Omega 2 vs Cosmic 12th March 2017

2s vs Cosmic 12th March 2017

Net10 weekend and not as much pink as we expected to see but well done to Anna Rogers for some rather choice socks!   Cosmic did well sporting pink ribbons in their hair.

Omega set out with a squad of 8 and a plan to change the attack each quarter to give all players a game.   The first off is Anna Rogers, with Claire Statham playing out of position at Centre and Emma Faulkner playing GA…a first time for this combination this season.   Omega start the game well and take an early lead, but Cosmic prove worthy oppositions and fight to close the goal difference.   Omega steady their play and take control, in the latter part of the quarter and accurate shooting from both Hannah Brown and Emma Faulkner results in the team leading 19 – 9 by end of the first quarter.

A change to the team in the 2nd quarter, sees Claire Statham off due to an ankle injury, Emma Faulkner moving to play the Centre position and Anna Rogers back in for the usual attack combination.  Omega make a few simple errors, but mainly maintain and win possession throughout the quarter, with some great linking mid court by C,  Emma and WA, Leanne Dickens.  100% shooting accuracy from Hannah Brown, great movement and interworking with GA, Anna, allows the team to storm ahead, with the score at half time at 33-16 to Omega.

The team remain the same for the rest of the game and another fantastic shooting quarter for the team allows them to increase their lead further.  The team continue to make some basic errors, giving the ball to the other team, but they fail to capitalise on their advantage.  This coupled with another quarter with 100% conversion rate for Hannah Brown, sees Omega’s lead increase further.

The score going into the 4th quarter is 47-26 to Omega and they keep the pace going for the final quarter.  In this quarter, the defence shine with some superb interceptions by GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Julie Stanbridge and WD, Molly Brett, winning possession 11 times this quarter between them.    They kept control and converted the goals, scoring 17 goals in this final quarter, leaving the final score 64-31 in their favour.

Omega needed this win to secure their top of the table position for the season, but Cosmic gave them a good game and fought to the end.  The game was played in great spirit by both teams.  The team now look forward to the final game against Shelley on 2nd April.

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