Omega 1 vs Bears 2 – Sunday 22nd January 2016

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This week saw Omega travelling back to the Essex region for an away game against Bears 2, who were sitting just behind Omega in the table.  The first leg at Leventhorpe saw Omega win 55-48 so it was bound to be another good competitive match.  With Omega being undefeated so far this season, they are now the team to beat so each game is going to be extra tough.

The first quarter was neck and neck and despite several turnovers from Omega, the goals weren’t converted. Bears, however got off to a good start and were clearly up for challenging the group leaders. The first quarter ended with Bears up by 13-11.

The second quarter was similar to the first with not much between the two sides and very evenly matched.  There were several steals from the Omega players down the court but silly mistakes from the whole team combined with a strong performance from the Bears GS kept Omega at bay.  Unfortunately the Omega GS took a bad knock which saw time needed for a short period. She got back up despite not being able to see properly!!! Never great for your shooter!! This was a well fought quarter from both sides, resulting in the scoreline remaining with a Bears two goal lead.  The quarter ended 29-27.

Both sides made some team changes at half time, including Omega bringing on a poorly Hannah Sell to try and increase the pressure on the Bears shooting circle.  The changes didn’t have a strong enough impact and the GS continued to put pressure on the Omega defence. Unfortunately Omega made several mistakes in this quarter and with the Omega GS having difficulty with her vision (and no back up shooter) Omega dropped further, ending the third quarter 43-35.

With pressure mounting, Omega needed to respond strongly in the last quarter to try and close the gap but unfortunately this was not the case. Bears continued to play their GS into the game at every attempt and with high shooting accuracy this proved to be a winning strategy.  Final result was 57-46.

It was clear that Omega did not play their best in this game and it was by far their worst performance of the season but full credit to Bears who played a strong game and played consistently throughout the four quarters.

This was Omegas first defeat of the season but 1 defeat in 11, especially for league  newbies is still something to be extremely proud of which they remind themselves of going into the next game.

Omega 2 vs Baldock – Sunday 15th January 2017

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Omega 2 v Baldock 2nd round

Another exciting game to watch!  Omega expected a competitive game and that’s exactly what they got.  Baldock were definitely up for a win today and the game started with Baldock being quick off the mark.  Their accurate shooting, along with some silly mistakes made by Omega as they settled into the game, allowed Baldock to take an early lead of 6 goals, ending the quarter 11-17 in their favour.

A tactical change to tighten the Omega defence and improved positioning in the shooting circle saw Omega return to court, determined to fight back.  They settled into the quarter well, showing their opposition they were by no means defeated.  Omega upped their play and contended the ball consistently.  This coupled with consistent, accurate shooting, resulted in them winning possession more and closing the lead, regularly having the opportunity to get within one goal, but Baldock hit back each time, increasing their lead once more.   Omega maintained their play throughout the quarter, ending it with a two goal deficit by half time.

Some team changes at half time and Omega mean business as they take the court.  This quarter, there are many more interceptions made by centre court and defence players and with five minutes of the quarter remaining, Omega take the lead for the first time in the game.  This is short lived as Baldock score the next two goals, giving them the advantage once more.  Omega take the next goal and an interception by Molly Brett in WD, allows Omega to even the score once again.  The ball is back with Baldock and as they try to feed their shooter, the ball goes out of court.  Omega are keen to keep possession and focussed, controlled play allows them to pass the ball safely down court to their shooter, giving them back the lead in the game.   The next two goals are Omegas, giving them their first three goal lead.  In the final few seconds, Baldock take the ball to the edge of their shooting circle, where a tip from Molly takes the ball out of court and the quarter ends before a goal can be scored.

The final quarter and Omega focus on maintaining their lead, with Julie Stanbridge, GD, intercepting the first centre pass, but possession is short lived.   Baldock take the ball down court, but contact by their GA sees the ball returning to Omega’s control.  It’s a tense quarter for the team (and their bench!), but Omega maintain their advantage throughout the quarter.  With three minutes to go, Omega have a six goal lead, whist Baldock’s heads are beginning to drop and their shooters have gone off the boil. In the last 3 minutes, the accuracy of feeding and shooting by Omega is second to none and a further five goal lead is achieved.   In the last 40 seconds, Baldock loose their centre pass with the ball going out of court.   Omega take control, with considered passing down court, reaching their shooter who is contacted.  The buzzer goes and the Omega GS, Hannah Brown takes the penalty shot, increasing their lead to finish the game 58 – 46 to Omega.  A cracking come back by Omega!

Omega 1 vs Grangers – Sat 14th January 2017

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For the first home game since mid November, Omega arrived relaxed and ready to take on Grangers. From playing Grangers previously on their home ground, we knew they were a young quick team who would fight to the end. The game started with an intercept from Grangers, but quickly turned back over for Omega to concede the first goal. Grangers showed a strong presence, causing Omega to make a few mistakes, but in Omega fashion we fought back with some great rebounds, interception and spot on shooting leaving the court after the first quarter with a score 17-11

Second quarter, saw Omega come on the court with determination to defend the ball. With Grangers shooters being very accurate the defence had to work hard in reading the ball into the circle, leading to tips and turnovers from everyone. These tips were then converted into goals with our shooters running rings around Grangers defence leading to only 7 goals scored by Grangers while Omega pulled away with a score of 31 – 18 at half time.

Grangers weren’t ready to give up and came back on fighting, but after we started to build an extensive lead we relaxed and played our own game. Picking up on Grangers mistakes we zoned and safely worked the ball down the court into the shooting circle. Passing down the court and especially into the circle was spot on, mixing up with short bounce passes and strong sharp direct balls saw our shooters finish it off with perfect accuracy saw us going into the last quarter on 54 – 29

The last quarter saw Omega pull away to reach the big 7 0! Grangers started to tire and Omega were just getting going! Defence was tight and moral was high with brilliant play from everyone on court. Centre court was very supportive the whole way through enabling the shooters to maintain a very settled atmosphere and maintain their impressive shooting leading to Charlotte (GS) getting Player of the match and finalising a great game against a very friendly team to 70 – 39.

Omega 2 vs SAS Reds – Sunday 8th January 2017

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The start of the new year and the return of Leanne Mansfield to the team after an ankle injury earlier in the season.  The Omega team continue their high scoring game from their final pre-Christmas game, scoring 16 goals in the first quarter.   The team defend well, winning the ball on several occasions from their opposition, limiting their score to just 4 goals by end of the quarter.

They continue in the same vein in the 2nd quarter.  Omega welcome the return of Leanne, who settles back into the game as if she’s never been away.  They continue to grow their lead throughout the quarter, increasing it immensely to a 21 goal lead by the end of the first half.

A team change mid-game, sees Leanne resting for the remainder of the game, with Jody Francis taking the court at wing defence and Molly Brett moving forward to wing attack.   With players now out of position and the team taking time to adjust, SAS seize the opportunity to fight back, almost doubling their game score by end of the quarter.  Omega maintain and yet again, increase their lead, scoring 25% more goals than their opposition, leaving the score 43-19 by the end of the 3rd quarter.

The huge gap is too much of a task for the opposition, so they set their goal to gain 1 point on the score-board.  The court play is more evenly matched with SAS determined to achieve their target.  SAS work hard  and their efforts pay off, achieving their targeted half score by end of the game.   The final score is 56-31, allowing Omega maintain their top of the table position, whilst further increasing their goal difference to a fantastic 234 goals!

Omega 1 vs Billericay – Sunday 8th January 2017

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The first game of the new year sees Omega 1 travelling to Hockley, Essex, to play Billericay.  The nerves are ever present after the indulgent festivities, but they soon settle as the teams take the court.   Billericay win possession of the ball from Omega, as Omega make silly errors allowing Billericay to steal the ball.  However, the Omega shooters prove more accurate than their opposition, allowing Omega to take an early lead of 4 goals by the end of the 1st quarter (9-13).

The Billericay team chat obviously stirs them as they return to court ready to fight for the game.    Omega demonstrate some great ball control, re-adjusting their play when the front ball is not on, however their error is not meeting the ball and Billericay seize the opportunity to intercept and take possession on several occasions, which allows them to secure more goals than Omega in the 2nd quarter, bringing the game to even scores my half time (25-25).

A focussed team chat during half time, along with a defensive change for Omega.   The teams are evenly matched in their court play, each intercepting the ball down court,  turning the game in their favour a half dozen times, but once again the accuracy of the Omega shooters is superior.   The Omega team are not about to give up and are upbeat as they once again take a 4 goal lead to end the 3rd quarter (34-38).

With the end of the game in sight, both teams are eager to secure the win.   Billericay close the gap once more, but it is short lived.  Some interceptions by the Omega defence and controlled, safe ball play down court, allow Omega to once again increase their lead, maintaining and slowly increasing it as the quarter proceeds.  Solid and consistent umpiring by both umpires  allowed both teams to compete for the game throughout,  with both teams determined and playing in great competitive spirit.   The game ends with the final score being 50-44 to Omega.