Omega 2 vs Hornets – 22nd October 2017

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Omega 2 vs Hornets on Sunday 22nd October 2017

With a depleted team, against our Bogie team, Omega were expecting a tough game and Hornets did not disappoint.  The starting squad was GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Claire Statham; WD – Queenie Pearce; GD – Chloe D’Arcy and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

The game started with Omega loosing the first centre pass as the tension was ever present.    Omega took time to settle, the coach commenting on them playing like the ‘Stansted Express’ and needing to calm it down to allow those helping out and those out of position, to gel.  The first quarter was neck and neck throughout with both teams giving it their all in true competitive spirit, both determined to take home the win, with an even score of 11 all to end the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Omega looked more together, taking better control of the ball.  Omega capitalised on some errors forced on their opponents, allowing them to take a slight lead in the quarter, but that was short lived as Hornets were not ready to concede the game, ending the first half of the game on a draw of 25-25.

Half way through and Omega needed to keep control on their play.  An injury with a knock to the face in the circle, saw Omega’s GS calling time and leaving the court.  A swift change of positioning, moving Chloe in to shoot and Queenie from WD to GD and the game was back underway.  A few of minutes of play and Hannah returned to the court, picking up the vacant WD position.  The new positioning suited the pulled together squad and Omega started to take and hold onto a 5-goal lead by the end of the 3rd quarter.

A team chat in the final quarter break and a decision made to keep status quo on what by now was a winning team.  Omega returned to court knowing that if they maintained control and converted their centre passes, the game was theirs.  A couple of simple errors made in linking the passes, but Omega fought back to regain control and play tactically, as discussed with their coach.  A nail-biting game throughout, with a game that could have gone either way for most of it, but the determination of the Omega team paid off, resulting in them holding on to their lead and taking home the win they fought hard to achieve.  The final score being 45-37.

A big thank you to Chloe D’Arcy and Queenie Pearce for helping out today.  You were both awesome!

Omega 1 vs Rookies – Saturday 21st October 2017

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Omega 1 vs Rookies. Sat 21st Oct 2017

After a disappointing defeat last weekend, Omega were well and truly up for getting back to winning ways! With only a core seven and both the return of Charlotte Jordan and Claire Daw, the team started with Charlotte Jordan GS, Emma Maidment GA, Sophie Cockrill WA, Lucy Andrews C, Claire Daw WD, Hannah Sell GD and Samantha Abbott GK.

The game began with end to end goals, but as the quarter progressed, Omega started to get into their stride with fantastic play down the court, accurate shooting and some crucial interceptions by 5 of the 7 Omega players resulting in the quarter ending 17-13 to Omega.

The second quarter started strongly for Omega and they started to gain a bigger lead early on. Rookies however continued to fight hard to stay in the game and with their aggressive play and tight marking they did, at times, cause Omega to make faults but with a very strong Omega defence which continued to win balls and fantastic shooting by the Omega, the quarter ended with a bigger deficit with Omega leading 30-21.

The third quarter started with a great turnover by the GA, which after one straight pass into the GS meant that Omega were off to a great start. The Omega attack were playing their usual game of passing the ball well with some great feeds into the circle by Sophie and Lucy. The centre court made no errors this quarter which made it tough for Rookies to get back into the game but to give them credit they continued to fight throughout the game. The quarter ended 48-32.

A strong team talk by the Omega coach meant that Omega went out with a new plan to try and keep hold of the ball and let the ball do the work. This worked well but with great movement by Omega players there were ample chances to put more shots away and this continued throughout the quarter. Both teams were keen to get the win and with the umpires twice calling the captains over to try and calm the game it showed the competitiveness of the game. Sometimes this competitiveness led to poor challenges on players as a desperate attempt to get back into the game. A well fought game. The game ended 66-45 to Omega.

Player of the Match Omega – Charlotte Jordan (GS)

Player of the Match Rookies – WD

Omega 1 vs Thoroughbreds – Sunday 15th October 2017

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Starting 7: GS – Emma Faulkner, GA – Emma Maidment, WA – Sophie Cockrill, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Hannah Sell, GD – Samantha Abbott and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

Arriving in Norwich on Sunday with a depleted squad we knew this was going to be one of our most challenging and demanding games of the season so far. After a close game and an immense amount of effort all the way through, Thoroughbreds had taken the win with 53-48 as the final score. The 1st quarter started off as a nail biting 15 minutes going goal for goal. Mistakes and turnovers being made by both sides. GS, Emma Faulkner had really stepped up to the mark and showed everyone what she is capable of due to our chief GS being on holiday getting herself engaged (Congrats CJ and Jamie). The shooters found their range within the 1st quarter and were consistent throughout. This resulted in Emma Maidment – a great leader/captain throughout, who played GA for all 4 quarters, being awarded with Player Of the Match by the opposition. The final score of the 1st quarter was 11-9 to Thoroughbreds.

Moving onto the 2nd quarter, no changes were made to positions and the close gap remained. Centre court attacking players Lucy Andrews and Sophie Cockrill were consistent with balls into the circle and were fluent in bringing the ball down court with the assistance of WD, Hannah Sell who was always an option for the attackers. A few unforced errors had been made but Omega had been strong on defence and turned the ball over so that the small difference still remained at 24-22 to Thoroughbreds.

Onto the 2nd half of the game. Megan Pryde came on as WD for the 3rd quarter. Omega came out determined. Circle defence players Samantha Abbott and Andrea Kinninmonth were on the ball, with a key circle defence player being injured these girls also stepped up to the mark, they were making interceptions and applying pressure which meant they were forcing more errors. Centre court were hot on picking up loose balls. After a superb 3rd quarter and actually being up by 7 at one point, Omega had managed to take the lead 38-35.

The final quarter proved to be a difficult quarter for Omega. Hannah Sell was brought on as WD whilst Megan Pryde moved to WA. Thoroughbreds who had a squad of 12 had an immediate advantage over Omega with fresh legs.   Thoroughbreds came out fighting and were disciplined throughout. A good effort was made by all but Thoroughbreds had taken the win 53-48. We look forward to meeting them again at home and wish them every success with the rest of the season.

Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford – 15th October 2017

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Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford 15th Oct 2017

We arrived at the game, knowing it would be a tough match, having never beaten Bishops Stortford before, however, determination and grit throughout the court play, resulted in Omega winning the game!

The shooting from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry was on point for the entire game,  with Hannah holding some glorious positioning and Sophie supporting mid-court throughout.  The team gelled and were creative with their passing.  Their confidence to work the ball around, paid off.

Starting at C for the first half of the game, Lisa Short constantly supported mid-court play and fed some great balls into the circle.  The dodging from WA, Leanne Mansfield was phenominal, performing triple and quadruple dodges, making the WD fall behind her at every point, allowing no way for the ball to be intercepted.  She threw some superb loop balls into GS, Hannah and adapted her feed, performing some ‘spot on target’ short passes too.  A tactical switch by the Coach, allowed fresh legs mid-court, with Molly Brett taking the C position and Lisa Short moving to WD.  The change of dynamics resulted in tighter defending mid-court and superb feeding with new links into the circle from Molly Brett.

Defence was on point today!  Chloe D’Arcy filled in at GD, playing out of position and out of her comfort zone, resulting in her being unsure at the start of the game, but changing her mind and looking like she was in her natural position once she got into the flow of the game.  She perfected her lean on marking the shot, resulting in the shooters holding onto the ball too long, gaining the advantage for Omega.   Both  GK, Louise Cousins and GD, Chloe D’Arcy marked the oppositions strong GS, but Chloe also read the feeds into the GA at times, ensuring some great interceptions throughout the game.

GK, Louise had the toughest of players as the GS was very tall and a consistent shooter, but her determination and marking led to the GS missing quite a few shots in the last half, which really gave Omega the boost to win the game.

It was close throughout, with Omega only ever being at most 8 infront, but we remained calm, passed it around and controlled the game to make the final score.


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Put a ring on it!

Huge congratulations to A Team’s Hannah Sells and her now fiancé, Jess Harwood on their engagement whilst on their holiday last week.   We have to say Jess, it’s about time, but the best things come to those who wait!   We are all looking forward to the celebrations and the announcement of ‘The date’!   Fantastic news, for a fantastic, well suited couple who we all adore.    May this be the start of many good things to come for you both!

Omega 1 vs Comberton – 8th October 2017

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Omega 1 vs Comberton 8th Oct 2017

We went into this weekends game with a depleted squad and with our resident circle defence out injured and ill. However Andrea Kinnimonth and Hannah Sell stepped into their positions and what a performance it was.

Comberton had the first centre pass but with Lucy Andrews on tight defence she turned it over resulting in Omega taking the first goal and onto their centre pass. Omega’s centre pass was then turned over by Comberton and with the game going back and forth Omega ended the quarter with a 7 goal lead 16-9.

We went into the second quarter aiming to start strong, that we did. Superb shooting from Emma Maidment and Charlotte Jordan kept the score board ticking over. The mid court of Claire Daw, Lucy Andrews and Sophie Cockrill fed the shooters brilliantly and were on tight defence.  The defence kept Comberton’s tall GS at bay, not being able to cope with two hands over the feeder. Something Omega work hard on in their training. This quarter ended 34-26.

With an 8 goal lead Omega wanted to push on and extend their lead. The third quarter was our best quarter, with the attack shaking off their defence and the defence turning over several balls. The attacks movement made it easy for the feeders to feed some fantastic balls in, sometimes making it look easy. Omega extended their lead 52-34.

The final quarter saw the introduction to Megan Pryde at WD, making her first regional appearance after being out injured since July. We knew that the game wasn’t over and that Comberton would come out fighting. But again, the tired-less interceptions and spot on shooting there was no way back for Comberton. Final score was 69-46.

This completed our 100% record in a division that we have just been promoted into.  We are taking the regional divisions by storm after having back to back promotion. Every girl on court gave their all together and that was displayed in some fantastic Netball. Special mention to our home supporters who at times push us over the line. Next game is against Thoroughbreds away.

A Team vs MK Netters Diamonds – 31st Sept 2017

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A Team vs MK Netters 31st Sept

A great performance this weekend for our 2nd game and first away game of the season against MK Netters. Omega started with a solid first quarter, making some great interceptions from the attacking circle all the way down to defence, with GS Charlotte Jordan strongly converting shots and the score reflected the efforts with Omega up 22-7 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Knowing that NK Netters were going to try and come back strongly in the 2nd quarter the team chat lead by the coach and captain encouraged the team to maintain composure and keep control of the game with great linkages and a continued strong defence.  The team fully took this feedback on board and demonstrated just what had been asked of them and they ended the 2nd quarter in a strong position with the Omega up 42-15.

The 3rd quarter started badly for Omega with an early injury sustained to a key player in defence, however the team quickly regrouped and kept their composure and substitute Andrea Kinninmonth slotted into the defensive circle quickly forming a good partnership with Samantha Abbott in at GD and Omega ended the 3rd quarter 59-26.

In the final quarter Omega did not take their foot off the gas, continued turnovers by all 3 of the defence players, coupled with some phenomenal feeds into the circle by Sophie Cockrill and Lucy Andrews provided great opportunities for Emma Maidment and Charlotte Jordan to continue to convert their shots and the final score ended with a strong score line of 79-37 to Omega. MK Netters also sustained an ankle injury in the final quarter of the game, we hope that all players injured on Sunday from both teams make a speedy recovery!!

Omega 2 vs Turnford 5 – 1st October

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B Team vs Turnford 1st Oct

Omega turn up for the fixture with bare 7 players and our usual WD, Molly Brett, having to fill the centre position.  The team for the game being:-

GK & Captain – Louise Cousins; GD – Andrea Kinninmonth; WD – Claire Statham; C – Molly Brett; WA – Leanne Mansfield; GA – Emma Faulkner and GS – Hannah Brown.

The opposition are a very young team, who are determined to give Omega a good game.   The Omega team work hard to establish player positioning and linkages during the first quarter and the hard work pays off and we end the first quarter taking an early lead of 21-8.

Our team talk is very positive and the team return to court, keen to attain our first Division 2 win of the season, having been unlucky in the previous games.  We continue the game, taking advantage of errors made by the young team, who never give up on their quest, even when their GA picks up an injury half way through the game.

We started to look tired by the 3rd quarter, but managed to dig deep for energy and drive to keep us going to the end of the game, whilst continuing to grow the score at the same rate.  Omega take the ball to goal with control and confidence, having won the ball over on many occasion down the court, allowing the shooters to convert over 21 goals in every quarter.  A well played game by Omega, sees the game end with a massive score of 92-25.

The young Turnford players are also commended and congratulated for their attitude throughout the game, never giving up and giving it their all right to the end.