Omega 1 vs Rookies – Saturday 21st October 2017

By October 22, 2017Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Rookies. Sat 21st Oct 2017

After a disappointing defeat last weekend, Omega were well and truly up for getting back to winning ways! With only a core seven and both the return of Charlotte Jordan and Claire Daw, the team started with Charlotte Jordan GS, Emma Maidment GA, Sophie Cockrill WA, Lucy Andrews C, Claire Daw WD, Hannah Sell GD and Samantha Abbott GK.

The game began with end to end goals, but as the quarter progressed, Omega started to get into their stride with fantastic play down the court, accurate shooting and some crucial interceptions by 5 of the 7 Omega players resulting in the quarter ending 17-13 to Omega.

The second quarter started strongly for Omega and they started to gain a bigger lead early on. Rookies however continued to fight hard to stay in the game and with their aggressive play and tight marking they did, at times, cause Omega to make faults but with a very strong Omega defence which continued to win balls and fantastic shooting by the Omega, the quarter ended with a bigger deficit with Omega leading 30-21.

The third quarter started with a great turnover by the GA, which after one straight pass into the GS meant that Omega were off to a great start. The Omega attack were playing their usual game of passing the ball well with some great feeds into the circle by Sophie and Lucy. The centre court made no errors this quarter which made it tough for Rookies to get back into the game but to give them credit they continued to fight throughout the game. The quarter ended 48-32.

A strong team talk by the Omega coach meant that Omega went out with a new plan to try and keep hold of the ball and let the ball do the work. This worked well but with great movement by Omega players there were ample chances to put more shots away and this continued throughout the quarter. Both teams were keen to get the win and with the umpires twice calling the captains over to try and calm the game it showed the competitiveness of the game. Sometimes this competitiveness led to poor challenges on players as a desperate attempt to get back into the game. A well fought game. The game ended 66-45 to Omega.

Player of the Match Omega – Charlotte Jordan (GS)

Player of the Match Rookies – WD

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