Omega 1 vs Rookies – Saturday 3rd February 2018

Omega 1 vs Rookies at Wisbech on 3rd Feb 2018

This weekend saw Omega travel away to Rookies for an early 10.30 start.  Omega, having just returned to the top of the table were now once again the team to beat so they knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game.

The first C was taken by Rookies and Omega got off to a great start putting them under pressure causing the GD to break, giving Omega their first attempt to covert, which they did.  The game was end to end for the majority of this quarter with both teams making errors and giving each other the option to take the lead. Sloppy mistakes by Omega saw Rookies take advantage and with some faultless shooting by the Rookies shooters, the quarter finished 15-12 to Rookies.

The second quarter showed the resilience of Omega, who took the court with the pure intention to get control of the game and gain a leading position.  Although Rookies were just as fired up for this game and also started strong, hanging on to their lead.  Some great pressure from the Omega GD saw a fantastic interception and a forced held ball.  Unfortunately  omega failed to convert these opportunities and the lead remained with Rookies for the early part of the quarter. Omega increased the pressure throughout the quarter and with a great turnover from centre court Omega started to get back into their stride and play their normal netball.  This increase in pressure caused Rookies to make mistakes with simple errors such as breaking, which Omega took full advantage off.  With a spell of fantastic shooting by Omega the quarter ended 31-28 to Omega.

The third quarter was well contested, again with both teams increasing the pressure to make the other team make mistakes.  Omega attack were sloppy with passing this week, losing the ball on a few occasions, something which is very unusual for the Omega attack, who have the best attacking record in the division.  This, along with a struggle to stop the accuracy of the Rookies shooters and some easy balls going into the GS, meant that Omega did drop some goals once again.   The quarter ended 44-44.

The final quarter was heated to say the least with the  umpires having to caution 2 Rookies player for time wasting and there was a tactical decision to call some injury time with several Rookies players changing positions and going off for injury but then returning to the court within the minute.  Nevertheless Omega continued to fight for this game, with a strong turnover by the Omega GD they eventually took a two goal lead with 30 seconds to go.

Unfortunately Omega were making way too many errors instead of just putting this game to bed.  A poor pass from within the Omega attack gave possession to Rookies which they punished them for.  Omega simply did not convert all of their opportunities in this quarter and allowed Rookies to stay in the game.  The Rookies shooters barely missed a shot all game so full credit has to go to them for making it extremely difficult to get any big lead.  Omega walk away feeling happy with the 3 points but frustrated that they handed Rookies the draw, who probably feel like they are the winners of this fixture.   Game ends 57-57

Players of the match were awarded to both the Rookies GA and the Omega GA.

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