Omega 1 vs Wyvern Grangers – Sunday 9th Oct 2016

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Omega 1 at Beds Uni

Omega’s first away game and nerves and tension are present, but this doesn’t stop them starting well. In fact the atmosphere is buzzing as Omega attack the game well, retaining ownership of every centre pass and consistently converting the goals.  Many an interception from the Omega defence players supported the team obtaining a comfortable lead, with Grangers not able to gain possession from the team throughout the quarter, other than from foot faults by Omega. The score at the end of the first quarter was 14-5 to Omega.

Grangers return to the court having made some changes to the team, in an attempt to even the score, and Omega make a defence change, but Omega were once again up for attacking the ball and maintaining their lead. Tight defence in the circle and mid-court resulted in several interceptions and rebounds being won by Omega,  supporting the team in increasing their lead in the second quarter. Grangers put more pressure on the team, this time winning possession by forcing errors on Omega and turning over the game. Omega continued to fight for the ball, only allowing Grangers to score 5 goals again in the quarter, versus the 12 scored by Omega, increasing Omega’s lead by 16 by end of the 2nd quarter.

Omega make another subtle defence change and Grangers change their attacking positions again.  This quarter, the Grangers defence is stronger and controlled and they manage to tighten up against the strong Omega shooters, intercepting balls and gaining possession of forced feeds by Omega’s attack.  Omega’s defence is just as solid, with consistent interceptions and winning back of the ball, mainly from within the circle, but with several interceptions by the defensive play of the mid-court.  Once again, Omega only concede 5 goals to Grangers, but as the Grangers defence has strengthened, Omega only score 7 in the third quarter, but maintain their comfortable lead.

The final quarter and an attack change for Omega and more attack changes for Grangers.  Grangers come out strong in this quarter and force Omega to make many more simple errors, turning the game around.   A scrappy quarter for the Omega team, but their valuable early lead mean it’s too late for Grangers to take control.  Grangers score 12 goals in this quarter, versus the 7 scored by Omega, but the final score is 40-27 to Omega.