Omega 2 vs AFN Comets – Saturday 20th September 2018

By October 20, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs AFN NC 2 - Saturday 20th October 2018

Midway game through the first round of games and Omega 2 meet AFN Comets.  So far, both teams have won and lost games, so the game could go either way.  A core seven players for Omega for the game so fitness is key.

Comets start the game, but Omega are on form and steal possession to take the first goal.  The first quarter saw some great play from Omega with on-target shooting, from GS, Hannah Brown and GA, Sophie Humphry, coupled with some superb feeds from C, Molly Brett and WA, Leanne Mansfield Hannah  positions herself well in the circle.  The accuracy with shooting is matched by Comets and the 1st quarter goes goal for goal, but Omega fight hard to take a lead, succeeding by the end of the 1st quarter, taking a 2 goal lead with a score of 15-13 to go into the 2nd quarter.

Comets return to the game determined as Omega start the play.   They set up a zone-defence down court and Omega struggle to break through it.   As soon as we win over the ball from  our opposition, it is short-lived as we lack the drive and movement to take the ball down court.  Omega score 10 goals this quarter, whereas Comets manage at further 50%, allowing them to claw back the lead.  The final few seconds and Omega take note of the time as Comets error on their centre pass and Omega succeed in taking the ball down court to Hannah, who is contacted by Comet’s GK on the whistle. The pressure is on for Hannah, but her accuracy pays off as she ends the 1st half with a goal.  However, Comets have stolen this quarter, increasing their lead by half time, with a score of 28-25.

GK, Andrea Kinninmonth and GD, Claire Statham swap positions this quarter, in an attempt to change dynamics in the defence circle,  but Comets find their shooters with great feeds from the circle as the shooters hold for a near-post ball and punish Omega at every opportunity.   Comets steal many a ball as once again, they apply pressure mid-court with their zone-defence tactic and as per quarter 2, any turnover Omega achieve, is handed straight back to Comets.   Comets extend their lead throughout the quarter scoring double the goals of Omega, as we struggle to take the ball to goal and our heads drop.  The score going into the final quarter is 46-34 to AFN Comets.

A final stab at changing the game dynamics, sees majority of the team changing positions, with Hannah moving to GK, Sophie moving to GS, Ruby Brett moving from WD to GA, Molly from C to WD and Claire taking the C position.   A radical change, but with 12 goals to make up, it’s worth a go.  Unfortunately, the changes are not enough to take hold and Comets extend the lead further.

A good effort from Omega, but Comets prove too strong an opposition on the day.   The final score of the game being 59-39 to AFN Comets.

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