Omega 1 vs Hornets 1 on Sunday 22nd September 2019

By September 22, 2019Regional Match Reports
A Team 22nd Sept 2019

Omega 1 meet Hornets 1 in their first home game in the East Region League in division 1.    This is expected to be a very tough game for the team, with Hornets returning to the league this season, after relegation from the Premier League last season.

Omega’s starting line-up is GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Natalie Faal; WA – Molly Brett; C – Lucy Hoskin; WD – Claire Daw; GD – Leigh Rees-Reynolds and GK – Phoebe Gillen, with Sophie Humphry on the bench and Megan Pryde returning after a lengthy break, also on the bench.

Hornets start the game and succeed in taking the ball to goal on their first attempt.  Omega miss their shot on the first attempt and Hornets are quick to punish, allowing them to secure the first three goals.   Hornets set up a zone defence to apply the pressure and Omega struggle to push through it. They maintain their composure and work together to conquer the zone and the gap in the score begins to reduce.   Some tooing and froeing back and forth with both teams erroring pursues for several minutes in the mid to late quarter as both teams contest for the ball and force errors on each other.  The final 20 seconds of the opening quarter and Hornets centre pass is taken to goal quickly and converted.  Then follows the final centre pass of the quarter by Omega, but the time is very limited and they fail to get the ball into the circle to attempt the shot.  A decent start to the game from both teams and a score at the end of the first quarter of 14-9 to Hornets.

The team stays the same for the second quarter and some words of advise given by the coaches in the interval.  The team return to court determined to fight for the game and give their all.    Hornets start the quarter once more but an error proves costly, allowing Omega punish and take the first goal.   Hornets GK is told to tidy up her contact in the early minutes.  A missed shot by Omega and Hornets take the ball down court, but force feed and the ball is off the goal line.  Omega take the throw in and control their play, finding their shooter and securing the goal.   Hornets defend well at the centre pass and steal the ball from Omega at the first pass and subsequently score the goal.    Omega’s defence is tight and strong, resulting in a 3-second call on Hornets around their shooting circle.  Omega take it to their circle edge, but this time it’s their turn to force feed and loose the ball off the goal line.  Hornets take the throw in, but the ball is cleanly intercepted in Omega’s shooting third and they have another chance for goal, but they fail to hold on to the ball once more.  The final 11 seconds of the first half of the game and Hornets break on their centre pass.  Omega are quick to punish their error and secure the final goal on the buzzer.   A great second quarter for Omega, who have managed to close the score to just 2 goal lead for Hornets, with a score of 26-24.

After a great 2nd quarter, the decision is taken to keep the team as is for the 3rd. It’ Omega’s turn to start the quarter, but they loose possession on the first pass.  However, Omega’s defence in and around the circle are not ready to concede the goal and stand strong and determined as they have all game, forcing an error on Hornets who are forced into a 3-second call.   They are disciplined and patient in their play and determination prevails as they find the shooters who reward with the goal.   Omega are close to evening the score, but a couple of errors prove costly and Hornets take the ball to goal at every opportunity, which result in their lead opening once more and the quarter ends with a game score of 39-31 going into the final quarter.

A last ditch attempt to take the game and change the dynamics, results in Sophie Humphry taking the GA position, Megan Pryde taking the WA position and Natalie and Molly taking the bench for the final quarter.  Omega start the quarter but miss their first attempt at goal, but Leigh Rees-Reynolds puts up a strong fight and intercepts the ball to give her team another chance and they reward her efforts.   Omega take the first three goals and close the gap to just 5 goals, giving them a great start and a chance at the win they so want.  Hornets increase the lead once more, but a couple of  rare missed shots by their shooters sees Omega capitalising on the errors to claw back the score once more.   An exciting final quarter, with both teams giving their all to the game.  The final score is 49-41 to Hornets, but a performance by Omega that they can be proud of.  They fought throughout the game and displayed determination and composure for the entire game.

Player of the match goes to GS – Hannah Brown.

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