Omega 1 vs MK Netters Diamonds – 6th January 2018

By January 7, 2018Regional Match Reports

For the first game of 2018, Omega nervously arrived at their home ground. From beating MK Netters at the start of the season, we knew they were going to come back fighting. The quarter started steady as Omega were finding their feet. Emma and Charlotte – who has only just come back from a broken elbow – worked well as usual in the shooting circle, with great back up from mid court who were being tightly marked. MK Netters showed a strong presence capitalising on mistakes caused by Omega with the score line going goal for goal. Omega’s defence stepped up a gear with tight marking and forced MK Netters back line pass over 3 seconds which led to Omega goal. With up to 5 great rebounds from newly returned Hannah Lok in defence, Omega came off with 15 – 12 lead.

Second quarter, saw Omega come on the court with determination to dig deeper and drive on. MK netters GS was very accurate so the defence had to work hard in calling the ball into the circle and doubling up leading to tips and turnovers. These tips were then worked down the court, at times a bit frantic leading to some errors by Omega with some scrappy passing. However we fought on to come off winning at half time 28 – 24, we knew we had to step up a gear…

MK Netters weren’t ready to give up and came back on fighting with their Centre pass, but instantly errored as omega tightly marked so the ball wasn’t received and converted eventually to goal. Defence were manning on and communicating well as the ball travelled down the court with some tough defence from Phoebe and Hannah Lok, who went on to win a toss up leading to goal! Passing down the court was better and especially into the circle was spot on, mixing up with short bounce passes from Lucy as well as a strong direct balls from Hannah Sell in mid court saw our shooters finish it off. We had settled down in the 3rd quarter coming off with an extensive 49 – 30 lead.

The last quarter saw another change in positions for omega which took a few minutes for the team to adjust too. With Mk netters not giving in and their GS sinking every shot they started to gain a few goals! Lucy kept giving great support right the way down the court along with Sophie to ensure the ball got to Emma and Charlotte who were working well together with sneaky little passes to get the best chance to goal which led to Charlotte (GS) getting Player of the match winning 60 – 45

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