Omega 1 vs Ipswich Ladies – Saturday 9th September 2017

Omega 1 vs Ipswich Ladies 9th Sept 2017

Saturday saw the first regional game for Omega in division 2 after a storming season last year with only one defeat. Omega stepped on court against Ipswich at their home ground in Sawbridgeworth with nerves and pressure running high. First whistle went, the game had begun with GK, Phoebe getting her first of many interceptions straight from the off. The girls were all full of adrenaline with quick play and fast passes into the shooting circle to secure the first few goals. As the game went on the team settled down keeping the ball safe with GD, Sammie and WD, Hannah providing great back up support to work the ball up the court into our shooting circle where attack worked smartly to secure the goals. Final 30 second to go Ipswich ball, where C, Lucy got a great interception which converted to another goal, Omega coming off court with a lead of 14 -6.

2nd quarter and Omega went on still wanting to do better and dig deeper, knowing Ipswich where going to come back with vengeance. Omega again working it well down the court into the shooters who were working tactically to ensure the goals – even with the Ipswich defence starting to notch up the pressure with contest. Both C, Lucy and WA, Sophie working hard to read each others positioning around the circle to provide the best support for GA, Emma and GS, Charlotte, who rarely missed but when they occasionally did, they were there to get the rebound against Ipswich tall defenders to sink the goals. Omega applied the pressure with strong arms and tight marking to cause errors for Ipswich which Omega calmly capitalised on with great support again from defence and calm tactical play coming off court with 31 – 14 lead.

Half time and team talk with Head coach and Captain meant Omega came on starting a fresh, having been told, not to become complacent with their extensive lead and to focus on defensive play.  Omega return to the court buzzing and still hungry for the ball, which their opposition were soon aware of.   C, Lucy calmly worked the ball down the court with great support from WA, Sophie and on the defensive line from WD, Hannah. As the game went on Ipswich girls were getting more aggressive and frustrated which Omega fed off, applying the pressure and turning over their mistakes. The play was calm and everyone on court wanted that ball, fighting for every opportunity and capitalising on Ipswich mistakes going into the final quarter leading 49 – 20

Final quarter and with a 29 goal lead Omega were confident but they still didn’t let this drop their play. With the first centre belonging to Ipswich, Omega quickly gained the advantage, due to defensive team work and pressure from GD, Sammie and GK, Phoebe lead to an interception to go to goal. This was the first of 3 conversions in a row from Omega leading to 6 goals in a row to open the final quarter. Ipswich were getting desperate for the ball and gave our attack a battle with GD getting warned for dangerous play but our attack stood strong and continued to stay confident with GS, Charlotte even impressing Paul, the Omega Coach,  with a dummy pass to GA, Emma to gain a goal.

Every Omega player wanted the ball and wanted to keep the ball safe by playing it smartly down the court, mixing up techniques and always communicating together and encouraging each other on. You wouldn’t be able to tell there were 2 new/ returning players on court in defence who right from the start worked well together. Smiles all round for 1st game in division 2 with a 68 – 30 final score, however we know next time we come up against Ipswich they will be fighting for it.

Big thanks to all the supporters who came to cheer on Omega at the game and even new addition Jesse, only a few weeks old!

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