Omega 1 vs Eastwood – Sunday 24th February 2019

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Omega 1 vs Eastwood on Sunday 24th February 2019

Omega 1 travelled to South Benfleet to face Eastwood in the return match in Division 1 of the East Region League.  Travelling with a core 7 players and reliable sub, Andrea Kinninmonth for the bench, the game is expected to be a tough one, as Omega lost to Eastwood in the 1st round.

A nervous Omega start the game and are quick to secure the first goal, but Eastwood respond in the same manner.  Omega then loose possession of the ball on their next centre pass, as the ball is fed into the shooting circle and Eastwood see their first opportunity to take the lead, but miss the shot and Omega’s second chance is rewarded by GA, Natalie Faal.    GD, Claire Daw picks up a loose ball and it’s Omega’s chance for a lead, but as the feed to double-marked GS, Charlotte Jordan is intercepted, the tables are turned.  Eastwood miss the shot again and once more, Omega secure their 2nd chance at the goal. Eastwoods WA is called for footwork and Omega try once more for a lead but the shot is missed.  Eastwood falter mid-court under the pressure applied by Omega’s mid-court players, Sophie Cockrill, Lucy Hoskin and Hannah Sell and the ball is thrown off the side-line, giving Omega another chance which they grasp.  With 1 min 17 secs remaining, Eastwood are called for a held ball on a goal-line pass in Omega’s shooting circle, but Omega fail to convert the shot and Eastwood secure the goal with seconds remaining in the quarter.  The final centre pass of the quarter is Eastwoods, but they only have time for the first ball, before the whistle is blown to end the quarter 10 – 9 to Omega.

Omega have the advantage of starting the second quarter and once again are quick to take the first goal, but Eastwood are not phased and take the next 2 goals to equalise the score 11-11.  Strong defending by Omega forces a held ball call against Eastwood for a goal line throw in and GA, Natalie Faal once again rewards Omega’s play with the goal.  Omega get on a roll, defending well, resulting in defence players Claire Daw and Phoebe Gillen intercepting  the feeds and gaining several rebounds.  This coupled with the team controlling their passing well down court, allowed them 6 straight goals to begin their lead in the game.  The rest of the quarter goes goal for goal until the final centre pass which is Eastwoods.  Lucy Hoskin intercepts the ball mid-court and the team take the ball to Charlotte to shoot.  The first attempt is missed as the defender contacts her just before the whistle, but she secures the second attempt to take the final goal of the first half of the game, leaving the score at 27 – 18 by half time.

Eastwood have a change of shooters for the 2nd half and their first attempt at goal takes 3 attempts before the shot is converted.  WD, Hannah Sell shows great vision and seizes the opportunity to feed GS, Charlotte Jordan from the mid court superbly, who rewards her with the goal.  Defenders Phoebe Gillen and Claire Daw are on fire this quarter, intercepting 7 feeds between them and gaining rebounds.   Additionally, WD, Hannah Sell finds GS, Charlotte Jordan with ease on a couple more occasions, again feeding her with great accuracy from the mid court.   Eastwood’s GK picks up a caution for persistent obstruction, but this hasn’t phased the Omega shooters who secure 17 goals as a result of the pressure applied by the rest of the team and the turnarounds gained.   A great quarter for the team and the lead is increased to 17 goals, with a score of 44-27 going into the final quarter.

Going into the final quarter, Omega are told to remain controlled and disciplined with their play.  GK, Phoebe is hot of the mark as she manages to steal the ball as Eastwood try to feed the first ball into their shooter, but a missed shot by Omega sees the ball returning to the Eastwood shooters and they secure the goal on the second chance.  Omega force the opposition to error on a couple of occasions early in the quarter and take advantage of the turnaround.   However, Eastwood do not give up and fight hard to close the gap in the score, but the play from Omega is too strong to break down.  A low scoring first quarter soon changed for the rest of the game and Omega take the well-deserved win with a fantastic score of 59-40.

This result has moved Omega up the division table to 3rd place.  A great achievement for the team, this being their first season in division 1.   P.O.M. goes to WA, Sophie Cockrill.

Omega Youths vs Bury – Saturday 23rd February 2019

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Omega Youths vs Bury Saturday 23rd February 2018

Omega Youths face experienced team, Bury in the Herts & District Local Netball League today.    The opening quarter saw some controlled play from Omega with matched court play and shooting from both teams.  A great interception by C, Shannon Mooney, who fed the ball straight to her GS, Yas Rogers to reward with the shot.   More interceptions by GD, Millie Spires, but these often short lived as an error followed the possession win.  Shooting from Omega’s Lauren Ahern and Yas Rogers was on point as they matched the goals gained by their opposition, resulting in a score of 9-9 by the end of the first quarter.

Second quarter saw Bury settle into their game and the experienced play shine through.  More great interceptions were won by Millie, but as soon as the ball was won, the opposition  won back the ball due to weak or mis-placed passing by the Omega team.   The team struggled to loose their markers and with passing direct to the player instead of the space, the opposition read the ball well and intercepted the ball at every opportunity.

The third quarter saw Omega struggle to bring the ball to their shooters, with the players once again failing to loose their markers and often moving the ball sideways or backwards due to player positioning, making it easier for the experience team to turnover possession and securing the goals at each opportunity gained.   Some good two hand marking of the pass was seen by all players this quarter and some good reading of the play by Shannon mid-court and defenders Millie and Neave, however possession gained was short-lived each time.

The final quarter, as usual a quick one due to central timing.  WA, Ellie Reynolds intercepts the ball from Bury and thinks about her next pass, feigning the pass in to GA Lauren Ahern, before securing it to her, which Lauren converts with her usual accuracy in the shot.  GK, Neave Parsons intercepts a couple of feeds to the shooters this quarter, but Omega are unable to keep possession and Bury gain control each time, before taking it to goal.

Some good play evident, particularly in the first quarter, but the need to loose markers and improve ball placement is something to work on for future games.

Omega 1 vs Turnford – Sunday 17th February 2019

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Leigh Rees-Reynolds

Omega 1 meet Turnford in the East Region, Division 1 re-arranged game at Leventhorpe and with a couple of the usual squad unavailable due to it being half term, the squad welcome back Emma Maidment and Lucy Andrews from pregnancy, for their debut appearance in the league this season.

The team are aware that this will be no walk-over and the apprehension is felt as the game begins, with Turnford starting the game.  Omega loose the ball at their first centre pass and Turnford are quick to take advantage and secure the first 3 goals of the game.  A great interception from GK, Phoebe Gillen gives Omega the opportunity to close the early lead, but this is short lived as her pass is turned over by the opposition and they take it to goal.  Omega loose yet another centre pass allowing Turnford another 3 straight goals as they increase the score to 7-2, but Omega’s Phoebe Gillen steals another ball and this time is rewarded with the goal and it’s Omega’s turn to take 3 straight goals to close the lead.  Turnford’s WA breaks at their centre pass and this proves costly for them as Omega punishes with the goal.  Turnford’s GK intercepts a feed from WA, Lucy Andrews into GS, Charlotte Jordan, but she footworks and looses the chance for her team as Charlotte converts the goal. Some goal for goal play is seen in the closing minutes of the quarter, but Omega error on a couple more occasions, resulting in the score at the end of the opening quarter being 19-12 to Turnford as they score the final goal just before the closing whistle.

Omega start the second quarter and thanks to a great interception yet again by Phoebe, they take the first 2 goals of the quarter.  Omega show determination throughout the first half of this quarter, resulting in 6 turnarounds by Phoebe, who is on fire.  Omega secure 5 straight goals mid quarter, which allows them to close the lead to just 1 goal, but poor passing, lack of drive onto the pass and footwork calls by Omega, allow the lead to open back up  again in the final minutes as Turnford take the next 5 straight goals.  A break at centre pass sees the ball once again with Turnford, but a missed shot allows Phoebe to gain the rebound and the team ensure the safe play as they manoeuvre the ball down court for Charlotte to convert the shot.  Half time sees Omega winning the quarter by just one goal, but the score at 29-25 to Turnford.

Team chats at half time are once again on maintaining control and possession of the ball, ensuring safe ball play to goal.    WD, Claire Daws is hot off the start, stealing the first centre pass ball from Turnford, giving her team the chance of the first goal, which our shooters oblige.  Turnford’s GK, defends Charlotte’s  next shot well and times her jump to perfection, allowing her to steal the ball mid-air, but her team fail to reward with the goal as Omega gain possession once more and GA, Emma Maidment secures the goal for Omega.   Phoebe reads the game well and intercepts a pass from the Turnford WD, who attempts to feed her shooter from the centre third transverse line, but as Phoebe passes the ball up-court, a footwork call sees the ball back in Turnford’s possession and the goal is theirs.    The Turnford GD is called a couple of times in the next few minutes, both times for footwork and both times proving costly for her team as Omega take advantage of the error and punish with securing the goals.  As the score is equalised at 35-35, Omega gain the chance to take the lead as Turnford error and the ball is thrown off the goal-line.  The opportunity is taken and Omega manage to gain the lead for the first time in the game, but it is short lived as the next 4 goals are Turnfords, however Omega win the quarter once more, leaving the score going into the final quarter at 40-39 to Turnford.

Both teams know that this game is going to the wire and once again Omega are reminded to maintain control in their play and ensure they play the ball safe.  The turning point in the quarter comes early as Turnford’s GA is called for contact at the top of their shooting circle and Omega punish them with the goal and begin to take the lead, which they hold on to and increase throughout the quarter.  This quarter sees the best play of the game from Omega, with superb discipline on show, showing that they have really listened and taken on board the advise from their coaches in the mid-quarter chats.  They control their play, meet the pass and ensure the safe ball to find their shooters , who look like they’ve never been apart as they inter-pass and reward the team with their accurate shooting.  Fantastic play by the whole team, with great linking up-court by WA, Lucy Andrews and C, Lucy Hoskin, supported down-court by defence players Claire Daw and Leigh Rees-Reynolds, enabled the team to maintain control, which Turnford could not unrail, resulting in a well deserved win with a final score of 58-52 to Omega.

A great game to watch, ending with a fantastic result, which should secure Omega’s place in division one for next season.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 – Saturday 16th February 2019

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Omega 2 vs Turnford 4 Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Omega 2 meet top of Division 1 table, Turnford 4 in the 2nd half of the Herts County League games.   Having been robbed of the win in the first half of the season, Omega were keen to secure the win this time round.

Emma Faulkner and Ruby Brett took the bench for the 1st quarter and the  game started well with Omega defending strongly from C, Nicola Rantell through to Andrea Kinninmonth at GK,  keeping the score tight in the opening quarter.  GD, Sam Abbott was on fire, turning the game over on 6 occasions to give Omega a great head-start on the game and an early lead by the end of the 1st quarter, with a score of 12-10 to Omega.

A one-part change sees Nicola Rantell take the bench, replaced in C by Emma Faulkner.  The second quarter was once again matched play with accuracy in the shooting displayed by both teams, but Omega once again had the edge on Turnford and managed to maintain control, enabling them to increase their lead by a further 4 goals by end of the 1st half of the game, giving them the advantage going into the second half, with a score of 26-22.

Another change for the third quarter, sees Nicola return to the C position and Emma Faulkner moving to WD, as Molly Brett takes the bench.  The third quarter saw Turnford return to court determined to give all they had to keep them in the game.   Omega were not so hot on the turnarounds and Turnford put the pressure on the Omega attack, resulting in the shooting accuracy taking a hit.  Turnford managed to claw back the goal deficit by end of the quarter, equalising the score at 36-36 for the final quarter.

A whole lot of changes to the team in an attempt to change the team dynamics,  sees Andrea Kinninmonth taking the bench, replaced by Hannah Brown in GK and Ruby Brett taking her GS position from Hannah.  Additional changes saw Leanne Mansfield take the bench, replaced at WA by Molly Brett.   The changes proved costly for the team as they were unsettled and struggled adapt the passing and feeds for the new setup…lesson learnt for future!  Turnford took advantage of this and took the lead for the first time in the game,  which they held on to, to the end.  The final score was 47-41 to Turnford, but this time round, they deserved the result.

Omega 1 vs Rookies – Sunday 3rd February 2019

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Omega 1 vs Rookies at Wisbech on Sunday 3rd Feb 2019

For the second game of 2019, Omega eagerly travelled 2 hours to Wisbech to take on Rookies. We had played against Rookies last season and narrowly beat them in the autumn so we knew they were going to come back fighting. The quarter started steady as Omega were finding their feet.  With Emma Faulkner stepping up in GA from the second team, we had to make some adjustments to our game. The first quarter was fairly neck and neck with both Omega and Rookies making mistakes with passing ending the first quarter 14 – 13 to Rookies.

Second quarter, saw Omega come on the court with determination to dig deeper and settle. Rookies shooters were very accurate so the defence worked hard on tight marking and saw Rookies crumble under pressure with 2 passes ending up off the goal-line allowing Omega to make it down the court and rewarded with a goal. Mid court were also defending hard with several tips which were then worked down the court, at times a bit frantic leading to some errors by Omega with some scrappy passing. Defence fought on though with some excellent steals by Phoebe Gillen at GK using two hands to steal the ball time. Shooting was on form by both Emma Faulkner and Charlotte Jordan, seeing the team walk off at half time with a score of 28 – 21 to Omega.

Rookies weren’t ready to give up and came back on fighting. Charlotte at GS, was having to work hard with both Rookies defence marking her but Emma at GA, utilised herself well to work the ball into the Circle with some quick last minute off loads to Charlotte. Our defence were manning on and communicating well as the ball travelled down the court. With several interceptions from the defence and mid court saw Omega go to goal with 6 goals in a row thanks to our shooters only missing one shot all quarter! Passing down the court was better with accurate passing and more movement along with the option of looking back and resetting to go forward, Omega were flying 46 – 28.

The last quarter saw Natalie Faal step in at GA with Charlotte GS. Defence were still hot on Rookies tails with Phoebe gaining the first interception on Rookies centre pass , which the team took to the shooters and Charlotte secured the goal for the team. Omega’s morale was very high and their game was more relaxed with great mid court movement and quick passing which saw them take the win 60 – 43. Well deserved POM to GK Phoebe Gillen!

Also BIG congratulations to our GA Natalie Faal on gaining her level B umpiring award in Ipswich before the match!

Omega 2 vs Watford Premier on Saturday 2nd February 2019

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Omega 2 vs Watford Premier on Saturday 2nd February 2019

For the first time all season, Omega have a squad of 12 for their 2nd round fixture against Watford Premier, who they beat by just one goal in the 1st half of the season.  The squad know it won’t be an easy game, but are ready to give their all.

The starting team being GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Nicola Rantell; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Sam Abbott and GK – Louise Cousins.  On the bench are Emma Faulkner, Andrea Kinninmonth and welcoming back for their first Herts League game after the birth of each of their 2nd child, Emma Maidment and Lucy Andrews.

Watford Prem start the game and Omega are tense.  The team take some time to settle and the nerves are apparent as we miss shots and make errors.  However, some great interceptions are seen by Nicola Rantell, Molly Brett, Sam Abbott and Sophie Humphry, but as soon as we gain the ball, we swiftly return it to the opposition.  With a score of 10-9 to Watford Prem, Omega have the opportunity to equalise as they closely mark the opposition, forcing a held ball call, however we don’t capitalise on this advantage and Watford maintain the lead to the end of the quarter.  With 5 seconds remaining, Omega have the final centre pass, but they have failed to note the limited time and as a result, miss the opportunity to fast-track the ball to the shooters and the quarter ends 12-13 to Watford.

A change at quarter time sees Nicola Rantell take the bench and Emma Faulkner picking up the C position.   Watford Prem have the opening centre pass once more, but it’s Omega who take the first goal to equalise the score.   Omega take their centre pass to goal, but a missed shot sees the ball back with the opposition and the tables turned.  Some clean interceptions by Molly Brett, Sam Abbott and Leanne Mansfield sees the ball returned to the shooters and each rewarded for their efforts,  with a goal from our shooters.  Omega take the lead and are up by 3 goals midway through the quarter, but Watford Prem are feisty and fight back to take back the lead once more.  Omega make more errors than intercepts this quarter, but manage to keep the goal difference to 1 goal by half time, with a score of 28-29 to Watford.

A big change at half time, sees Hannah and Sophie taking the bench, replaced by Ruby Brett and Emma Maidment in the shooting circle.  Additionally, Leanne Mansfield is replaced at WA by Lucy Andrews, Molly Brett is replaced at WD by Nicola Rantell and Hannah Brown moves to the opposite end of the court, replacing Louise Cousins at GK.   For the first time in the game, Omega start the play and are successful in taking the first goal.    Ruby Brett, our youngest player,  settles well into the GS position, with great inter-passing from Emma Maidment at GA and it looks to be a great start.   The team struggle to turn the game to their advantage, but fight hard to contain their opponents and turnover the game on 7 occasions, with great intercepts by Nicola, Lucy and Sam, but we also loose the ball on 9 occasions, which allows Watford to increase their lead by a further goal.

The final quarter and Omega are 2 down and another big change around of the team in the last ditch attempt to change up the dynamics sees Andrea Kinninmonth taking the court for the final quarter, replacing Hannah Brown as GK, Lucy Andrews moving to C, Leanne returning to WA, Emma Faulkner moving from C to WD and Sam Abbott replaced at GD by Nicola Rantell.    Both teams are aware that the game is likely to go to the wire and neither team are ready to be defeated.   Omega manage to equalise the score on a couple of occasions and finally take the lead by mid quarter, but only by 1 or 2 goals.  Contact calls against Nicola outside the circle, sees Andrea covering both shooters, but she manages to keep her feet moving around the players and drives forward to intercept the pass, gaining possession for the team on a couple of occasions.    The final score is a deja vu moment, with Omega taking the game by 1 goal, which is exactly what happened in the 1st half fixtures between both teams.  This resulted in Omega having a 9 point lead on Watford Prem on the league tables, sitting comfortably in 4th position, levelling on points with 3rd place, SAS who have a slight lead on goal difference by just 2 goals.

Omega Youth vs Wodson Cyan – Saturday 26th January 2019

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Youths vs Wodson Cyan on Saturday 26th January 2018

Omega Youths met Wodson Cyan for the 2nd half of the fixtures at Wodson Park.  Both teams being youth teams, it was great to have the opportunity to play against a similar age-group team.

Omega took the 1st couple of goals of the game, starting really well and in the first quarter both teams were matched in their performance and equalising on scores by the end of the quarter, 9-9.

The 2nd quarter was again one of similar performance from both teams, but with Wodson Cyan just having the edge and leading by half time 22-16.

The 3rd quarter saw Wodson Cyan taking advantage of the height of their shooter, perfecting the loop ball, high feeds into the circle, allowing them to build on their lead as Omega defence being that much shorter, could not intercept the pass, resulting in the score going into the final quarter of 21-35.

The final quarter was short as usual, however a switch of the Omega defence to match the height of the shooter, allowed them to contain and limit Wodson’s feeding options.  Both teams equalised on score this quarter, with a final score of 40-26 to Wodson Cyan.

Omega were lacking their centre court players, resulting in an unpracticed setup midcourt, but Jodie Gill and Neave Parsons put in all their effort and covered the role well between them.   The whole team defended well throughout the entire game, with mid court players Rachel Toye, Louise Merrick, Neave and Jodie intercepting many more balls than seen in previous matches, but these were often short-lived as they were unable to maintain ball ownership to goal.  Lauren Lee in GK  and Yas Rogers in GD, managed to closely mark the circle players, resulting in winning many rebounds for the team.

Some superb and accurate shooting by Ellie Reynolds and Lauren Ahern and tight defending by Yas Rogers in the final quarter as GK.   A performance the team should be proud of and definitely an improvement in the whole team’s defending play.    Well done team!