Omega 2 vs Hatfield Phoenix on Saturday 19th October 2019

By October 20, 2019Herts League Match Reports
B Team on 19th Oct 2019

Omega B team face Hatfield Phoenix in Division 1 of the Herts County League and they know they need to take the win today.    The team have a bare 7 players, with Sam Abbott in reserve, but having been unwell all week, isn’t really up to taking the court.

Omega start the game and they succeed in taking their first goal to set them on the right path, but they falter at their next attempt at goal and Hatfield take their advantage and secure the next 3 goals to give them an early lead.  The next few minutes run in the same vein, resulting in Hatfield being up 7-3 as Omega struggle to settle into the game.   However Omega’s more controlled team efforts are soon rewarded as they begin to find their stride and the score takes a turn.  Omega’s controlled teamwork begins to pay off and they apply the pressure on their opposition.  A few minutes off the boil in the final minutes sees Hatfield secure 4 consecutive goals, but once again, Omega take hold and by the end of the first quarter, they secure a 1-goal lead and a score of 15-14 as Hatfield miss their final opportunity to level the score on their final centre pass.

Omega start the second quarter and once again take the first goal.  The defending play by all players gives the team well earned extra opportunities at goals as 6 of the 7 players turnover the game to their advantage.   This coupled with superb shooting since the start of the game by both GA, Emma Maidment and GS, Ruby Brett, securing 15 goals per quarter between them and each only missing one goal from the start, sees them begin to take control of the game and increase their lead, ending the first half of the game leading 30-24.

The team chat is positive, with a couple of pointers given on ways to improve their chances, but the team know they need to keep the momentum up to the end of the game as they know how easy it is to lose the lead.  This quarter Hatfield start, but unlike Omega, they fail to gain the first goal and Omega are quick to punish their errors.   Another great shooting quarter and once again, the whole team apply the pressure on the defending play, which allows the team to increase their lead by a further 2 goals, holding them in good stead for the final quarter, with a score of 44-36 in their favour.

Once again the team chat is positive, but again they are aware they have to continue to apply the pressure and maintain their team discipline and control to the end as Hatfield have not given up the ghost and are also keen to obtain the win.    Omega are lucky to start the final quarter and maintain their pattern of securing the first goal of the quarter.  The whole team defend well and it’s a good job they do as the pressure in the final quarter sees several attempts at goal being unsuccessful.  However the goals are secured by both teams on their own centre passes for the majority of the quarter.  A blip in the final minutes sees each team take a turn at 3-consecutive goals as both teams fight hard to compete for the game.   The final few seconds of the game and Hatfield miss their shot and Omega are given a goal line throw-in, but a contact call in the circle, sees Hatfield awarded with a penalty shot to end the game, which fortunately for Omega, they miss and the game ends with Omega taking the win and a score of 56-49.

A well contested game by both teams and a display of much improved control and settled teamwork by Omega which paid dividends, giving them the much needed win and the 5 points for the league table, they have been seeking.

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