Omega 2 vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 1 – Saturday 8th December 2018

By December 9, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Abbey Flyers Nomads 1 - Saturday 8th December 2018

The final game of the 1st half of the season and it’s expected to be the toughest as Omega 2 meet the top of the Division 1 table, Abbey Flyers Nomads (AFN) Solar.

AFN start the game, but swiftly loose possession as their GA is called for held ball.  However, Omega fail to keep the ball mid court, but luck is on their side as the AFN WA footworks and this time Omega punish the error, taking the first goal.  In the opening minutes, Omega show the opposition that this is not going to be a walkover as they compete at every opportunity.  Each team make unforced errors this quarter and the game is neck and neck for majority of the time.  Superb defending by GK, Hannah Brown, playing out of position, sees her turning the game around 5 times in the quarter, giving the team ample opportunities to take an early lead, however the team make many errors with passing the ball and attempts at feeding the shooters which hinders their chances, resulting in AFN leading 11-8 by end of the quarter.

A change at quarter time sees GS, Ruby Brett taking the bench, Hannah Brown taking her position and Andrea Kinninmonth stepping into the role of GK after Hannah has set the bar high!   The start of the quarter is not Omega’s best as AFN take the first 4 goals, extending their lead even further.  Omega take time to settle, but succeed by mid quarter, with  strong defending by the team from C court to GK, resulting in 9 turnovers throughout the quarter.   Their determination and fight paying off, winning the quarter 17-11.

The team chat at half time highlights the congestion mid court on our attack play and solutions identified in an attempt to alleviate it.  The team are fired up to compete to the end and return to court prepared to give their all.  This quarter sees more unforced errors, with a couple of breaks on our centre-pass, footwork and a held ball call, but the score goes goal for goal throughout.  This is a better quarter for court play and moving the ball forward with fewer errors than the 1st half of the game, however AFN manage to claw back some goals, reducing the lead to just one goal going into the final quarter and a score of 35-34.

Omega are aware the final quarter will be tight and the chat is one of playing the safe ball and keeping possession to take to goal.  Both teams give their all as they fight to take the game.  The final minutes and Omega are still leading.   Confusion in the defence’s communication with the back-line pass and the AFN GS steals the ball and punishes with a goal, but Omega still have the upper hand.  The final minute and Omega fail to hold the lead as errors are made and AFN take the goals to equalise and it’s AFNs final centre pass with seconds remaining on the clock.  Omega know they need to defend hard and cleanly to prevent the goal.  They succeed in the challenge as AFN attempt to put up the shot, but the whistle blows and the shot is missed.

Omega are happy with the draw of 47-47 against the top of the table, allowing them to sit comfortably mid table by the end of the 1st half of the fixtures.

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