Omega 1 vs Thoroughbreds – Saturday 10th January 2018

By January 27, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega vs Thoroughbreds

Saturday 20th January saw Omega vs Thoroughbreds for first place in the East Region League. Going into this match we knew it was going to be well fought by both sides and not an easy win. Nevertheless, we were raring to go and were determined to continue our winning streak.

As the first quarter began it was clear to see that the nerves were getting to Omega with footwork and forced errors. However, we began to work as a team and got back on track with Phoebe Gillen (GK) safely collecting a rebound that the team took to goal. Great defensive play came from Lucy Andrews (C ) as she intercepted Thoroughbreds Centre pass and with a superb feed from Sophie Cockrill (WA) Omega scored another goal. Tight defence from Omega resulted in forcing Thoroughbreds centre pass out of court and with Omega working together as a team resulted in another goal. Unfortunate footwork from Omega gave Thoroughbreds the chance to claw back and with the next centre being theirs this resulted in Omega conceding multiple goals.  With 5.9 seconds displayed on the electronic scoreboard, a “Time!” call from the Thoroughbreds scorer results in the umpire ending the 1st quarter just as Charlotte Jordan (GS) has the ball ready to take a shot!  After some confusion, the umpire goes with the call and decides to end the quarter ahead of time and Omega are robbed of a goal!  The score at the end of the first quarter was 15-11 to Omega.

The Second quarter kicked off with Omega taking the first centre pass. Omega was playing very good netball however unfortunately lost the ball with a pass across the circle, with both teams not giving in easily, contact by thoroughbreds gave us possession of the ball but unfortunately we missed the shot and Thoroughbreds gained possession and brought it down court to the GS who again failed to score. Omega took full advantage of this and confidently converted to goal. Omega continue to work tirelessly, putting pressure on Thoroughbreds’ Centre pass and forcing 3 seconds. The score at the end of this quarter was 28-24.

Going into the third quarter both teams were beginning to tire but were determined to give it all they had. Valiant defending from Lucy Andrews (C) resulted in her tipping Thoroughbreds centre pass but unfortunately slow transitioning meant her efforts were not rewarded and Thoroughbreds were fighting back and scored two consecutive goals. Hannah Sell (WD) hunts down the ball and intercepts allowing Charlotte Jordan (GS) to put another goal on the board for Omega. Omega are now noticeably tiring, making silly mistakes including; footwork and breaking which Thoroughbreds punished us for and brought the score even. The end of the third quarter was 41-40 to omega.

In the last quarter, the crowd were on the edge of their seats and you could feel the tension in the air. Omega started well scoring 3 consecutive goals. Thoroughbreds forced the ball off the court and it was their backline. Foot on the line gave us a chance to increase our lead but unfortunately we lost the ball. Fantastic netball was seen by Charlotte Jordan and Hannah Sell as Charlotte drew the GK out of the circle allowing Hannah to feed in under the post for a goal. In the final few seconds Omega are drawing with Thoroughbreds and Emma Maidment (GA) receives a penalty. Omega’s supporters are standing with anticipation as Emma scores, finishing with a 53-52 win.

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