Omega 2 vs Hatfield Phoenix – Saturday 11th September 2021

By September 12, 2021Herts League Match Reports
B Team vs Hatfield Phoenix 11th Sept 2021

The first Herts County League fixture for Omega since February 2019 and the team meet Hatfield Phoenix.    A determined and focussed team take the court with the starting seven being Ruby Brett at GS, Laura Millard (Robilliard) at GA, Lucy Hoskin at WA, Lucy Andrews at C, Zoe O’Neill at WD, Samantha Abbott at GD, Phoebe Gillen at GK and Andrea Kinninmonth on the bench.

In the 1st quarter, we see an amazing performance from the entire squad, showing the opposition they’re up for a win in the first game.   The combination of Lucy Hoskin and Lucy Andrews is solid in the attacking play, finished off with consistent and confident shooting from both Ruby and Laura.  Likewise, at the other end of the court, the defence play from Zoe and particularly Sam and Phoebe in the defending circle, is tight and the many interceptions in the circle is testament to their dynamic play and reading the game.     The team lead 17-5 by the end of the first quarter, giving Omega the head start they need for their first game and a great lead to boost the teams confidence for the remainder of the game.

No change to the team taking the court for the 2nd quarter as the team have settled into the game so well.    A couple of well-won interceptions from Lucy Andrews on the oppositions centre-pass due to text book 2-hand marking, sees her winning the ball on 2 consecutive centre-passes.   In total, the team make 11 turnovers in this quarter, 5 of which are won by Lucy at C, allowing  the goal difference to increase further, ending the first half with a score of 35-14 to Omega.

For the 3rd quarter, Lucy Hoskins leaves the court, Zoe replacing her as WA and Andrea takes the court at WD. Hatfield also make some changes and bring on a new GK to unsettle the Omega shooters.   Omega take the first few minutes to regroup but soon get back into their stride once more.    The defence play in this quarter is solid once again and 12 more turnovers are won across all players from C to GK.  Hatfield’s change of GK has the desired impact with Omega’s attack having to work hard to find their shooters and the accuracy in the shooting taking a hit.   Hatfield manage to close the goal difference, winning the quarter 12 – 9, resulting in the score going into the final quarter being 44 – 26.

The Omega team remain the same for the final quarter and the team feel confident the win is in the bag, but they are told to think of the score as 0-0 and play the safe ball as they retake the court.   Another consistent quarter for the Omega defence who have shown their worth throughout the entire game.  The attack work hard once again to move the ball to goal, retaining possession throughout the court and finding their shooters.    Hatfield give the game all they’ve got, right to the bitter end, but the early lead in the 1st half of the game is too big for them to claw back, although they manage a draw in the final quarter.   The game ends 53-35 to Omega who put up a solid and exciting performance throughout the entire game.

An outstanding game from GK Phoebe, who read the game well and closed down the opportunity for Hatfield to find their shooters consistently.  A great confidence boost for the team to start the season and an amazing score to show for it.  Well done to all players!

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