Omega 1 vs Turnford – Sunday 17th February 2019

By February 23, 2019Regional Match Reports
Leigh Rees-Reynolds

Omega 1 meet Turnford in the East Region, Division 1 re-arranged game at Leventhorpe and with a couple of the usual squad unavailable due to it being half term, the squad welcome back Emma Maidment and Lucy Andrews from pregnancy, for their debut appearance in the league this season.

The team are aware that this will be no walk-over and the apprehension is felt as the game begins, with Turnford starting the game.  Omega loose the ball at their first centre pass and Turnford are quick to take advantage and secure the first 3 goals of the game.  A great interception from GK, Phoebe Gillen gives Omega the opportunity to close the early lead, but this is short lived as her pass is turned over by the opposition and they take it to goal.  Omega loose yet another centre pass allowing Turnford another 3 straight goals as they increase the score to 7-2, but Omega’s Phoebe Gillen steals another ball and this time is rewarded with the goal and it’s Omega’s turn to take 3 straight goals to close the lead.  Turnford’s WA breaks at their centre pass and this proves costly for them as Omega punishes with the goal.  Turnford’s GK intercepts a feed from WA, Lucy Andrews into GS, Charlotte Jordan, but she footworks and looses the chance for her team as Charlotte converts the goal. Some goal for goal play is seen in the closing minutes of the quarter, but Omega error on a couple more occasions, resulting in the score at the end of the opening quarter being 19-12 to Turnford as they score the final goal just before the closing whistle.

Omega start the second quarter and thanks to a great interception yet again by Phoebe, they take the first 2 goals of the quarter.  Omega show determination throughout the first half of this quarter, resulting in 6 turnarounds by Phoebe, who is on fire.  Omega secure 5 straight goals mid quarter, which allows them to close the lead to just 1 goal, but poor passing, lack of drive onto the pass and footwork calls by Omega, allow the lead to open back up  again in the final minutes as Turnford take the next 5 straight goals.  A break at centre pass sees the ball once again with Turnford, but a missed shot allows Phoebe to gain the rebound and the team ensure the safe play as they manoeuvre the ball down court for Charlotte to convert the shot.  Half time sees Omega winning the quarter by just one goal, but the score at 29-25 to Turnford.

Team chats at half time are once again on maintaining control and possession of the ball, ensuring safe ball play to goal.    WD, Claire Daws is hot off the start, stealing the first centre pass ball from Turnford, giving her team the chance of the first goal, which our shooters oblige.  Turnford’s GK, defends Charlotte’s  next shot well and times her jump to perfection, allowing her to steal the ball mid-air, but her team fail to reward with the goal as Omega gain possession once more and GA, Emma Maidment secures the goal for Omega.   Phoebe reads the game well and intercepts a pass from the Turnford WD, who attempts to feed her shooter from the centre third transverse line, but as Phoebe passes the ball up-court, a footwork call sees the ball back in Turnford’s possession and the goal is theirs.    The Turnford GD is called a couple of times in the next few minutes, both times for footwork and both times proving costly for her team as Omega take advantage of the error and punish with securing the goals.  As the score is equalised at 35-35, Omega gain the chance to take the lead as Turnford error and the ball is thrown off the goal-line.  The opportunity is taken and Omega manage to gain the lead for the first time in the game, but it is short lived as the next 4 goals are Turnfords, however Omega win the quarter once more, leaving the score going into the final quarter at 40-39 to Turnford.

Both teams know that this game is going to the wire and once again Omega are reminded to maintain control in their play and ensure they play the ball safe.  The turning point in the quarter comes early as Turnford’s GA is called for contact at the top of their shooting circle and Omega punish them with the goal and begin to take the lead, which they hold on to and increase throughout the quarter.  This quarter sees the best play of the game from Omega, with superb discipline on show, showing that they have really listened and taken on board the advise from their coaches in the mid-quarter chats.  They control their play, meet the pass and ensure the safe ball to find their shooters , who look like they’ve never been apart as they inter-pass and reward the team with their accurate shooting.  Fantastic play by the whole team, with great linking up-court by WA, Lucy Andrews and C, Lucy Hoskin, supported down-court by defence players Claire Daw and Leigh Rees-Reynolds, enabled the team to maintain control, which Turnford could not unrail, resulting in a well deserved win with a final score of 58-52 to Omega.

A great game to watch, ending with a fantastic result, which should secure Omega’s place in division one for next season.

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