A Team vs MK Netters Diamonds – 31st Sept 2017

By October 3, 2017Regional Match Reports
A Team vs MK Netters 31st Sept

A great performance this weekend for our 2nd game and first away game of the season against MK Netters. Omega started with a solid first quarter, making some great interceptions from the attacking circle all the way down to defence, with GS Charlotte Jordan strongly converting shots and the score reflected the efforts with Omega up 22-7 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Knowing that NK Netters were going to try and come back strongly in the 2nd quarter the team chat lead by the coach and captain encouraged the team to maintain composure and keep control of the game with great linkages and a continued strong defence.  The team fully took this feedback on board and demonstrated just what had been asked of them and they ended the 2nd quarter in a strong position with the Omega up 42-15.

The 3rd quarter started badly for Omega with an early injury sustained to a key player in defence, however the team quickly regrouped and kept their composure and substitute Andrea Kinninmonth slotted into the defensive circle quickly forming a good partnership with Samantha Abbott in at GD and Omega ended the 3rd quarter 59-26.

In the final quarter Omega did not take their foot off the gas, continued turnovers by all 3 of the defence players, coupled with some phenomenal feeds into the circle by Sophie Cockrill and Lucy Andrews provided great opportunities for Emma Maidment and Charlotte Jordan to continue to convert their shots and the final score ended with a strong score line of 79-37 to Omega. MK Netters also sustained an ankle injury in the final quarter of the game, we hope that all players injured on Sunday from both teams make a speedy recovery!!

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