Omega 2 vs Buntingford – Sunday 25th Feb 2018

By February 25, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Buntingford - 25th Feb 2018

Hallelujah….we’re back at Sir Freds!!!  The rematch against Buntingford and having lost by 4 goals in the 1st round, Omega were expecting a tough, contested game as Buntingford read the ball well and go for every ball.

The match started with Hannah Brown – GS; Sophie Humphry – GA; Lisa Short – WA, Emma Faulkner – C; Molly Brett – WD; Andrea Kinninmonth – GD and returning to her first Herts League game after pregnancy, Julie Stanbridge – GK and Leanne Mansfield on the bench.    Omega started well with the team gaining an early lead of 3-0, controlling the ball well and winning possession of the ball  from the opposition on several occasions.    Even though we didn’t always hold on to every advantage gained, the team successfully converted 17 goals in the opening quarter and kept Buntingford to just 11.

A change at WA saw Leanne pick up the WA position from Lisa Short and reminder from the coach to keep hold of the balls we gain!  The team return to court, knowing there is a long way to go in the game so we all have to give everything we have to maintain the opening lead.   Buntingford return to court ready to fight for the game and close the lead to just 4 goals in this quarter.  Although often struggling to get the ball out on the centre pass and regular congestion in the defence and mid court area, Omega maintain their discipline and controlled play which allows them to regain their lead, with this quarter being a draw of 13-13 (score of 30-24).

A half time chat about our positioning, congestion and ball placement and a decision taken to try to establish team stability, results in the team staying as per the 2nd quarter as the lead gained isn’t as comfortable as we’d like.    This quarter, the team settle into their positions well and whilst we still struggle on occasion at centre pass, support from the defence allows the team to maintain possession.  Some superb rebounds and interceptions by Julie and you’d never have thought this was her 1st Herts League game, after giving birth end of November!     The whole team settle and turnover balls and this quarter, we are more aware of our space and the court is less congested and the whole mid court, Leanne, Emma and Molly work to carefully take the ball to our shooters, Sophie and Hannah, both of whom have been extremely accurate in their conversion throughout the entire game, resulting in the game really opening up this quarter, with Omega gaining a 15 goal lead and a score of 48-33 going into the final quarter.

A final change to the team with Lisa taking back the WA position from Leanne and a team chat to continue our current, safe play!  We loose the 1st centre pass, but quickly get back on the attack to recover.   Once again, this quarter sees the team controlling their play and thinking about the next pass to secure the goals.  More impressive defending from Julie and Molly and also the midcourt players, Lisa and Em as they pick up loose balls and intercept the passes, before impressively maintaining the ball ownership to goal!    Likewise, continued accuracy with goal conversion by Hannah and Sophie and Buntingford know the game is lost.  A final score of 63-41 and Omega are extremely happy with the result, as Buntingford are the only team who have beaten top of the table, Abby Flyers, who Omega have next game.

Next game will see both Abby Flyers and Omega battling to secure the top of the table position and promotion to Division 1.

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