Youth team vs Wodson Park – 17th Sept 2016

By September 18, 2016Youth Match Reports

Well done to the Youths who displayed great potential and a vast improvement in their play today.

Whilst there weren’t too many goals in the game, the shooters, Maisie Mizon, Lauren Ahern and Ellie Reynolds worked hard to get free for the ball and when the opportunity arose, they shot some great goals. Ellie drove hard to win the ball on our centre passes, winning the ball with a penalty given for contact by the opposition due to her determination. During the 2nd and final quarters, we saw a couple of amazing goals from a fair distance by Maisie and some more great shooting in the 3rd quarter by Lauren.

The centre court players, Louise Merrick, Neave Parsons, Emma Lack, Jodie Gill, Faye Bellas and Holly Bennett, started thinking about their passing and when they slowed down, they controlled the ball well. The start of the 3rd quarter saw Neave intercepting a centre-pass and Jodie picking up some balls mid court, taking advantage of errors made by the opposition. In the final quarter of the game, there were displays of fantastic feeding from the centre court into the shooters from Louise and great linking of the passes, demonstrated when the ball moved from Louise at WD, to Holly at C, to Maisie at GA, who finally looped the ball in to Lauren.

All of the defence players, Millie Spires, Charlotte O’Riordan, Lauren Lee and finally Yasmin Rogers, defended the ball well and won several interceptions from the opposition throughout the whole game. Millie read the game well, stealing a fair share of the ball in play, whilst Charlotte, Lauren and Yasmin put great pressure on the shooters, putting them off their shots on many occasions and winning the rebound to turn the game in their favour.

The whole squad listened well to the advise given by their coaches and worked hard to put it into practice. A good game to watch and definite growth in the skills displayed.

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