Youths Final Winter Fixture

By April 8, 2017Youth Match Reports
Youths and Coaches

The final Winter HNDL Saturday Fixture and Omega are out in full with their regular band of supporters to finish the season.

The team improve each time I see them play and the enthusiasm never fades.  They are much more controlled in their play, considering the next pass – the ball no longer a ‘hot potato’.  Those sitting on the side lines, constantly encouraging and cheering on the team.  Whilst they have yet to win a game, there are many more goals being scored.

For their first ever season playing the game, they should be proud of their performance and continued striving to compete to the end.  Playing against Senior teams, many of them with experienced players who have played together for several years, but not once in the times I’ve seen them play have they ever given up on the game.  On the occasions I’ve watched them play, I’ve been encouraged by their enthusiasm and support for each other and been really proud of their conduct, particularly when the officials and other teams have sung their praises for their continued drive and self control.  We are very happy to have such a great group of girls who have joined our blue and green family we call Omega!

A big thank you goes to their two coaches, Hannah Sell and Hannah Brown, who have supported and motivated them week on week, turning up every Saturday morning, no matter the weather, to cheer on and lift the team spirits.

This being their first ever season of netball, they started off very nervous individuals who had no real knowledge of the game, but they have grown together as a unit into a determined team, building their skill levels each week.  Today, many officials and supporters with other teams, comment on their improved play and I look forward to seeing their continued development over the  summer season.

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