Omega 2 vs Buntingford – Sunday 25th Feb 2018

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Omega 2 vs Buntingford - 25th Feb 2018

Hallelujah….we’re back at Sir Freds!!!  The rematch against Buntingford and having lost by 4 goals in the 1st round, Omega were expecting a tough, contested game as Buntingford read the ball well and go for every ball.

The match started with Hannah Brown – GS; Sophie Humphry – GA; Lisa Short – WA, Emma Faulkner – C; Molly Brett – WD; Andrea Kinninmonth – GD and returning to her first Herts League game after pregnancy, Julie Stanbridge – GK and Leanne Mansfield on the bench.    Omega started well with the team gaining an early lead of 3-0, controlling the ball well and winning possession of the ball  from the opposition on several occasions.    Even though we didn’t always hold on to every advantage gained, the team successfully converted 17 goals in the opening quarter and kept Buntingford to just 11.

A change at WA saw Leanne pick up the WA position from Lisa Short and reminder from the coach to keep hold of the balls we gain!  The team return to court, knowing there is a long way to go in the game so we all have to give everything we have to maintain the opening lead.   Buntingford return to court ready to fight for the game and close the lead to just 4 goals in this quarter.  Although often struggling to get the ball out on the centre pass and regular congestion in the defence and mid court area, Omega maintain their discipline and controlled play which allows them to regain their lead, with this quarter being a draw of 13-13 (score of 30-24).

A half time chat about our positioning, congestion and ball placement and a decision taken to try to establish team stability, results in the team staying as per the 2nd quarter as the lead gained isn’t as comfortable as we’d like.    This quarter, the team settle into their positions well and whilst we still struggle on occasion at centre pass, support from the defence allows the team to maintain possession.  Some superb rebounds and interceptions by Julie and you’d never have thought this was her 1st Herts League game, after giving birth end of November!     The whole team settle and turnover balls and this quarter, we are more aware of our space and the court is less congested and the whole mid court, Leanne, Emma and Molly work to carefully take the ball to our shooters, Sophie and Hannah, both of whom have been extremely accurate in their conversion throughout the entire game, resulting in the game really opening up this quarter, with Omega gaining a 15 goal lead and a score of 48-33 going into the final quarter.

A final change to the team with Lisa taking back the WA position from Leanne and a team chat to continue our current, safe play!  We loose the 1st centre pass, but quickly get back on the attack to recover.   Once again, this quarter sees the team controlling their play and thinking about the next pass to secure the goals.  More impressive defending from Julie and Molly and also the midcourt players, Lisa and Em as they pick up loose balls and intercept the passes, before impressively maintaining the ball ownership to goal!    Likewise, continued accuracy with goal conversion by Hannah and Sophie and Buntingford know the game is lost.  A final score of 63-41 and Omega are extremely happy with the result, as Buntingford are the only team who have beaten top of the table, Abby Flyers, who Omega have next game.

Next game will see both Abby Flyers and Omega battling to secure the top of the table position and promotion to Division 1.

Omega 2 vs Hornets 5 – Sunday 11th Feb 2018

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An early fixture and the return game between Omega 2 and Hornets 5 is expected to be a tough one, with Omega only clenching the one in the first round by 8 goals.  With a depleted defence and once again, GA Chloe D’Arcy stepping up and playing out of position in GD, the team are ready to give their all.  A quick chat ahead of the game to keep the team morale and support high throughout and the starting team being GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Lisa Short; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Chloe D’Arcy; GK – Andrea Kinninmonth and Emma Faulkner starting on the bench.

The team take the court and immediately loose the ball at the 1st centre pass, but soon settle and take begin to take an early lead in the game, securing the next 3 goals.   Some good space in the attack circle allowed the attack players to find the shooters with ease and spot on shooting secured a great start to the game, with the defence sitting tight preventing Hornets getting into double figure goals.  The 1st quarter ended with a score of 20-9 to Omega.

A change of attack, with Sophie Humphry taking the bench, replaced with Emma Faulkner in GA and just a reminder to block after defending the ball and the team return to court feeling confident with their play.  A change to the Hornets defence play sees more pressure on GS Hannah Brown this quarter, which unsettled Omega for the opening minutes of the quarter, but determined to push on, Omega soon found their mojo and were not deterred by the tactical change of play.    Not such a high scoring quarter, but Omega pressed on further, increasing their lead further to 31-15 at half time.

Another change to the team at half time, saw Lisa Short taking the bench, replaced at C by Emma Faulkner and Sophie Humphry returning to GA.   Solid defending by the whole team this quarter, resulted in many turnovers by Omega once more.  Omega’s controlled play allows them to punish Hornets at every opportunity and Hornets struggle to send the ball to the their shooters this quarter as a result.  Hornets are pulled on a couple of consecutive centre passes for not being fully set and Omega are quick to take advantage of their errors.  Another higher scoring quarter with Omega gaining 16 more goals, whilst Hornets only secure a mere 6, resulting in the score going into the final quarter, being 47-22.

A final change to the Omega squad, with Leanne Mansfield leaving the court and Lisa Short taking up the WA.  With a 25 goal lead, Omega are told to play the ball safe this quarter and they work hard at achieving this.  Omega persist with pressuring their opponents and are solid in playing as a team once more.  Omega’s bogus 4th quarter sees them making a few errors, but not as many as they pressure their opponents into.  Another high scoring quarter with 17 goals scored by Omega maintaining their lead comfortably throughout the entire game.  This quarter is the highest scoring for Hornets, with them achieving double figures in goals and just managing to secure a point on the league table by attaining just over half score in the game. Omega have proved too strong an opposition for the young Hornets teams, with a final score of 64-33.  A cracking display of netball from the entire Omega squad, with everyone giving their all to the game.  Division 1 is looking a possibility.  If the team can maintain the standard of play seen in this match, they’d hold their own if promotion is achieved.

Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford on Sunday 4th February 2018

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Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford on Sunday 4th February 2018

With Captain and team GK, Louise Cousins suffering a severe back injury from the game last Sunday, Omega take the court today with a different defence setup, with Chloe D’Arcy, usually an attacking player,  stepping up to play as GD. Bishops Stortford turn up with their regular shooter having returned from injury and Omega’s thoughts are that this is going to be a tough game. Omega start the game with Emma Faulkner on the bench and the Omega team are not deterred by the task ahead of them. They start the game well, although a little unsettled with a different squad. They take an early lead as Chloe puts the pressure on and wins some great balls from Bishops Stortford with a score of 17-11 to Omega by the end of the 1st quarter.

A reminder to lose our players and to defend the pass during the break and a change to the centre position, with Emma Faulkner taking the position and Lisa Short taking the bench. Bishops Stortford also make a change to their team and the game restarts. This quarter sees some impressive reading of the game by Molly Brett at WD and Chloe D’Arcy at GD gaining more opportunities for Omega and they keep Bishops Stortford to just 8 goals scored. This coupled with good linking down court by the midfield players, who found the shooters in the circle with relative ease and consistent shooting from both GS Hannah Brown and GA Sophie Humphry, allows Omega to increase their lead further, scoring a massive 20 goals, this quarter ending the 1st half of the game 37-19.

At half time, Leanne Mansfield takes the bench, replaced by Lisa Short, returning at WA and the team are reminded to keep control and ensure front passing. The team settle back into the game and continue as they finished the first half with majority of the ball ownership belonging to Omega. Bishops Stortford keep their heads in the game and are not ready to concede it. They attack hard to stay in the game, but Omega prove a force to contend with and once again, Omega prevent them scoring high, allowing only 6 goals this quarter. Omega however are hot on the ball and push on in an attempt to prevent their opposition getting a point for the table and by the final quarter, they are on target with a score of 51-25 going into the final quarter.

A final change to the team with Leanne Mansfield returning to court and Sophie Humphry taking the bench and Omega look good to take the game. A final team talk is that of control and retaining ball ownership, but at the 1st centre pass, this is short lived and Bishops Stortford punish our error, taking the 1st 2 goals of the quarter. Omega recompose and begin to play with more control and considered passes, steadily moving the ball to goal. Not the best of quarters for the Omega team and consistent with the play in last week’s game, but nevertheless, even though Bishops Stortord win the quarter, Omega take the game win with a final score of 59-37.

Omega 2 vs Watford Premier – Sunday 28th January 2018

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Omega 2 vs Watford Prem

Omega 2 took on top of the table, Watford Premier in the Herts League, Division 2, re-arranged game this weekend.  With a bare 7 squad facing the top spot team, Omega were anxious ahead of the game, but this was not evident as they took the court and opened the game with a straight 4-0 lead, continuing to increase their lead to 9-1 in the opening minutes, showing the opposition we were determined to fight for the game.  The team played a controlled game, seeing every one of their centre passes converted to goal, with fantastic shooting by both GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry.  They took advantage of errors made by Watford Prem and punished the opposition at every opportunity, showing them we were determined to put on a good show and were up for taking the game.   The solid play by the entire team in the first quarter gave Omega a comfortable lead to go into the 2nd quarter, with a score of 17-7.

The 2nd quarter and Omega are as solid as they were in the 1st.   Great, consistent support from the WD, Molly Brett and GD, Andrea Kinninmonth on our centre passes allowed Omega to maintain ownership of the ball, playing the safe ball forward until we found our shooters, who persistently converted their shots.  The team continued to support each-other and work together throughout with some superb linking midcourt by all players and strong feeds from C, Emma Faulkner and WA, Lisa  Short

to finish off.  An injury to GK, Louise Cousins’ back mid quarter saw her calling time and leaving the court for treatment.  She returned to court after a goal, but was extremely limited in her movement from then on and the team knew they all had to give that little bit more to take the pressure off their injured player.   We continued to increase our lead, scoring 16 goals this quarter and limiting Watford Prem to 11, ending the 1st half of the game 33-18.

The team returned to court for the 2nd half of the game, believing the win was in sight, but knew they needed to maintain control and continue to play as they had in the 1st half.   Molly Brett at WD read the ball well, intercepting many a ball, helping the team to once again increase their lead this quarter.   The whole team continue to play a controlled game throughout the quarter, with dogged support from the defence players to take the ball to goal.  Once again Omega limit their opposition to 13 goals, scoring 16 themselves.  A comfortable cushion going into the final quarter, with a score of 49-31.

By the final quarter playing with an injured player was beginning to take it’s toll, with the team looking tired and unable to hold onto the ball as they had in the rest of the game.  This said, everyone continued to give it their all and did not give up.  Watford Prem took advantage of Omega’s weiriness, clawing back some goals, but by now it was too late and the final score was 60-48 to Omega.  This has put Omega 2nd on the table, to AFN, who Omega have yet to play.    We wish Louise a speedy recovery for next weeks game against Bishops Stortford.

Omega 2 vs Turnford 5 – Sunday 21st January 2018

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Omega 2 - Sunday 21st Jan 2018

With a squad of 8 for the game, the decision was made to rotate the team each quarter to allow all players a fair share of the game.   Omega started the game with confidence and maybe a little complacency having previously beaten the opposition 92-25 and this was evident in the first quarter.  Some different faces in the Turnford team and they started with determination, giving Omega a wake up call as they held their own in the opening half of the quarter, even taking the lead in the first few minutes.  Omega began to settle but took their time in doing so, allowing Turnford to stay in the game, with a score of 14-9 at the end of the 1st quarter.

A swift talking to by the coach in the break to sharpen up our passing and play, followed by a change in attack, with Emma Faulkner taking up the GA position and Sophie Humphry replacing her on the bench and the team return to court.   This quarter the team get back to their game and begin to move the ball down the court with better control and skill.  The shooters position themselves well in the circle and are supported well with great feeds in from the mid-court players.  Omega own the ball from centre pass to goal consistently and score double the goals of the opposition as the defence are tight and keep Turnford down to just 8 goals scored, leaving the score 30- 17 to Omega by half time.

Another change to the attack for the 3rd quarter, sees GS, Hannah Brown take the bench and Sophie returning to court, taking up the position.    The rotation play and inter-passing between the shooters in the circle is sweet, as is the support from the attacking players.     The team have tightened their passing throughout the court and drive towards the ball much more.  Another great quarter for Omega, scoring another 17 goals this quarter and the defence once again have limited Turnford to just 7 goals.

The final quarter, a comfortable lead and the final change to the Omega team sees Lisa Short take the bench, Emma move to centre, Sophie move back to GA and Hannah return to GS.   The start of the quarter and Turnford are not perturbed by the score, continuing to fight for the ball and take it to goal at every opportunity.    A steady quarter for Omega to end what has been a more challenging game than expected, against a much changed and improved Turnford team.   Some great netball displayed throughout the latter three quarters,  to combat the scrappy start.  A final score of 60-33 to Omega, taking them into 3rd position on the table, which shows them as the only Division 2 team that have scored over 500 goals to date.

A tough game next week, facing top of the table, Watford Prem.  Let’s hope the 2018 winning streak continues!

Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 2 – Sunday 14th January 2018

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Omega 2 vs Crosskeys 2 14th Jan 2018

The 2nd game of the 2nd half of the Herts League fixtures and it’s a competitive game for Omega 2 against Crosskeys 2, both of whom are mid-table teams, so a battle was expected.    The starting 7 were GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Emma Faulkner; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Andrea Kinninmonth; GK and Captain – Louise Cousins; with Lisa Short on the bench.

With 4 of the 8-squad suffering from the affects of the night before and another with a heavy cold, Omega know it’s going to be a tough one….probably tougher than initially expected.  The first time out in the new kit and at a new venue and the team at least look good!    Both teams are keen to win and the quarter is evenly played, with both shooting circles consistent in converting the goals, so the game becomes a battle of the shooters.   Omega gain a couple of interceptions and manage to create a 2 goal lead by the end of the quarter.

The team chat reminds everyone of driving towards the pass and the team return to court to compete for the game.  The quarter is again fairly evenly matched, but Omega again win some interceptions, but many are short lived as Crosskeys read the passes and Omega allow them to steal back the ball by not doing as was discussed in the break.  The defence try hard to close down the Crosskeys GS, but the opposition attack manage to find her every time – one to practice at training!  Omega manage to maintain their lead, increasing it by another goal going into the 2nd half of the game, with the score at 31-28 by the half time whistle.

Another reminder from the Coach and captain on expected playing strategies and a change in attack with Lisa Short taking the court at WA and Leanne moving to the bench.  Some more frantic play and evenly matched netball from both teams, but Crosskeys take advantage of Omega’s errors this quarter and close the gap in the scores.  At one point, Omega go 3 down, but they are not ready to concede and fight to stay in the game.  By the end of the 3rd quarter, Omega manage to hold on to a 1 goal advantage to head into the final stage of the game.

Both teams return to the court desperate to take the game, but Omega take a more controlled approach to the game and penalise Crosskeys at every opportunity.  The final quarter sees the best game play from the whole Omega team, with great linkage down the entire court, superb feeds from the attacking players and a much more skilful display of netball.  The fantastic court play and feeds are finished perfectly with confident, consistent shooting by both shooters.  The final result sees Omega taking the 5 points for the table and they have limited their opposition to a single point by ending with a goal difference of 5 goals and a great score of 59-54!

Omega are on a promising winning streak for the start of 2018, with both the 1sts and 2nds taking their games yet again this weekend.  Let’s keep on this winning roll!

Omega 2 vs Asco – Sunday 7th January 2018

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Omega 2 7th Jan 2018

The 1st game of 2018 for Omega 2 and the team were anxious.  They were uneasy about how they were going to perform having had several games cancelled by leagues for unforeseen circumstances in November and December, resulting in the team’s last game of 2017 being 13th November… the team had had an extended Christmas break!

The starting squad was  GS – Sophie Humphry; GA – Emma Faulkner; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Lisa Short; WD – Molly Brett; GD – Andrea Kinninmonth; GK and captain – Louise Cousins, with Hannah Brown starting on the bench due to having broken her finger at training earlier this week.

A scrappy start to the game with both teams wanting to take home the win.   The game was neck and neck for much of the 1st quarter, with many simple errors being made across the court and neither team taking a head start off the block.  The Christmas festivities have definitely taken their toll and the whole Omega team struggle to settle into the game, but they begin to capitalise on some errors made by Asco, giving them a lead of 4 goals at the end of the opening quarter, with a score of 12-8.

A reminder of Club playing principles from the Coach in the break and the team know they have to take control if they want to start the year off as they mean to go on.    Both teams take the court and play begins, but the frantic play continues!  The younger opposition strive to keep the win in sight and come out meaning business, but somehow, Omega continue to increase their lead by a further 2 goals by half time, ending the 1st half 25-19.

During the break, once again the Coach attempts to instil the key elements back into our play.    This quarter, it appears the team have listened and begin to play their game.  They are much more settled and manage to maintain control of the game with great linking of the balls by the attacking players, who manage to find the shooters who are consistent with converting the shots.  The defence are tighter and win many more balls from the opposition, allowing the whole team to work together as they did pre the lengthy down period in November and December, which results in a comfortable 18 goal lead going into the final quarter.

The final quarter and Omega return to court, with Hannah taking the GS position, Emma moving to C and Lisa taking the bench.  The team appear comfortable with the lead created in the 3rd quarter and continue a steady game.  Hannah is found easily in the circle and doesn’t let the team down with more spot on shooting, supported well by her attacking team mates both in and at the edge of the circle.  The defence continue to win more of the ball from the opposition and the improved play across the whole court ends the second half with a spectacular goal difference of 27 goals and a final score of 62-35.

Slow off the blocks, but as the Omega team settled into their game, they worked well together as a squad to bring home a fantastic first win for 2018!  Hopefully the rust has been shaken off and we’re back in our stride!

Omega 2 vs Buntingford – Sunday 5th November 2017

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Starting Team – GS – Hannah Brown, GA – Emma Faulkner, WA – Lisa Short, C – Molly Brett, WD – Claire Statham, GD – Queenie Pearce, GK – Louise Cousins.

After a frantic week for Omega’s captain Louise, trying to complete a squad, we were ready to take on Buntingford.  As always Omega started with apprehension as some players were not in their usual positions to begin with. There was some great play from the attacking end with some accurate passes into the circle to GS Hannah by C, Molly and before we knew it, Omega were pushing ahead. Tight marking in the circle by both GK, Louise and GD, Queenie created Buntingford to wobble a bit and reduced their shooting accuracy. Omega’s defence grabbed some great rebounds, resulting in the ball being brought down the court quickly, but sometimes too quickly, causing passing mistakes into the circle. Often with GS, Hannah double marked, GA Emma would command the majority of the circle. By the end of first quarter, Omega were 6 goals ahead, with a score of 16-10 in Omega’s favour.

During the break, Buntingford made some tactical changes that took Omega by surprise and they scored 3 straight goals. Omega’s centre pass was marked well, making it a bit frantic. Passes into the circle were again, panicked and were often intercepted by a strong Buntingford circle defence. This quarter saw some great interceptions by C, Molly and WD, Claire. This helped keep Omega 3 ahead for a while, but unfortunately this wasn’t enough to keep the 6 goal lead, ending the 1st half of the game with Buntingford taking the lead of 1 goal and a score of 28-27.

In an attempt at regaining the lead, Omega made a change in the defence, changing Claire into the circle at GD and Queenie picking up the WD position.   The Omega team knew they had some work to do to hold on to the game.   However the pressure and adrenaline proved too much, with the team making errors with their passing, having not truly grounded before attempting the pass, compounded by some missed attempts at goal.  Buntingford were quick to capitalise on the Omega teams errors increasing their lead to 6 goals in the 3rd quarter and a score going into the final quarter of 40-34 to Buntingford, but Omega were not ready to concede the game.

A change to the mid court for the final quarter, swapping WA, Lisa into C and Molly from C to WA.  With fresh legs in the key linking position, Omega knew this was the final chance at taking the game.  Some superb feeding from all attacking players into GS, Hannah started the quarter well with Omega fighting to stay in the game.  Tight defence by both GD Claire and GK Louise saw several interceptions and rebounds being won, allowing further attempts to bring the ball to goal, but Buntingford were determined to maintain their lead, forcing errors on Omega with passing the ball and winning interceptions to return ball ownership consistently.  Determination from the whole Omega team resulted in them winning the final quarter, reducing the Buntingford lead to 4 goals by final whistle, allowing them to gain the needed 2 points for the table.  Final score was 49-45.   A tense and tight game throughout with determined play seen from both teams, with Buntingford having the edge with disciplined play, that won them the game.

Omega 2 vs Hornets – 22nd October 2017

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Omega 2 vs Hornets on Sunday 22nd October 2017

With a depleted team, against our Bogie team, Omega were expecting a tough game and Hornets did not disappoint.  The starting squad was GS – Hannah Brown; GA – Sophie Humphry; WA – Leanne Mansfield; C – Claire Statham; WD – Queenie Pearce; GD – Chloe D’Arcy and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

The game started with Omega loosing the first centre pass as the tension was ever present.    Omega took time to settle, the coach commenting on them playing like the ‘Stansted Express’ and needing to calm it down to allow those helping out and those out of position, to gel.  The first quarter was neck and neck throughout with both teams giving it their all in true competitive spirit, both determined to take home the win, with an even score of 11 all to end the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Omega looked more together, taking better control of the ball.  Omega capitalised on some errors forced on their opponents, allowing them to take a slight lead in the quarter, but that was short lived as Hornets were not ready to concede the game, ending the first half of the game on a draw of 25-25.

Half way through and Omega needed to keep control on their play.  An injury with a knock to the face in the circle, saw Omega’s GS calling time and leaving the court.  A swift change of positioning, moving Chloe in to shoot and Queenie from WD to GD and the game was back underway.  A few of minutes of play and Hannah returned to the court, picking up the vacant WD position.  The new positioning suited the pulled together squad and Omega started to take and hold onto a 5-goal lead by the end of the 3rd quarter.

A team chat in the final quarter break and a decision made to keep status quo on what by now was a winning team.  Omega returned to court knowing that if they maintained control and converted their centre passes, the game was theirs.  A couple of simple errors made in linking the passes, but Omega fought back to regain control and play tactically, as discussed with their coach.  A nail-biting game throughout, with a game that could have gone either way for most of it, but the determination of the Omega team paid off, resulting in them holding on to their lead and taking home the win they fought hard to achieve.  The final score being 45-37.

A big thank you to Chloe D’Arcy and Queenie Pearce for helping out today.  You were both awesome!

Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford – 15th October 2017

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Omega 2 vs Bishops Stortford 15th Oct 2017

We arrived at the game, knowing it would be a tough match, having never beaten Bishops Stortford before, however, determination and grit throughout the court play, resulted in Omega winning the game!

The shooting from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry was on point for the entire game,  with Hannah holding some glorious positioning and Sophie supporting mid-court throughout.  The team gelled and were creative with their passing.  Their confidence to work the ball around, paid off.

Starting at C for the first half of the game, Lisa Short constantly supported mid-court play and fed some great balls into the circle.  The dodging from WA, Leanne Mansfield was phenominal, performing triple and quadruple dodges, making the WD fall behind her at every point, allowing no way for the ball to be intercepted.  She threw some superb loop balls into GS, Hannah and adapted her feed, performing some ‘spot on target’ short passes too.  A tactical switch by the Coach, allowed fresh legs mid-court, with Molly Brett taking the C position and Lisa Short moving to WD.  The change of dynamics resulted in tighter defending mid-court and superb feeding with new links into the circle from Molly Brett.

Defence was on point today!  Chloe D’Arcy filled in at GD, playing out of position and out of her comfort zone, resulting in her being unsure at the start of the game, but changing her mind and looking like she was in her natural position once she got into the flow of the game.  She perfected her lean on marking the shot, resulting in the shooters holding onto the ball too long, gaining the advantage for Omega.   Both  GK, Louise Cousins and GD, Chloe D’Arcy marked the oppositions strong GS, but Chloe also read the feeds into the GA at times, ensuring some great interceptions throughout the game.

GK, Louise had the toughest of players as the GS was very tall and a consistent shooter, but her determination and marking led to the GS missing quite a few shots in the last half, which really gave Omega the boost to win the game.

It was close throughout, with Omega only ever being at most 8 infront, but we remained calm, passed it around and controlled the game to make the final score.