Omega 2 vs Hertford Hornets Navy – Saturday 24th November 2018

By November 24, 2018Herts League Match Reports
Omega 2 vs Hornets Navy

With two of the regular shooters playing up for the 1st team in their away game against MK Netters Gold in Bedford, the team are uneasy for this game.  They call on Charlotte Ramejkis from the 3rd team to fill-in to shoot and welcome back Sam Abbott for her first game this season.

The team settle in to the first quarter and have a great opening to the game, working well as a team.  The two shooters, Charlotte Ramejkis at GS and Ruby Brett at GA, have a solid quarter, securing a good head start for the team, converting 14 goals between them.    The rest of the team defend well and manage to keep Hornets chasing the lead, ending the quarter 14-8 for Omega, giving the team the boost they need for the rest of the game.

The second quarter starts well, with Omega limiting Hornets to just 3 goals to their 9 in the first half.  Once again, the whole team defend well, with all mid-court and defense players intercepting the ball on at least one occasion.  GK, Louise Cousins, GD, Sam Abbott and WD, Molly Brett apply the pressure to their opposition and force them to make many an error, resulting in the ball crossing the goal line, interceptions and missed shots.  Omega open their lead in this quarter with another 17 goals scored, versus just 10 by Hornets, securing a comfortable lead of 31-18 going into the second half of the game.

Hornets start the 3rd quarter and take the first goal.    Centre, Nicola Rantell is fierce in hunting the interception, stealing the ball on Hornets 2nd centre-pass and Charlotte rewards her with a goal.  Hornets fight back and begin to claw back the goals, reducing the lead to just 10 goals.  Omega make some unforced errors this quarter with balls not being caught and balls thrown off court.  With five and half minutes remaining in the quarter, Hornets have clawed a further 2 goals, reducing the gap further, to just 8 goals, but the whole Omega defence  and C, Nicola Rantell continue to apply the pressure and pick up several loose balls, rebounds and interception.  This quarter is won by Hornets 16-13, resulting in the score going into the final quarter being 44-34 to Omega.

With positive encouragement and support from the team bench, Omega return to the court wanting the win.   Likewise, Hornets are keen to fight to the bitter end and take the first 2 goals of the quarter, but Omega reciprocate on the 3rd and 4th goal.   C, Nicola tips many a ball throughout the quarter, stealing the ball on a couple of occasions.  This coupled with GK, Louise winning several rebounds as a result of missed opportunities by the Hornets shooters, keeps the team in the lead.  Omega make some errors again in this quarter with a break at centre pass, ball handling, footwork and missed shots, but the lead they created in the first half of the game is too big for Hornets to pull back and Omega take the game 56-48.

A fantastic result for the team and a big thank you to Charlotte for filling in.  A great performance from the whole team, with great defensive play and determination demonstrated by everyone.  A well played game by 15 year old Ruby Brett in her first game at GA in the Herts County League.

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