Omega 1 vs Thoroughbreds – Sunday 15th October 2017

By October 18, 2017Regional Match Reports

Starting 7: GS – Emma Faulkner, GA – Emma Maidment, WA – Sophie Cockrill, C – Lucy Andrews, WD – Hannah Sell, GD – Samantha Abbott and GK – Andrea Kinninmonth.

Arriving in Norwich on Sunday with a depleted squad we knew this was going to be one of our most challenging and demanding games of the season so far. After a close game and an immense amount of effort all the way through, Thoroughbreds had taken the win with 53-48 as the final score. The 1st quarter started off as a nail biting 15 minutes going goal for goal. Mistakes and turnovers being made by both sides. GS, Emma Faulkner had really stepped up to the mark and showed everyone what she is capable of due to our chief GS being on holiday getting herself engaged (Congrats CJ and Jamie). The shooters found their range within the 1st quarter and were consistent throughout. This resulted in Emma Maidment – a great leader/captain throughout, who played GA for all 4 quarters, being awarded with Player Of the Match by the opposition. The final score of the 1st quarter was 11-9 to Thoroughbreds.

Moving onto the 2nd quarter, no changes were made to positions and the close gap remained. Centre court attacking players Lucy Andrews and Sophie Cockrill were consistent with balls into the circle and were fluent in bringing the ball down court with the assistance of WD, Hannah Sell who was always an option for the attackers. A few unforced errors had been made but Omega had been strong on defence and turned the ball over so that the small difference still remained at 24-22 to Thoroughbreds.

Onto the 2nd half of the game. Megan Pryde came on as WD for the 3rd quarter. Omega came out determined. Circle defence players Samantha Abbott and Andrea Kinninmonth were on the ball, with a key circle defence player being injured these girls also stepped up to the mark, they were making interceptions and applying pressure which meant they were forcing more errors. Centre court were hot on picking up loose balls. After a superb 3rd quarter and actually being up by 7 at one point, Omega had managed to take the lead 38-35.

The final quarter proved to be a difficult quarter for Omega. Hannah Sell was brought on as WD whilst Megan Pryde moved to WA. Thoroughbreds who had a squad of 12 had an immediate advantage over Omega with fresh legs.   Thoroughbreds came out fighting and were disciplined throughout. A good effort was made by all but Thoroughbreds had taken the win 53-48. We look forward to meeting them again at home and wish them every success with the rest of the season.

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