End of Season Mini Tournament

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End of Season Mixed, Youth and Seniors Mini Tournament

Blue Team

Purple Team

Mini Tournament Blue Team
Mini Tournament Purple Team

Lauren Lee, Julie Stanbridge, Abby English, Maisie Mizon, Ruby Brett, Lucy Andrews, Emma Lack, Hannah Brown, Claire Daws

Leanne Mansfield, Emma Maidment, Andrea Kinninmonth, Louise Merrick, Jodie Gill, Millie Spires, Ellie Reynolds (and missing from the picture is Emma Faulkner)

White Team

Green Team

Mini Tournament White Team
Mini Tournament Green Team

Louise Cousins, Molly Brett, Anna Rogers, Charlotte O’Riordan, Holly Bennett, Sophie Cockrill, Yasmin Rogers (and missing from the picture is Martha Rodman)

Faye Bellas, Lauren Ahern, Charlotte Jordan, Jodie Woods, Hannah Sell, Neave Parsons, Megan Pryde, Kayleigh Hawkins

The final indoor training session for the season and the Junior and Senior sessions are combined to allow for a fun mixed mini-tournament.  The Club teams were split across four colour named teams, with a fair distribution of all skill levels across the teams.

The night started with a warm-up bib race to get our hearts and adrenaline pumping.  We then enjoyed six mini games of 15 minutes each, with rolling subs allowed to ensure fair game play for all.  The session gave club members who usually only play, the opportunity to officiate and get more involved.  It also allowed the youths and seniors to work together and learn from each other, building a great cross-Club rapport.

The night went well and appeared to be enjoyed by all, with the Blue’s winning the tournament and receiving a mini Easter Egg as their prize!  Definitely an evening we will aim to repeat and may even start the season with.

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