Omega 1 vs Norfolk Utd 1 – Saturday 2nd December 2018

By December 15, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Norfolk Utd 1 on Sunday 2nd December 2018

After playing Norfolk ER2 last season, Omega knew this wasn’t going to be an easy game. They knew if they wanted to take the win they were going to need to fight for it and that’s exactly what they did.

Omega have the first centre pass and a bad ball causes Norfolk to turn this centre pass over. However, Omega’s defence is too tight for Norfolk they get pulled up for a held ball resulting in Omega being the first on the scoreboard. Norfolk’s WD breaks on their centre pass and Omega score again. Omega’s WA, takes a potential contact from Norfolk which was not called leading Norfolk to goal and getting on the scoreboard. A few bad passes were given by Omega causing a few thrown off the back line and forced errors resulting in Norfolk picking up the goals. The final score at the end of the first quarter saw Omega taking the lead 13-11.

Omega knew what they needed to do 2nd quarter and tidying up their passing was definitely one of them. Omega are not off to a great start as GD is given a caution for persistent obstruction. Norfolk are under pressure and are making errors, a ball thrown off the back line results in another goal for Omega. Norfolk’s WD is now handed a caution for persistent contact. Norfolk have picked their game up and Omega are making silly mistakes. 40 seconds remaining and Omega are rushing the ball into the circle unnecessarily causing the ball to be tipped off the back line = no goal. A poor quarter from Omega and Norfolk now lead 26-25.

Moving into the 2nd half and Omega are yet again off to a bad start, WA failing to catch the ball from GS and ball goes off the sideline. However, Norfolk have now missed the shot and Omega have picked up the rebound and taken the ball to goal. Norfolk GD has now picked up a caution also. Omega’s defence are gaining several interceptions by applying pressure down their end which brings us back to an equal score. 37-37 and Omega miss their shot. Mistakes are made from both sides and the ball is up and down the court with no goal being scored. Norfolk have now taken a 2 goal lead resulting the end of the 3rd quarter being 39-37.

The 4th and final quarter, both teams with so much determination. Norfolk are making mistakes, forced balls are thrown into the shooters and Omega managed to equalise 41-41. A few bad passes are also given by Omega and a centre pass is not received resulting in Norfolk taking to goal. Norfolk then break their own centre pass and Omega managed to take the ball down the court resulting in another goal. Both teams are working hard and fighting, a few mistakes were made by Norfolk and eventually Omega took the win 49-47.

Thank you Norfolk for a great game and we look forward to coming to you in 2019. All the best for the rest of the season.

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