Omega 1 vs Bears 1, Saturday 10th Feb 2018

By February 19, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Bears 1 10th Feb 2018

After playing against Bears earlier in the season and the final score being 54-54, Omega knew this was going to be a competitive game and that they would have to put up a fight in order to take the win which is exactly what they did.

Omega take the 1st centre pass to start the game off, a missed goal by Omega resulted in Bears being the first on the scoreboard. Both teams are making mistakes and the game is almost goal for goal, defence are applying pressure and making several interceptions but are being called up by the umpires for ball handling and contact resulting in the ball being back in Bears possession. Both teams were rattled by the pressure, Bears WA was given a caution for persistent breaking on centre passes and Omega’s WA is told to tidy up her obstruction. A close finish to the 1st quarter 11-10 to Bears.

Omega start off the 2nd quarter with nothing but determination. Omega have the 1st centre pass which is straight to goal – they were back to playing their game. Omega were defending throughout the whole court forcing Bears to make errors and converting these into goals. Both teams desire to win is really starting to show as Bears WA is given a warning for dangerous play and Omega’s WD is given a caution. Omega’s shooters were consistent throughout the quarter and both had averaged above 90%. The score at the end of the quarter saw Omega pulling away at 26-24.

Moving onto the 3rd quarter with a 2 goal lead Omega’s attack worked the ball around and were feeding into the shooting circle superbly. The team came together as one and everyone was on their game, 4 lose balls were picked up by Omega in the 3rd quarter alone. Omega’s defence were communicating and working well together – 4 interceptions were made, several balls were forced off the back line whilst also applying pressure causing Bears to be called up for a held ball. Omega managed to retain their lead and the final score of the quarter was 42-38.

Final quarter and Bears had the 1st centre pass but were penalised for delaying play therefore it was advanced and handed over to Omega. The 4th quarter was the quarter Omega pulled away and took the win with the 1st 4 goals of the quarter being scored by themselves. Another 2 of Bears balls were forced off the back line due to solid defence. 10 minutes left on the clock and Omega were 10 goals up!!!!! Bears were beginning to feel the pressure, making silly mistakes allowing Omega to take advantage of this. Omega WA now also given a warning. Omega were minimising mistakes in this final quarter and went out fighting for that win. The hard work paid off as the final score was 63-48.

POM was awarded to GA Emma Maidment.

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