Omega 2 vs Turnford 3 – Saturday 17th November 2018

By November 18, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Turnford 3 - Sat 17th Nov 2018

Having had a couple of weeks break from Herts League games, Omega are feeling apprehensive about the game, but ready to give it our all.   The starting seven are GS – Hannah Brown, GA – Sophie Humphry, WA – Emma Faulkner, C – Nicola Rantell, WD – Ruby Brett, GD – Claire Daw and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

The game starts well with Omega taking an early lead as we demonstrate great control of the ball, accurate passing and shooting throughout the quarter, finished off with superb teamwork by GS Hannah Brown and GA Sophie Humphry in our attack circle.  GK, Andrea Kinninmonth closed down the Turnford GS well, defending the space and marking the ball on the shot, resulting in some missed shots from a player who is usually an accurate shooter.  However, in the final seconds of the quarter, Andrea reduced her distance as the GS is about to take the shot, resulting in a penalty is given on the whistle and Turnford punish with the goal.  The opening quarter ends with a fantastic lead for Omega, with a score of 19-8.

Some player changes in the 2nd quarter sees Ruby moving from WD to GS, Hannah from GS to GK, Andrea taking the bench and Molly picking up the WD position.  Turnford have also made a change to their GS, replacing her with another shooter from the bench.  As the quarter starts, Hannah makes her first interception from the Turnford centre pass and the team take the ball to Ruby in GS to reward with the goal.     Turnford put up a fight for the the game this quarter and begin to claw back the goals, closing down the lead.  Ten minutes into the quarter and Turnford’s GA footworks in the circle and Omega seize the opportunity to take it to goal, but a poor feed from the circle edge sees Turnford regaining possession and the goal.  The Turnford GK picks up a caution for persistent obstruction and with 8 seconds remaining in the quarter, it’s Omega’s centre pass but in our haste to get the ball to goal, the ball goes off the goal line.  The first half of the game ends 28 – 20, with Turnford winning the 2nd quarter 12-9.

A rethink on the planned play schedule at half time and a further change to the team sees Hannah back at GS, Ruby at WD, Molly moving to WA, Louise Cousins taking the court as GK and Emma Faulkner taking the bench.    Turnford start the 2nd half, but an unforced footwork error by their GA allows Omega to take the first goal.   A long ball feed from the centre court to our shooters, proves a little hasty as the ball goes off the goal line and we loose possession.  As Turnford take the goal line pass, their WD injures her ankle and calls time, resulting in her leaving the court and being replaced from the bench.  The game restarts and a footwork call in our shooting circle sees our opposition gain the ball and steal a goal and with the next centre pass theirs, they re-close the lead that Omega had gained at the beginning of the quarter, but this is short lived as by just over half way through the quarter, Omega have opened the lead back up to 12 goals.   Some tooing and froing of the ball possession by both teams takes hold in the final minutes with an interceptions from GK Louise, which is quickly lost again mid court with a long feed to Hannah, but is won back again by GD, Claire Daw and this time Hannah finishes it off with a goal.   A much better quarter, with Omega taking the quarter 18-8 and the game score of 46-28 going into the final quarter.

With the play improved and settled, the decision for the final quarter is to keep the status quo with the team.   Omega start the quarter and are rewarded once again by Hannah with the goal.    The first four goals of the quarter go goal for goal but a blip in Omega’s performance sees Turnford pick up the next four goals.  Omega take hold and settle back into their game.  Some errors made by both teams, with contact calls and ball handling, sees the ball tooing and frooing between teams once again.  Omega falter deep into the quarter with a loss of possession on our centre pass and a couple of missed shots, allowing Turnford to claw back some goals.  Confusion sets in as Turnford shoot for goal and the ball goes into the net, but the net bounces it back out again, however the decision is taken to allow the goal to stand.  One minute to go and we loose the ball on our centre pass, but GD, Claire intercepts to win it back and Hannah rewards her once more.  The final 12 seconds on the scoreboard are noted by all and it’s Omega centre pass.  We safely find Hannah for our 60th goal and she obliges, just before the final whistle.

A great display of netball, showing determination to the end.  The win sees us sitting at seventh on the league table with 23 points.  However there are only 6 points between us and the top of the table, AFN Solar and only 1 point between us and sixth position, Equals.  The top half of the table are all fighting for positions, with just 1 or 2 points between each place, so the league is still up for grabs by everyone!

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