
Omega 2 vs Watford Premier on Saturday 2nd February 2019
C Team 2018-2019

Hannah Sell (Team Captain)

Charlotte Jordan
Natalie Faal
Sophie Cockrill
Megan Pryde
Lucy Hoskin
Leigh Rees-Reynolds
Claire Daw
Phoebe Gillen

Louise Cousins (Team Captain)

Hannah Brown
Sophie Humphry
Ruby Brett
Leanne Dickens
Emma Faulkner
Nicola Rantell
Molly Brett
Samantha Abbott
Lucy Andrews
Emma Maidment
Claire Statham

Andrea Kinninmonth (Team Captain)

Charlotte Ramejkis
Sofia Russo
Maisie Mizon
Lisa Short
Lauren Telling
Abby English
Julie Stanbridge
Hannah Troiano
Alice Mills

Youth Team

Ellie Reynolds (Captain)

Lauren Ahern
Yasmin Rogers
Emma Lack
Neave Parsons
Holly Bennett
Rachel Toye
Louise Merrick
Faye Bellas
Shannon Mooney
Jodie Gill
Millie Spires
Jody Woods
Lauren Lee

Team Structure

Omega Netball Club boasts three Senior teams to date. The first team or the ‘A Team’ play in the 1st Division of the East Region Netball League having recently gained promotion in the past 3 consecutive years, starting with  winning the Herts County League and subsequent Regional Playoffs in 2015/16 season, to winning Divisions 3 in 2016/17 season and then 2 of the East Region League in 2017/18 season, taking the top table spot each year. They also play in the St Albans Indoor Netball League on a Monday evening throughout the winter season.

The second team or ‘B Team’ play in Division 1 of the Herts County League winter weekends on a Saturdays inside the sports hall at The Ridgeway Academy, Welwyn Garden, having having gained promotion in 2017/18 season, secured 4th place in division 1 in 2018/19 season. They also participate in the Harlow Netball League, playing indoors at the Harlow Leisurezone on Tuesday nights throughout the winter season and have just gained promotion to division 1 in their first season in the league, having been undefeated all season.

The third team or ‘C Team’ also play indoors on Monday night in the Leventhorpe Netball League at Leventhorpe Leisure Centre, Sawbridgeworth and this year will play in the Herts & District Netball League on Wednesday nights at Wodson Park.

Our Youth team play in the TSNL local league on Monday nights at Wormley Playing Fields and on Saturday mornings in the HDNL Local League at Wodson Park.
Since September 2018, we have trained a group of 20 Yr 6/7/8’s on Thursday evenings from 6.00pm – 7.00pm, who are excited about their forthcoming first season in Summer development leagues within the county.

Throughout the summer period all teams play in various local leagues committing them to two games on average per week.  We  also compete for a short 6 week period from late June through July, playing FastNet netball on a Wednesday (Division 1)  evening at Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden, which we used this season to trial squads for the coming season.