Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford on Sunday 4th February 2018

By February 4, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford on Sunday 4th February 2018

With Captain and team GK, Louise Cousins suffering a severe back injury from the game last Sunday, Omega take the court today with a different defence setup, with Chloe D’Arcy, usually an attacking player,  stepping up to play as GD. Bishops Stortford turn up with their regular shooter having returned from injury and Omega’s thoughts are that this is going to be a tough game. Omega start the game with Emma Faulkner on the bench and the Omega team are not deterred by the task ahead of them. They start the game well, although a little unsettled with a different squad. They take an early lead as Chloe puts the pressure on and wins some great balls from Bishops Stortford with a score of 17-11 to Omega by the end of the 1st quarter.

A reminder to lose our players and to defend the pass during the break and a change to the centre position, with Emma Faulkner taking the position and Lisa Short taking the bench. Bishops Stortford also make a change to their team and the game restarts. This quarter sees some impressive reading of the game by Molly Brett at WD and Chloe D’Arcy at GD gaining more opportunities for Omega and they keep Bishops Stortford to just 8 goals scored. This coupled with good linking down court by the midfield players, who found the shooters in the circle with relative ease and consistent shooting from both GS Hannah Brown and GA Sophie Humphry, allows Omega to increase their lead further, scoring a massive 20 goals, this quarter ending the 1st half of the game 37-19.

At half time, Leanne Mansfield takes the bench, replaced by Lisa Short, returning at WA and the team are reminded to keep control and ensure front passing. The team settle back into the game and continue as they finished the first half with majority of the ball ownership belonging to Omega. Bishops Stortford keep their heads in the game and are not ready to concede it. They attack hard to stay in the game, but Omega prove a force to contend with and once again, Omega prevent them scoring high, allowing only 6 goals this quarter. Omega however are hot on the ball and push on in an attempt to prevent their opposition getting a point for the table and by the final quarter, they are on target with a score of 51-25 going into the final quarter.

A final change to the team with Leanne Mansfield returning to court and Sophie Humphry taking the bench and Omega look good to take the game. A final team talk is that of control and retaining ball ownership, but at the 1st centre pass, this is short lived and Bishops Stortford punish our error, taking the 1st 2 goals of the quarter. Omega recompose and begin to play with more control and considered passes, steadily moving the ball to goal. Not the best of quarters for the Omega team and consistent with the play in last week’s game, but nevertheless, even though Bishops Stortord win the quarter, Omega take the game win with a final score of 59-37.

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