Omega 1 vs Tegate 1 – Sunday 4th November 2018

By November 6, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Tegate 4th Nov 2018

Omega faced their second away game of the season against local rivals Tegate. For the first time this season we had a full squad of 9 to choose from, therefore lots of combinations and options were available. Starting 7 was GK: Phoebe, GD: Claire, WD: Hannah, C: Megan, WA: Sophie, GA: Natalie, GS: Charlotte, with Leigh and Lucy heading up the subs bench.

Before the game started we spoke about starting the first quarter strong, blowing away our opponents from the beginning. This was a major part of our success from last season and we wanted to continue with that. Tegate had the first centre and they took it straight to goal, which was then followed by Omega scoring making it 1-1. Omega go on a slight run with Megan intercepting the ball and Omega passing it down to Charlotte who scores, making it 3-1. The defence picks off many intercepts but Omegas shooters fail to convert on every occasion, however we end the quarter 14-9. A great first quarter for Omega, doing exactly what we said before we stepped onto court.

The second quarter saw Leigh take the GD bib and Lucy taking the C bib. Claire and Megan take the bench to have a rest and watch the game. Tegate again start this quarter with a fast feed from their GA to GS to secure the next goal. A missed shot by Natalie then sees Tegate take the next goal, however Omega then turn over Tegates next centre pass and score. Lots of missed passes this quarter but Hannah wins the ball back in the centre third, however Charlotte fails to convert. Tegates WD breaks on their centre pass and Charlotte converts after gaining her own rebound. Tight marking from the defence sees Phoebe collect a missed shot from Tegates GS and Omega convert. Leigh tips the ball on Tegates centre pass and a chase for the ball sees it in Omegas hands and we score. Again Leigh intercepts the ball however is unbalanced and passes it straight to Tegates WA but Omega manages to win it back. Last few seconds remain but Charlotte footwork’s in the circle (due to a nudge by the defence however this was not seen) but Hannah intercepts the ball just as the whistle it called. This quarter ends 29 – 18 to Omega.

Heading into quarter three with an 11 goal difference we made some more changes. Claire taking the WD bib and Megan back on at WA. Hannah and Sophie take the subs bench for a well earnt rest. We were asked to perform with the same intensity as we knew Tegate weren’t going to give up easily. Tegate starts the quarter again but tight defence around the circle edge sees Tegates WA get called for held ball, but the ball is then won back by Tegate and they score. Tegates GA attempts an “off the post” back line but misses the post and Phoebe picks up the loose ball but we again fail to keep possession. Tegates WA picks up a caution in this quarter and a good feed in from Lucy to Natalie sees Natalie slot away the goal. This quarter ends 44-34 to Omega.

Going into the last 15 minutes we knew it was going to be tight as a 10 goal lead in netball can quickly be turned around. Claire takes the GK bib, Hannah comes back on at WD, Megan takes the C bib and Sophie comes back on at WA. This sees Phoebe and Lucy take the bench. Omega start this quarter and had to really control the ball as Tegate put on a zonal mark, but superb control and discipline see Omega secure the goal. Tegates defence  intercepts the ball however footwork is called and a great feed from Megan into Charlotte sees us add another goal to our tally. A few errors from both sides sees the ball go back and forward however on the final whistle Omega take all 5 points, denying their opponents an extra point for getting within 5. Final score 56-47.

Another great display from the whole squad this weekend. As a newly formed and promoted team into division 1 to get 3 wins out of our first 4 is a fantastic achievement for the club. We hope this fine form continues. Massive thanks yet again to our wonderful supporters who are there week in week out cheering us on and pushing us over the finishing line. Our next game is a home game against Eastwood on 18 November.

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