Omega 1 vs Rookies

By October 23, 2018Regional Match Reports
Omega 1 vs Rookies on Sunday 21st October 2018

The game got off to a rocky start. Omega had the first centre pass, but get a held ball at the circle. Omega win the ball back again to score. Rookies take their centre pass, an interception by C, Lucy Hoskin, see Omega take the ball down court with some great links by all. A miss by GA, Natalie Faal, means Rookies take the ball to score. Tight marking by Omega’s defence forces Rookies to throw the ball of the sideline. Omega Equalise 2-2. GS, Charlotte Jordan, misses the next shot and Rookies score from it. Omega then lose their centre pass as Rookies WD makes an interception, and they score. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, tips a feed into the circle by Rookies and GK, Phoebe Gillen, picks it up but the ball is lost again at Omega’s circle edge. Rookies then miss a shot; Phoebe picks up the rebound. The ball is lost again on a pass between Charlotte and Lucy across the circle. Rookies try to get the ball back the their GS, but Phoebe makes another interception. The ball makes it to Omega’s circle edge, but a feed in is fumbled. Rookies take the free pass and end that little back and forth tennis match with a goal. WD, Hannah Sell, picks up a loose ball but it is thrown away by Omega meaning Rookies score another goal. Tight marking by Omega on the next centre pass, and Rookies throw the ball off court. Omega use this and score. In the last 25 seconds Rookies take a centre pass, but Omega can’t stop another goal. Omega are down 10-12 at the end of the first quarter.

Omega starts the 2nd quarter. A throw from GS, Charlotte Jordan goes straight into the hands of the Rookies WD. Fortunately the WD goes offside and Omega get the ball back, but it is immediately intercepted by the Rookies GD. Rookies GS misses. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets the rebound, a lob into the circle by WA, Megan Pryde, is intercepted and Rookies score again. A pass from Omega’s C, Sophie Cockrill, is tipped, but Megan picks up the loose ball, the ball is lost again and Rookies score again. Rookies make an error trying to get the ball into the circle and it goes off the backline. Omega uses this opportunity to take a goal. Omega makes an interception in defence, but go on to make the same error as Rookies and a feed into the circle goes off the backline and Rookies go on to score. Megan goes offside feeding into the circle and Rookies get another chance to score, they miss and GK, Phoebe Gillen, gets the rebound. Footwork by Charlotte sees the ball coming back to Rookies circle, but Leigh intercept a feed into the shooters, GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies end up taking the goal. Rookies lose the opportunity to score when their GS uses the post to stop her falling off court, and Omega score. A great feed from Natalie in mid court to Charlotte in the circle means Omega scores another goal. Two good feeds from Megan to Charlotte gain Omega another two goals. A Rookies error on the goal line and a shot from Natalie scores Omega another but goal, but its not enough and Omega are still down 23-27 at half time.

Rookies start the 3rd quarter and score. Omega lose the ball as GS, Charlotte Jordan back passes and WD, Sophie Cockrill, contacts. But Omega wins back the ball to score. GK, Phoebe Gillen, intercepts a feed in to the shooters but it is wasted as the ball goes off our goal line. WA, Megan Pryde intercepts mid court but again it is lost at the circle edge. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds, gets pulled for contact, but Omega still goes on to score. Sophie picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe gets a rebound but the ball is lost mid court with a pass by C, Lucy Hoskin. Lucy then picks up a caution for persistent contact. Phoebe intercepts the ball with 5 minutes to go and Omega equalise 33-33. Rookies WA receives a caution for persistent contact. Rookies intercept a back pass from GA, Natalie Faal and they score. A bad pass and an intercepted centre pass see Rookies take 2 more goals. Omega are still down at the end of the quarter 35-37.

Omega starts the final quarter well. GS, Charlotte Jordan, scores a goal with a throw off the post from the back line. GK, Phoebe Gillen makes an interception and Omega score again. 4 minutes in an omega have equalised 40-40. Omega takes the next centre pass but Charlotte misses for the lead. GD, Leigh Rees-Reynolds gets a rebound. Rookies GD gets a caution for persistent contact and Omega score. WD, Sophie Cockrill picks up a wild pass and Omega score again. Rookies GK is given a warning. GA, Natalie Faal misses a shot and Rookies take the ball to score. Leigh is then given a caution for persistent contact. With 4 minutes to go Omega take a 1 goal lead. Rookies GS goes off court with a bad pass and Omega take advantage of this. A bad pass is stolen back by Sophie and taken to goal. After being behind for the whole match Omega come away with a 52-49 win and some very relieved spectators.

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