Omega 2 vs Hornets 5 – Sunday 11th Feb 2018

By February 11, 2018Herts League Match Reports

An early fixture and the return game between Omega 2 and Hornets 5 is expected to be a tough one, with Omega only clenching the one in the first round by 8 goals.  With a depleted defence and once again, GA Chloe D’Arcy stepping up and playing out of position in GD, the team are ready to give their all.  A quick chat ahead of the game to keep the team morale and support high throughout and the starting team being GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Lisa Short; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Chloe D’Arcy; GK – Andrea Kinninmonth and Emma Faulkner starting on the bench.

The team take the court and immediately loose the ball at the 1st centre pass, but soon settle and take begin to take an early lead in the game, securing the next 3 goals.   Some good space in the attack circle allowed the attack players to find the shooters with ease and spot on shooting secured a great start to the game, with the defence sitting tight preventing Hornets getting into double figure goals.  The 1st quarter ended with a score of 20-9 to Omega.

A change of attack, with Sophie Humphry taking the bench, replaced with Emma Faulkner in GA and just a reminder to block after defending the ball and the team return to court feeling confident with their play.  A change to the Hornets defence play sees more pressure on GS Hannah Brown this quarter, which unsettled Omega for the opening minutes of the quarter, but determined to push on, Omega soon found their mojo and were not deterred by the tactical change of play.    Not such a high scoring quarter, but Omega pressed on further, increasing their lead further to 31-15 at half time.

Another change to the team at half time, saw Lisa Short taking the bench, replaced at C by Emma Faulkner and Sophie Humphry returning to GA.   Solid defending by the whole team this quarter, resulted in many turnovers by Omega once more.  Omega’s controlled play allows them to punish Hornets at every opportunity and Hornets struggle to send the ball to the their shooters this quarter as a result.  Hornets are pulled on a couple of consecutive centre passes for not being fully set and Omega are quick to take advantage of their errors.  Another higher scoring quarter with Omega gaining 16 more goals, whilst Hornets only secure a mere 6, resulting in the score going into the final quarter, being 47-22.

A final change to the Omega squad, with Leanne Mansfield leaving the court and Lisa Short taking up the WA.  With a 25 goal lead, Omega are told to play the ball safe this quarter and they work hard at achieving this.  Omega persist with pressuring their opponents and are solid in playing as a team once more.  Omega’s bogus 4th quarter sees them making a few errors, but not as many as they pressure their opponents into.  Another high scoring quarter with 17 goals scored by Omega maintaining their lead comfortably throughout the entire game.  This quarter is the highest scoring for Hornets, with them achieving double figures in goals and just managing to secure a point on the league table by attaining just over half score in the game. Omega have proved too strong an opposition for the young Hornets teams, with a final score of 64-33.  A cracking display of netball from the entire Omega squad, with everyone giving their all to the game.  Division 1 is looking a possibility.  If the team can maintain the standard of play seen in this match, they’d hold their own if promotion is achieved.

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